Boost Your Creativity: Strategies, Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

Creativity is a basic human trait that induces a human being to form something new, valuable, unique, and memorable. It might be a creative idea, a musical composition, an advertising campaign, a theory relevant to technology, or something new in painting or sculpture.

The original word is in Latin, meaning to create, and it is this specific feature that has given the modern and the ancient world many wonders.

Here are Useful Tips to Stay Creative

Practice meditation and concentration. To make your mind more creative, practice meditation and concentration daily.

Self-motivation is essential. To be creative, you should be able to motivate yourself, which is essential.

Make a list of priorities. You prepare a list that contains your priorities.

Creative writing has to be free from any encumbrances. You should not copy someone else’s creativity and name it yours.

Always maintain a diary to keep notes. You should always maintain a diary that contains notes that are important to you.

Keep the diary handy and nearby. You may require it even at the dead of the night. Carry your diary everywhere. Even if you are in bed, you might need them, and diaries are very handy.

Break the usual routine. You should break your usual routine and do something different every day.

If need be, always use sticky notes. If need be, you can use sticky notes.

Ensure that you are doing physical exercises every morning. Some physical exercise daily in the morning will keep you healthy.

Search the net for new ideas. The internet will always help you to be creative.

In the case of painting, add unique colors for better creativity. In case you are showing your creativity through a painting, you can add unique colors.

Experiment always with newer things. You should always try new things or do new experiments.

Always be in the vicinity of creative people. You should always stay with the creative people that will help you to get new ideas. 

Always create vision boards before embarking on a job. You should create your visions before starting any job that will help you get through it.

Take part in creative seminars. You should always take part in seminars that are creative for you and will help you to increase your knowledge.

Share your ideas if need be with others for better creative output. You should share your ideas with others to get a creative or better output from your work.

Always try free writing whenever you get time. You can always do freewriting when you get time from your work.

Avoid computers and laziness. You should avoid your computer or laptop and do not get lazy.

Take short breaks. You should take short breaks from your work to keep your mind fresh and stay creative.

Listen to music occasionally. You can listen to music more often to keep your mind fresh and active.

Be open to new ideas. You should be the ideas that are new to you or the ideas that you haven’t tried yet.

Listen to people with better knowledge. Listen or learn from the people you have more knowledge than you and are more intelligent than you.

Collaborate with fellow creative people. You should collaborate with fellow members who are creative. This will help you to be more creative in your work.

Practice always, and don’t give up. You should never leave doing practice, and if you fail in the process, do not give up.

Don’t relent into mediocrity. You should not be happy with average work quality, always try to improve yourself and your work as much as you can.  

Try to break the existing conventions. You should always try to break the existing methods of doing things and make your way of doing things.

Be your own perfect. You should be perfect in your way.

Have a proper creative and working atmosphere. The atmosphere in which you are working should be creative, and that will motivate you to work.

Jot down ideas whenever you can. You should write down the ideas that come to your mind at any point in time.

Don’t be too serious while working. You should not get too serious while working; keep your mood light, and enjoy your work.

Believe in your perfection. You should have belief and faith in your perfection.

Don’t be frustrated, and don’t give up. You should never give up your word when you get frustrated with it. Hold on for a moment and start again.

While working on something, finish it before moving on to the next. Do not leave a task incomplete and start working on other tasks. Complete the task which is incomplete and then start the other one.

Travel outside your place to get newer and more ideas. You should travel outside your regular space and go to a new place to get more new ideas.

Create new creative rules. If you are a creative one, then you should create your own rules, which you will follow.

Firmly believe in innovation. A creative person, he/she always believes in innovation.

Judge your work impartially. The work that is done by you should be impartially judged by you.

Increase your motivation. You should always increase your motivation to work harder and creatively. 

Sleep for eight hours daily. To have the ability to think, you should sleep for at least eight hours a day which will keep your mind fresh.

Mentally overcome uncertainty. Uncertainty is part and parcel of life. You should be able to overcome it.

Never procrastinate with creativity. You should never procrastinate with your creativity. You should do it as soon as it comes to your mind.

Sketch newer experiments. You should always sketch the new experiments done by you.

Read more and more books. To increase your creativity, you should read books as much as you can. It will help you to come up with new ideas.  

Search for newer skills. You should always be hungry in search of new ideas and new methods.

Experiment with newer trends. You should always do experiments with new trends that are present in the market.

Try to visit exhibitions to get ideas. You can often visit different types of an exhibition to get new ideas and try new experiments.

Watch how competitors work. You should try to observe the method and how your competitors are working; this will help you to learn from them and prepare yourself.

Go out to crazy places with your friends. Go out to places that are crazy with your friends and enjoy your time. 

Never compare yourself with others — do not forget you are unique. You should not compare yourself with your others; everyone is unique in their own and different ways.

Have different foods sometimes. You should try different dishes sometimes to your taste.

Question your inner mind. Whenever you do something, question your inner mind and look for an answer.

Question your peers if you have any inquisitiveness in you. Ask your friends or peers if you ask too many questions.

Read enough motivational articles. You should read articles that will keep you motivated to do your work.

Visit art galleries and museums once in a while. You should visit art galleries and museums once in a while to get new ideas and to get some time away from your work.

Question yourself whether this is the best design that you have done. Whenever you do something, you should ask yourself if it is the best that you can do.

De-stress yourself always. Always try to release your stress by using different methods.

Do not worry about what people will say. You should not worry about what people say about you or the things you do, just ignore them and concentrate on your work.  

Do not try to please everybody – It is your design anyway. You should not try to please everyone unnecessarily because it is your design.

Never live in the fear of failure. You should never live in fear of failure. Instead, you should fight them and beat them.

It is your life anyway. It is your life, and you should live it your way.

Do not lack perfectionism. You should not lack in perfectionism; try to do as much as you can and give your hundred percent.

Refrain from repeating the same mistakes. You should often be careful about repeating the same mistakes again and again. Learn from it the first time only.

Be your worst critic at times. Being the best critic all the time cannot be fun. Sometimes try to be the worst one in the group.

Try to find beauty even in the ordinary. You should always try to find beauty even in the simple things, which other people might ignore and leave.  

Creative people have emotional ups and down — try to avoid that. Every person who is creative faces ups and downs in their life, and when you face it, you should be able to face it.

Do not go for stereotypes. You should not go for things that are stereotypes.

Do not bend to pressure and take time to think. You should bend when under pressure, give yourself time to think, and then take action.

Take a challenge that you can do better. You should challenge yourself that you can be better, and you should prove yourself time and again.

Keep in mind to work smarter — not harder. You should always have in mind to work smarter, not always harder.

Activate in works that help in increasing your flow of experience. You should be active in the work that increases your floe of experience and will help you to be creative.

Don’t go for overthinking. You should not think too much before doing anything. You may have second thoughts after that.

Look at works of masters to get an idea. You should look and idolize the people who are masters in the field that you are interested in and come up with new ideas.

Rethink the ideas of masters. Before blindly doing the ideas of the masters, you should give thinking about it and then start working on it.

Keep the greatest attention to detail. You should give attention to even the smallest thing in your work and be creative in it.

Be disciplined in all your activities. When you do work, you should be very disciplined in it to be better and more creative in it.

Have clarity of thoughts in you. You should have clarity in your thoughts. Only then can you be more productive and creative.

Be strong in language selection and vocabulary. You should be strong in the selection of the language you use in your work and increase your vocabulary to better it.

Ensure that you are striving for the best. Always aim to go for the best that you can and the best you are capable of doing.

Never make a compromise with your efficiency and creative thoughts. You should never compromise on your creative thoughts and the efficiency that you have in your work.

For your imagination level, remember the sky’s the limit. If you are finding a limit to limit your thinking, think of the sky as your limit and start thinking.

Have a positive penchant for research abilities. You should always have the tendencies to research your abilities and go for it.

Have full confidence in your output. You should have full confidence in your work and the result that has come out of it.

Be fearless and organized in your works. You should not fear anything while doing your work and keep yourself organized to be productive.

Be proud of yourself with the jobs you deliver. You should be proud of yourself when you are delivering the results of the job assigned to you.

Be curious about what people say after watching your creativity. You should get curious about feedback that the people gave after looking at your creativity.

Remember how you carry yourself, your style, your words will be most cherished. You should always remember how you carry yourself, your style and the words you use should be able to cherish.

Remember good creativity is like a teacher. Good creativity is like a good teacher from which you should learn.   

Have a very simplistic design for your creativity. You should always give a simple design to your creativity.

Maintain persistence in all your jobs. You should continue your work no matter what difficulties or problems arise in between your way to complete your work.

Have the patience to churn out the best. Patience is a thing that you should have in yourself, be patient to churn out the best results.

Have a passion for excellent work. You should have a passion for the work to excellent work.

Think big — bigger than the best. You think big, as much as you can because no one can create limits in that and try to achieve it.

Have a personal space for yourself – it is necessary. You should have a personal space for yourself, it becomes necessary sometimes in life.

Be ambitious. You should be ambitious in your work and should try to match your reality to it through hard work.

Try to create an original masterpiece. You should create something that is of your own and that is original.

Be a keen observer always. You should always observe things with your utmost attention to learn something from it.

Be flexible to new ideas. You should keep yourself flexible to new ideas and new changes.

Be stubborn in the sense do not give in to other people’s views if you think it is alright. If you think that it is right then get stubborn and stick to it no matter what other people say about your decision.

Be fully dedicated to your work. Do not let any disturbance come in your way to success and your creativity, be passionate.

Be sensitive to the things around you. You should be sensitive about the changes that are occurring in your environment.

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