18 Signs Your Brand is in a Complacency Loop

Every brand has to face a loop at some or the other time. Almost every business tend to have some loop. Some businesses are driven by fear, some by tradition, some by distraction, some by some lack of focus or awareness or some sort of industrial convention. You can often that almost every business is looking for some competitive difference.

But, in the course of time and in the try to get in to the race to get it correct, they end up copying other’s ideas. They tend to copy others ideas. I

n this process they face more competition and get inside a loop.

Here Are Some Of The Signs By Which You Can Say That Your Company Is Inside A Loop:

1.  Your Business Is Stable And Stagnant:

Stability or stagnancy in a business can be sometimes dangerous. It instigates a feeling of relaxation and leniency in the nature of the employees. The employees begin to think that the condition of the company is stable and thus they do not need to worry much.

They often forget that the business is not supposed to be stable or stagnant. Rather, it should be progressive in nature. So, the biggest sign of complacency in a company can be stagnancy.

2. Sales Are Arching Down But None Seems To Be Worried:

Another important sign to detect whether a complacency loop is gradually forming in a company is to consider the sales. If the sales of the company seem to go lower and no one seems to be really bothered about, then it is a definitely a sign that your company is inside a complacency loop.

It is always important keep a watchful on the sales and traffic and it is also important keep on striving to make it better.

Amazon always makes sure that the sales are high.

3. Concern Regarding Converging The Competition Is Dismissed:

When it comes to running a business, the most important thing to keep in mind is the competition in the market. But if you see that the employees are not bothered about the competition out there in the market, you can say that your company is running inside a complacency loop.

In order to ensure success of the business, it is important to keep a track record of the market competition and to overcome those competition.

For example, Nestle is always aware of the competition in the market out there.

4. Customer’s Pool Is Shrinking:

When you see that your customer pool is shrinking and your returns and revenues are also decreasing steeply, it is a big sign of complacency. Complacency often comes with stagnancy. And if stagnancy prevails, it gives rise to lowered revenues and sales.

When you see such signs in your company, you must immediately call for some actions. You must try to generate some strategies that should tackle the situation and take sales higher.

For example, Flipkart usually takes care of the company’s sales and revenues.

5. The Employees Are More Preservative Than Preemptive:

The employees of the company should be more preemptive in nature than preservative. But if a company thrives in a complacency loop, the employees tend to have the reverse nature.

They become more preservative than preemptive. This sign indicates that they are not confident enough about their business and fears that if they do not e preservative, they may face loss. If this is the case indeed, then this should be immediately taken care of.

For Example, ZARA is a company which is preemptive in nature rather than preservative.

6. Your Employees Stops Thinking Of Innovative Ideas:

For the progression and successful operation of a business, it is important that all the employees are thinking in an innovative manner. But, if you notice that the employees are failing to think of new and innovative ideas, this could be a sign that the company is in a complacency loop.

So, in order to keep your employees productive, you must keep them motivating for developing innovation and creativity in the business.

For Example, Apple can be an example here which never fails to innovate.

7. The Team Becomes Disengaged:

For the successful running of a business organization, it is important that all the members of the team are equally engaged. It is also important that there is a homogeneity in the tasks and is a uniformity in the work.

The tasks that you assign your employees, should be equally distributed all the employees must be equally engaged. If under any circumstance, your employees get disengaged, then your company can be in a complacency loop.

For example, Amazon always takes care of the fact that all the employees are equally engaged.

8. The Members Of The Organization Stops Investing In Themselves:

In order to know that whether your company is in complacency loop, then you must ensure that the team members are investing in themselves. Generally, the customers might be quite active when it comes to investing in themselves to develop their skill-sets and relationships throughout their careers. 

When your employees stop investing in themselves, it is an early warning sign that they have lost their drive to become a high performer.

9. If The Organization Stops Managing Its Brand:

If your employees are showing any signs like slowing down their investment, they certainly are not managing their personal brand.

Granted, most people do not tend to manage their personal brand because they do not really know how – but those who are motivated to achieve much in their careers are aware of its importance and are making every effort to figure out their personal brand.

For example, American express can be a good example here which never fails to manage its brand.

10. The Company Always Tends To Take Shortcuts:

Another big sign that the company shows when it is running inside a complacency loop is the tendency to take shortcuts. When the employees of the company tend to take various short cuts in the way of business operation, it is a big sign that the employees are running in a complacency loop.

There is a saying that a short cut never takes a person way too far. So, in order to achieve success, one needs to thorough understand, recognize and take the appropriate methodologies to run the business.

11. The Hierarchy Of The Company Has Lost Their Passion For The Business.

Many a times it happens that the employees of the company suffers from job dissatisfaction. Perhaps, it may happen the hierarchy of the company had some big entrepreneurial goals during the time of starting the business.

But, in the course of time, they gradually lost interest and had lost the passion for taking their business to another level. This might also result in creating a complacency loop in the company which is also called silent killer of the business.

12. The Employees Of The Company Disgruntled With Their Career.

As discussed in the above point, along with the hierarchy of the company, the employees of the company may also face some sort of dissatisfaction while working in your company. This will also lead your business to run in the complacency loop.

You can call for various meetings and discussions, where you can talk about the many new opportunities coming on their way. Also, a regular salary hike is also a very important part of a company to keep the employees motivated.

13. Stopped Bothering About The Losses.

This is actually a very big issue that a company often undergoes. At some point of time, the members of the team of the organization may stop bothering about the losses. The losses and revenue returns of an organization is one of the most important consideration of an organization.

So, it is important to take some instantaneous actions if the company is facing loss.

For example, apple never fails to keep a track record of the revenues and always takes the correct action on the correct time.

14. Failure To Make The Correct Decision.

Organizational complacency often follows successful navigation through a highly competitive environment or crisis that threatens the company, as a collective sigh of relief.

This is rooted in the belief that the organization is on the leading edge of success without ensuring that it is. Often, when a company tends to face complacency, it fails to take the correct decision.

For Example, Mc donald’s is known to take the correct decision on behalf of the company to make it stand straight and strong.

15. Loose Hope For A Better Future:

It is an obvious fact that when a company runs a business, it goes without saying that it has to face a number of ups and downs. But, the most important thing to remember here is that one should never loose hopes. As long as the hope is alive, the company is alive. As soon as the hope dies, the company dies.

For Example, Airbnb had to face some highs and lows in the recent past, but it had never lost its hope and now is one of the most well-known airline services around the globe. 

16. There Is No Sense Of Urgency In The Company:

A company will run effectively and efficiently only when all the deadlines are met and when there is a homogeneity in the flow of work. A true entrepreneur is the one who is always a positive thinker and always tends to see a better future ahead of him.

I order to grab a better future, it is important the employees understand the urgency of the task and work accordingly.

For Example, American Express is the one who is always punctual and never misses a deadline. 

17. There Are Too Much Of Barriers Within The Organization:

Another big issue that an organization might face is the organizational barriers and limitations. The flow of communication is very important for the smooth running of the company.

When there is too much of barriers in the organization, you can say that your company is in a complacency loop. In order to avoid this, the company should improve the structure of the organization to remove the barriers.

18. The Company Is Always Within The Comfort Zone:

In order to reach heights and achieve success, one must always come out of the comfort zone and start working hard. But if the company and all its employees are not ready to come out of the comfort zone, the it is definitely not a good sign for the company.

As a company owner, you must operate outside their comfort zone whenever required. 

For example, KFC knows it well how to take risks and how to manage risks.

The most important signs that a company shows to indicate that the company is running inside a complacency loop is discussed above. Complacency is often a result of overlooking something that’s amiss.

Specifically, we tend to notice things that confirm our assumptions and beliefs, and tend to miss things that contradict them. So, a company must operate accordingly to overcome the effects of this loop.

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