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Buffet Day: 81+ Messages, Quotes and Greetings

National buffet day is celebrated on January 2nd every year in the U.S. Many of us love buffet eating and we choose to have one when spending a day out. Imagine if you have a buffet eating for the whole day! It will be fun and great excitement for food lovers.

Buffet food is arranged on a table spread with a variety of food to choose and eat. People can easily view food on the table and select whichever they wish to have. Buffets are useful for large groups of individuals at one time and these buffets are offered at a variety of places like hotels, restaurants, and conventions.

People should serve themselves. This day was originated in the middle of the 16th century. It was then developed in a modern way around the beginning of the 19th century. Buffet food is popular these days worldwide.

There are two ways to celebrate this buffet day. You can choose your favorite restaurant for the buffet party with family and friends or you can arrange a buffet dinner at your home for your family and friends. Either way, you can enjoy the variety of food and the fun of choosing the right food. Make sure you have enough time to take a nap after the buffet.

If you like this day and wants to celebrate with family and friends, Invite them and wish them with the following quotes and greeting of Buffet day!

List of Buffet Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-Today is Buffet Day. Friend, here I come. Happy buffet day.

-I bet my friends are gonna live it up at work today.

– I can’t get over this tailgate. Unbelievable food items on Buffet Day at my place.

– I only regret that I have just one stomach to fill on National Buffet day.

– Today is Buffet Day. What’s your favorite food? Party hard. Best wishes.

– Every day can be Buffet Day if you have a chef wife at home!

– National Buffet Day. It is time to pick your favorite one and relish it.

– Relish your favorite cuisine at great buffets at the best places on the occasion of National buffet day.

– It’s buffet day today so I will hold on my weight loss resolution of New Year until tomorrow.

Today is National Buffet Day! I am eating at my favorite restaurant, where will you be eating today?

– Reporting live! I am ready to feed our guests a diet of good movies and good food at Buffet day.

– So it’s Buffet Day today.Two days into the New Year and already a failed resolution. Happy buffet day.

– Yum! Yum! Today is National Buffet Day! The attack on tables.

– Happy Buffet Day! What a perfect day to enjoy at the grand buffet table.

– Treat yourself & celebrate the Buffet Day! Pizza, pasta, chicken, Mojos, & much more.

– Today is Buffet Day! Let me check out what I have in store for me at home.

– Happy National Buffet Day. A perfect chance to get rid of all that Christmas party food.

– This buffet day will be an adventure for food lovers.

– Buffet day at work, wanted to keep it as healthy as possible since i want to take some empty stomach for buffet dinner today.

– Buffet Day! Because I deserve a party today.

– Whenever you eat a buffet, it should always be your only meal of that day. Stuff yourself nicely.

– It’s that time of the week again! Happy Buffet day.

– Today is a holiday because it is Buffet Day. Satisfy your craving and appetite.

– Buffet is the way to go! Buffet loves ready at tables. Happy Buffet day.

– Let’s follow the culture of Buffet day so that we can be connected with every continental style foods. Happy buffet day.

– The buffet is open, we are here to be a part of the buffet day. Have a great foodie day.

– Buffet day!! It’s beautiful outside, take a break from work and join us on buffet table.

– The table looks colorful. Let’s add some colors to my stomach. Happy Buffet day.

– Today is buffet day! I’m gonna make you feel at restaurant today. Have a heavy stomach tonight.

– What are you looking at? It’s all you can eat tonight. Great buffet day.

– And because any day can be a buffet day. Happy buffet day.

– Today is buffet day! I bet you can’t wait to join us! Did I mention, a new menu added as well?

– The chef’s artistic ability can be seen on buffet day. Seriously! Happy buffet day.

– Have a buffet lunch today and add some sunshine to your day! Happy buffet day.

– Buffet day! What was there on the buffet today? We can’t decide which one to eat! It was all so delicious!

– Busy but productive morning today. Preparing for a buffet day. Variety of food on one table! So colorful!

– Serve yourself with ‘all-you-can-eat’ foods, have a heavy dinner. Great buffet day.

– Before starting your New Years resolution of eating less, give an excuse, go for buffet today. wishing all happy buffet day.

– Today is Buffet Day, something perfect to keep our guests fueled by Healthy Food!

– Happy National Buffet Day! From us to you!

– I’m starving just for having a buffet dinner!

– After the holidays surprise your family and friends with a lavish buffet.Happy buffet day!

– Today is Buffet Day. And I wondered why my New Years Resolutions failed?

– Give your wallets a break and invite friends over for a fun style buffet!

– The only thing well balanced at a buffet is the plate you carry!

– A buffet spread to feed all your senses. National buffet day.

– Be Happy, Live Healthy. Choose Organic! Happy buffet day.

-National Buffet Day! It is clearly made to challenge the New Years resolutions!

-It’s no wonder we are full today! Great food featuring on the buffet!

-Happy Buffet Day! Ignore your new year’s resolutions at least for today. Support the buffet day.

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