Home Business Ideas for Personal Stylists

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Home Business Ideas for Personal Stylists

A personal stylist is known as a person who makes sure that their client looks their best from all aspects when they are out attending an event or in midst of a gathering. These are people who have amazing knowledge about fashion, make up and jewelleries so that each of them can be paired up perfectly for the flamboyant look. If you are someone who has these skills and are fond of styling people then you should consider starting your home based personal stylist business.

The market has a huge demand and if you can get established then rest assured of earning hefty money from the business with every passing year of being in the market. Some of the most popular home business ideas for personal stylist are mentioned below-

#Styling parlor

You can use up some of the free space in your house and start your own styling parlour. Such a parlour will be an all round solution to those people who are in need of personal stylists. Often people want to get a quick touch up before they are about to attend an event. Your styling parlour can become the perfect destination for such people. The parlour has to be for both men and women so as to get a wider consumer base.

Make sure that you design the parlour in a professional manner so that every client that visits the parlour doesn’t feel that it is a home based business rather they should get the feel of a high end premium styling parlour at an affordable rate. This is something that will work as your USP and bring in a lot of customers due to the positive word of mouth around your business. You can also work with celebrities to help them style when they have a shoot or maybe some event which they are supposed to attend. Working with celebrities will add a huge reputation to your cap and at the same time earn a lot more!

#Brand collaborations

You being a personal stylist should have access to many of the brands. Firstly you need to gather an audience base which you can do through blogging or making videos on YouTube. Once the audience base is generated, you will get numerous brands that would want to get promoted through you because of the credible reputation you have amongst the audience base. Such promotions will incur respectable financial gains and also help the brand in getting better sales. If you have opened a styling parlour then you can collaborate with such brands and offer their products to the clients and earn from it!

#Styling guide videos/advisors

You can start a YouTube channel where you will upload videos which will have styling guide for people. You can explain the different trending looks, celebrity fashion and seasonal looks to the audience so that they can understand the fashion and style in order to implement it on them. Such a response from the audience base can only be achieved by someone who has detailed knowledge about the subject. You can monetise the videos or promote products through them in order to earn form it while being based at home! You can also opt to open an advisory for people who are in need of personal stylist.

#Coaching classes

You have acquired a skill set that has enabled you to earn a respectable life. There are numerous people out there who want to take classes from you to learn how to style in the perfect way. You can start coaching classes in home so that people who are interested can come and learn the art of styling. You will get hold of many students if the business is well marketed and the field is booming and everyone these days want to become self capable when it comes to styling up.

Some of the most important tips that you need to keep in mind while starting your home based personal stylist business are-

1. Website

Keep in mind that the website of your business is the sole representation and people will connect with it initially before they come and visit the parlour. Use professionally clicked photographs in the website as it enhances the look and makes the website look a lot more premium. Hire a professional web designer who will take up the work and design the website entirely. Design a logo for the business that can be put up on top of the website.

#BonusTip:    Website helps you to achieve more awareness. Having a great website is what your customers expect. Additionally, if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on the best source of free advertising: appearing in Google search results adnd showcase of your services.However, it’s not enough just to have written content. People need to see your work in the stylist business, and this requires you to upload a portfolio of your work.


2. Marketing

In this modern day, people will only take up those services that are rightly marketed. People have access to internet and each and every app and hence they should be fed with the information. You can hire a SEO expert who will be targeting the keywords and at the same time enhance the rank of the website on various search engines such as Google and Bing. You need to make sure that the business is active on social media. Create a profile and post regularly so that the client base is aware of your existence and they develop a trust factor for your brand. You can also opt to send direct mails to the customers so that they are aware of the fact that you as a hair stylist have a business which is your own. More and more people visiting the website and getting such mails will increase the number of people who are present on the store to take the service.

#BonusTip:    If you’re a personal stylist, then there are many ways you can keep in touch with Clients. One of the best ways to promote your business is to put on or participate in a Local fashion show. Attendees of fashion shows go to see the latest trends and to get ideas for their wardrobes.you can also take such Ideas to adorn your Clients.


Being a personal stylist is a responsible job and hence you need to make sure that each of the clients is given the best of looks according to their appearance and features. Your wider variety will bring in more customers as every person wants to look attractive these days. You need to dedicate and keep your focus steady so as to achieve success. Once achieved, you can rest assured that you will earn a substantial living and can also expand the business to increased profits. All the best for your endeavour!  


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