Home Business Ideas for Tie-Dye T-shirt Designers

So do you like to work with different colours and fabrics? Are you skilled at tie-dye techniques and love to design T-shirts by those techniques? Here are some Tips and ideas to start a tie dye business from home easily.

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Home Business Ideas for Tie-Dye T-shirt Designers

The great attraction to fabrics created through tie- dye methods are the bright colours, bold patterns, and concentric designs. The materials are dyed in various colours to create a simple yet enduring garment.

So do you like to work with different colours and fabrics? Are you skilled at tie-dye techniques and love to design T-shirts by those techniques? If so, you can start tie-dye t-shirt designing business initially from your home as it is one of the creative small business ideas to show off your skills and business acumen.

Entrepreneurs interested in tie-dye business can create unique designs for individual client’s or mass produce the designs. There are many colour schemes used in mass production such as monochromatic colours, plain motifs, indigo and simple prime colours.

You may know that tie-dye is one of the unique but simplest forms of resist dying.  It is further modified as several other techniques like stencilling, stitching, additional discharge etc. are incorporated to get multiple sequential dyes and resist.

Handicraft items have a huge market in India and in world if it can offer something different and unique from others. If you are creative enough to experiment with various fabrics and create unique designs and patterns, then tie-dye business is one of the best suitable options to start your entrepreneurial journey.

You can make a good amount and lead a healthy lifestyle running a home-based tie- dye t-shirt designing business.

Steps one need to follow to start a tie-dye business:

  • Gather your supplies
  • Fold your shirt
  • Dye your shirt
  • Let the dye sit
  • Rinse the shirt and untie it

Designs are created by graphic artists based on geometric and concentric patterns. Other images include holidays, celebration and anniversaries based on demand and customization.

Tee shirts are the most popular tie-dye project, so some of the best tie-dye pattern ideas have been listed below. Great for men and women of all ages, these easy tie- dye techniques are a fun way to show off one’s personality.


  • Captain America Tie Dye Tee: This heroic tie dye pattern uses the bullseye technique to create this design. Paint a star in the middle with fabric paint and your shirt is complete!
  • Shibori Chic Tie Dye Tee: You can achieve this style without some of the more complicated elements of using indigo by following the techniques in this tutorial.
  • Purple Lightning Tie Dye Shirt: Give a plain purple shirt a fierce edge with this technique. A bit of ombre and a streak of white give the slightest color block to this shirt.
  • Tie Dye Creations: You can make a variety of looks with tie dye, and this tutorial shows how! Choose from the three designs pictured here to make a more traditional tie dye project or a simple “olive oil” design.
  • Sweet Summer Tie Dye Shirt Designs: Using a spray nozzle instead of the traditional squeeze bottle, this technique creates a really stunning, vivacious look making it ideal for summers
  • Tie-Dye Hurricane Swirl: Use the swirl tie dye technique to create this hurricane tank top. By using just one color and applying the color in a unique way, you can create this lovely effect.
  • I Heart Tie Dye Tee: Add a lovely heart motif to the center of your tie dye project! Similar to the bullseye technique, this shirt involves pinching in the middle to create your design. Make sure you follow the directions to wind up with a heart instead of a circle!
  • Double Rainbow Dazzle Top: Dazzle everyone with your awesome new rainbow top! The colors blend just enough to add interest, and the look is so easy to achieve. This is a great tie dye project for beginners!
  • Eco-Centric Tie Dye Top: Use a resist product to draw a design on your shirt that won’t absorb the tie dye! This technique can be used in countless ways to create all sorts of lovely patterns.
  • Twisted Tie-Dye Tee: This is a fantastic tie dye project for summer camp. It features the swirl tie dye technique, which is great for kids and adults alike! These particular shirts are also customized with campers’ names on them. A great project for big groups!
  • Flower Tie Dye T Shirt: This is a different take on ways to use tie dye! Instead of dyeing the entire shirt, use tie dye to draw patterns on a white background. These flowers are a lovely motif!
  • Fashion Tee: Using “graffiti” products, you can create a tie dye tee with some stunning graphics for a really unique look. 
  • Tie Dye Heart Pattern: If you’re a sewist, you’ll love this tie dye technique! Learn how to sew a design into the shirt to create a sort of “resist”. When you take the stitches out after dying, you’ll be left with an image!
  • Dappled Heart Shirt: Speaking of hearts, this is another way to create a beautiful heart design. Use two different colors and follow the instructions to create the central design.
  • Impatient Plaid Tie Dye Tee: Forget rubber banding and all the other hassle of certain tie dye techniques. Instead, simply draw your design using the tie dye bottle and finish this plaid pattern super efficiently.
  • 3D Tie Dye Flower Top: There’s nothing like a darling floral embellishment to dress up your tie dye tops! Learn how to dye your shirt and how to make the pink flowers to add to the finished project.
  • Gal-axy Tie Dye T-Shirt: This is a super cool design. By tie dyeing a black shirt instead of a white one, and by adding flecks of white paint, you can create this beautiful look!

Tie due business is not capital intensive and you can start this business with a minimal amount of amount of money. The major expense is buying the material, equipment and labor costs.

You can easily start this business from home or a workshop environment. You don’t need bank loans to start this business. Just target save in commercial banks.

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