26+Effective Business School Marketing Ideas

Marketing plays an important role in the success of any business if it is planned in a proper way. Marketing can transform a business into a brand or can ruin a business. Here we Brainstorm some creative and Catchy Marketing ideas for a Business School

Do you feel that there is a lack of admission of new students in your business school this year? Or do you want to improve the ranking of your business school? Or you have seemed to exhaust all the places to advertise your business school?

Here are few effective business school marketing ideas to help you get new students as well as improve your ranking among other business schools.

  • Have An  Impressive School  Website

Websites are a direct way to contact your potential students. Make sure you upload the photos of your campus, admission process, courses offered, etc. on your school website to help students make the right decision.  Making an impressive website helps you to get new students for your business school. You could optimize the keywords on your school website for easy accessibility for students.

  • Organize School fests, Events, And Seminars

Organizing school fest, events, and seminars help you to engage students creatively. These give them an opportunity for the overall development of the students and also help promote your business school Marketing Ideas. You can invite a new speaker to help students to assist in their courses and careers counseling. You can even host events with another business school to give students wider exposure. Group discussions are an interesting way to initiate the conversation on educational topics.

  • Offer Scholarships For Deserving Students

Offering scholarships for deserving students can help you increase your business. They can attract students internationally too. This also helps to build the goodwill of your business school as it can boast students with good grades. You could offer scholarship according to grade attained .this will also help students from the lower class that can’t afford tuition fee but are good in studies.

  • Offer free Career Assistance After  Completion Of Course

After completing their business courses, many students are clueless on how to take maximum advantage of their degrees. Offering free career assistance or counseling will help them to know about career opportunity in their field of interest. This will attract many students to your business school and add credibility too.

  • Print School Magazine Or Newsletter

It is very important to have a magazine or newsletter of your school to give students useful information about upcoming events, new courses offered, information about faculty and teacher and their field of expertise, etc. and so on. You could also showcase your school achievements to attract potential new students and parents. You can print this newsletter or magazines weekly, monthly, or even yearly.

  • Start  A Blog For Your Business School Marketing

Writing a detailed blog for your business school is a good move. The blog can help you give updates, valuable information about courses, school event, etc. you can also talk about daily campus environment too. This way, you can engage your students and give an overview of campus lifestyle. You could also talk about your faculty member and teacher and their expertise in their respective field. You can give information about various extra curriculum activities being offered on campus apart from the regular courses.

  • Start An Individual Class Blog

Having an individual class Blog will help both students and parents informed about class activities, assignments, projects as well as exam schedule too. These have become very popular in recent times and will give you a higher ranking in Google search. This is the best way to showcase your school and help you with the growth of your business school.

  • Distribute brochures

Distributing brochures in malls, fairs, events, etc. will help you reach a large number of people in a short time. This will help you promote your school and get new potential students. Make these brochures attractive and highlight the USP of your business school. Brochures are a direct way to advertise your business school to your potential customer.

  • Form  Partnership

Forming partnership with Corporate Houses will help you with placements of students after completion of course. This will also build your brand name. The forming partnership will help raise awareness about your business school and give exposure too.

  • Make Videos In Youtube

Making videos of events organized on campus like youth festival or treasure hunt etc. will help you get the right exposure for your business school. It is a fun way to promote your business school as well it will give an insight into campus life to potential students. You could also make videos on educational activities and post them online.

  • Create A Facebook Page

Facebook page is easy to make and free. You can even form groups and community on your facebook page too. You could engage with students and parents on various events and activities organized on campus. Facebook page also can be used to make announcements, give updates about new courses or events, and share positive information. Posting pictures of fest, events, or seminars can attract the attention of both students and parents.

  • Post Reviews About  Your Business School Online

Posting a positive review on Social Media Platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, etc. will help you boast new admissions. These reviews are often read by potential student and parents before choosing a business school, so having a positive review could be a huge advantage for your business school. This also enhances your brand identity. Ask students whether to pass out or existing student to post a review online to help you grow your business.

  • Sponsorship A Charity Event

Sponsoring a charity or event will have a positive impact on your students. The parents will also like to take admission of their children with the school who impart a positive mindset to their students. Sponsoring charity helps to strengthen moral values among students and present the school in a good light. It is also a good business school marketing idea.

  • Hashtag  Marketing

You could participate in hashtag themes such as environmental day, teacher’s day, or any other awareness days and tweet about them. This will increase the number of people who will view the post. A large number of people participate from different walk of life and hence can help you get a new potential student for your business school.

  • Have A Welfare Concern On Campus

There are several contemporary issues from which students suffer from, such as bullying, depression and so on. It is very important to have a welfare concern that will help students to deal with such issues. This will build the self-esteem of students and provide a positive environment in the school campus.

  • Participate In Social Issue Online

Awareness of social issue through Online is very important. Participating in social issues like women empowerment, fake news, etc on a social platform like Twitter will help you with the marketing opportunity for your business school. These also build goodwill among students and parents and help you to establish your online presence.

  • Built An App For Your Business School

Having an app nowadays is of huge advantage for your business school. It is a very direct and secure way to communicate with your students and parents. This can be used for giving a reminder of upcoming school events or exams, give useful information or news and so on. It is also very accessible and can be used anywhere and anytime. It also can provide with online notes on various subjects.

  • Have An Account On Twitter

Twitter is a popular social platform which could help you to present your school in a good light. You could post pictures with the school logo or students having fun in school campus etc to promote your business school. You can even make informative videos about your business school to get the attention of students.

  • Offer Internship To Students

This could be a huge selling point for a business school. The internship is very important as a student get a firsthand experience on the skill required to do a job. The internship provides for the learning experience for the student and prepares them to take advantage of career opportunity in the real world. You could partner with big business enterprises to help students get internships. You could also help or assist them with mock interview too.

  • Get Listed In GoogleMyBusiness

Google my business is an effective way to get noticed. This will make your business school accessible and cater to a large number of people too. This will give you global exposure enabling you to attract students from around the world thus helping you to create your brand identity.

  • Offer Rewards For Word Of Mouth Advertising

This is an interesting way to generate or drive sales. You could offer rewards to students for referring courses or events for your business school and win computer or accessories for school.  You could also partner with an existing student group to promote your business school.

  • Provide Accommodation Facilities

This will help you to attract students from all parts of the world.  Having accommodation facilities on campus will provide for student safety. This will also provide for extra income for your business school too.

By following these business school marketing ideas, one can benefit a great deal. These are very simple to follow but are quite effective to help you grow your business. So choose as per your requirement and make a profitable business venture.

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