78+ Best Business Women Quotes and Sayings

Women are always beautiful and selfless. When we see the transition in this world that how women who had always been considered to be the inferior ones in comparison to the men , now have emerged and have now started proving themselves also in the public sphere no matter whether it be as a doctor , teacher , lawyer , engineer , and so on .

So there are also many of them who have emerged and made their own identities as famous businesswomen and entrepreneur, and also they are now giving a tough competition to men and very soon women will be the one to lead the world if they keep growing at the same pace.

Mentioned below are some famous sayings and quotes of the world famous business women , they will show you some of what they learned while their journey to success and these lessons always are useful not only for those interested in business but also for those who want to be successful person in their lives . 

Business Women Quotes and Sayings

  • Every entrepreneur should be optimistic and should always have a positive approach in their live. – said by Caterina Fake
  • Being an optimistic entrepreneur is something that will never be mentioned in any one’s job description but it has to be understood by all the entrepreneurs themselves. – said by Caterina Fake
  • Every one in their lives have one or the other breakthrough some or the other time in their lives , you may sometimes feel that that you can not do this, but you that is wrong. – said by Marissa Mayer
  • Irrespective of your troubles, you should do and sail through your work and win. When you tend to escape from something, it may also lead you to your objectives. – said by Marissa Mayer
  • One should always be tough enough to face everything in life. – said by Marissa Mayer
  • Men should always remember that a woman is never weak , women is always a selfless one , she has a lot of roles to play every time , whether it be of a daughter , of a wife , of a mother and so on. – said by Indra Nooyi
  • A man can never be compared to all that what is done by women , the love which our mothers give us unconditionally every time that is always incomparable with any other thing in life , also women were never or will never be inferior to men in at any stage you may see – said by Indra Nooyi
  • Always remember that sometimes some advices may also work for you , so what you can do in such case is to stop yourself and try to listen carefully what others may tell you. – said by Lori Richardson
  • Remember sometimes you need not to interrupt others from when they try to speak to you or tend to advice you something. – said by Lori Richardson
  • Always keep your self open for new advices and ideas that you may get from others and always try to internalize those ideas and advices in you if you find them useful and beneficial for yourself . – said by Lori Richardson

_ While you are working and trying to do too many things together and at the same time if you expect them all to be the perfect one for you, then in such case you are doing nothing other than disappointing yourself because it is the most successful recipe for it. – said by Sheryl Sandberg

_ Maybe all our decisions are not the perfects one every time and this is the thing that we actually need to understand in our life. – said by Arianna Huffington

_ We have to always accept and remember that we can never make the right decision every time, we also need to accept that we are going to be screwed some or the other day in our life, so we need to be ready for it. – said by Arianna Huffington

_The word failure is never the opposite of the word success, instead, it is the part of it, because once we accept it as the part of the success it becomes easier for us to manage and rise above again even with our failure. – said by Arianna Huffington

_ You should always remember that you can always rebuild and recreate your life, because after all, everything lies in your hands because you are the one who can always build the foundation to your life which will be the rock-solid one, and no one else could ever do that for you. – said by J. K. Rowling

_ There are some steps to success that one should always realize in their lives and follow them religiously like the first one always define their goals, followed by taking action and executing the same. – said by Michele Ruiz

_The most important thing is that you should always keep yourself focused and continue to work, and when you stay focused then you can always expect success in your life because then you will get only success in your life and nothing else – said by Michele Ruiz

_ Stop and listen to others, because sometimes their experiences may also give you a lesson. – said by J. K. Rowling

_Though most of us are least interested in what others tell us, we are actually lagging because we need to absorb from others’ experiences. We need to learn from their failures, from their mistakes, the kind of focus they had over their work when they were working because all these always give us important lessons. – said by J. K. Rowling

_ If people around you are doubting you and your capabilities, then you need to prove them wrong. Not only that, you should go far ahead of them and you will definitely not hear them anymore. – said by Michele Ruiz

_You can always get rid of everyone around you till you are successful one in your life, so stay focused over your aims and objectives in life and just stop listening to those who try to demotivate you or try to pull you back – said by Michele Ruiz

_ If you really feel that being an introvert in your life will be an obstacle in your life then always remember that whether or not you may in this classic mold of today , whether or not you may an extrovert or outspoken , but it does not mean that these things if you may lack in yourself can ever distance you from achieving and attaining your goals and objectives in your life . You can always be a successful one in your life , and all what you need is your own unique and different style and also someone else in your life at whom you can look and can inspire yourself with that person’s achievements whom you feel have some resemblance to your own personality . – said by Jess Lee

_ One should always keep in their minds that they need not to be the manager of the people , or rather they need not to manage people but what they need to do is to manage things and surroundings along with the work to be done , but when you want to be the real leader then in such case you just need to lead people and then you will be their leader in true sense . – said by Grace Hopper

_ A woman no matter how successful she is in her life , but she always have some of those responsibilities that she can never get away with . A woman should in the end remember that she is also a mother , a daughter and also a wife . She always hold a bag of duties and responsibilities on her shoulder that will never leave her or rather she can also never leave it behind  and has to stay with it for ever – said by Indra Nooyi

_ Always what you need to keep in your mind is that the perfect recipe for your success could only be the perfect blend or a perfect mix of optimism , your hard work , your consistent focus , and most importantly patience , and once you have them all then just realize your aims and your objectives and then start working , and also remember that there is no tomorrow so keep waiting for it get up and get started – said by Michele Ruiz

_ The pace with which the women are growing today around the world, very soon all these inequalities will be banished from the world and very soon there will be no specific female or women leaders, but rather there will be only the leaders as we will overcome these differences very soon in future. –  said by Sheryl Sandberg

_ You can never have a concrete plan for your life as such , because life is always very unpredictable . In such a case if you keep your focus on the goals and objectives that you aim to achieve in future, they might simultaneously have certain adverse effects on your present , on the job that you actually have in your hand today , so you should always keep yourself focused at one path , even if you may find a new course and a better one for your life . – said by Indra Nooyi

business women quotes and sayings

_ Today in this world that is undergoing changes and rather the world that is going through its transition phase, here today all CEO’s are keeping their focus more over the innovation and creativity but not for in the case of new products but this innovation is very much visible in their business processes, business models, also when it comes to their business culture and management we can also see a clear change in that direction too. – said by Ginni Rometty

_ Always remember that when you say of leadership it does not mean necessarily of men wearing suits , it rather means and is about the way of life for all those people who are actually aware of what they are and also for those who know and are actually willing to give their best in order to be their best for creating and making their life the way and in the manner they want to live . One should always be like these people with leadership qualities who can always take an extra mile and can always give their best to achieve their objectives in life . – said by Kathleen Schafer

_ When you are a holding the highest position in your company then you have to deal with various different kinds of people , no matter they can be any one like sales and marketing professionals or like call center representatives and so on . So it is also the responsibility of that position holder to learn how to communicate and deal to these various different kinds of people , and not only this they also have to attend various other meetings , orientations , and have their own distinct priorities too , so this is where they have to manage every thing all together . So here is where you see that great power brings great responsibilities complimentary to it . – said by Abigail Johnson

_ One should never confuse their progress with their winning ! Because once you get away or you ignore this difference you can not progress further in life , because if you will have a belief that you are winning then you will definitely stop your progress further , but in the other case if you draw that line of difference between the two then you will always find yourself progressing in life .  – said by Mary T. Barra

_ All humans just keep resisting themselves to change , and actually they seem to be allergic to the changes , they just keep saying that they have been doing this in their own way since so long , so they refuse to accept the changes and rather do not expose themselves to these changes . But you always have a way to fight it your way , just have a clock on your wall that should be running anti clockwise . And on the other hand one should always keep itself open for all kinds of changes that they may encounter in their lives . – said by Chien Shiung Wu

_ You should always be an optimistic one in your life , rather than being a pessimistic one , because you should always have all the positivity in you if you really wish to be successful in your life because if you will keep negative thoughts or if you keep thinking of chances for your defeat , then this would definitely distance you from your goals and objectives . So one should never bring the ideas or thoughts or any cases or possibilities of being defeated in their minds and should take it as if they don’t exist . – said by Ginni Rometty

_ What a good leader can actually be, a good leader is originally the one who organizing and aligning their people and making them realize their purpose and their objectives to work. Also, good leaders always keep motivating and inspiring their people to tell them their goals and their importance to them. A good leader should also appreciate the work of their people that further boost their enthusiasm and gives them new energy to work with more concentration. And this is actually the original key if you truly wish to achieve and attain your goals; transformational goals ! – said by Marilyn Hewson

_ Every country in this world if has to get flourished and if has to rise then, it can never be possible if that country is actually stifling the potential of the women in their country, in turn, that country itself is being deprived of those contributions which the women of that country would have actually made with their own talents and with their own works and efforts. – said by Michelle Obama

_ One should always have their own rules, their own terms, and their own conditions, to their way to success. One should always define her aims and objectives, their purpose, and should also have a clear view in their minds that where they want to see themselves in future and actually how they want to shape their lives,  for that is most important to for one to do and also it is the most crucial part if you really want to be a successful person in your life. – said by Anne Sweeney

_  Don’t stop always keep going in your life because you are only the one who perfectly knows what you want to achieve in your life, my advice to you is just that you should just stop listening to all those who just keep you demotivated every time and demoralize you in whatever you want to or aim to do in your life, so just ignore everybody else and keep your spirits high if you really want to be a successful person in your life, as it is only you and no one else who can be a perfect decision-maker for you .– said by Michele Ruiz

_ You should speak up ,be flexible have work ethics, have your own opinions, and never apologize, for what you feel. Have confidence in you, have full faith in what you want to do in life, stay focused on your objectives, as this turns out to be the most important part of when you have that will to achieve something in your life. – said by Trish Bertuzzi 

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