121+ Career Goals to help you have satisfying work Life

PsychologyHabits and Goals121+ Career Goals to help you have satisfying work Life

121+ Career Goals to help you have satisfying work Life

Everyone wishes to do great at the job they are currently pursuing or wish to get a better job or pursues some other career. However, it is very important to set some goals to achieve the same. We must set a few career goals that keep us driven to achieve those goals. Here are a few career goals that you can set to stay motivated towards your goals.

Here are Best Career Goals to help you

Productivity Goals for your career 

-Increase knowledge about the work that you are doing 

-Improve the completion time of tasks at hand 

-Complete all the tasks at hand 

-Learn how to automate the work 

-Get better tools to get the job done 

-Seek people who are better at work for guidance 

-Reach office on time 

-Improve the process to get the job done 

-Look for better ways to get the work done 

-Manage time better 

-Complete the most important task at hand first 

-Learn to prioritize the tasks 

-Try to improve the working style to manage time efficiently 

-Measure the amount of work done each day and improve the next day

-Fix a certain amount of job that needs to be completed each day 

-Complete the tasks of each day on that particular day

Award-Winning Goals for your job 

-Get the maximum number of sales in the month 

-Win the best employee of the month 

-Win the best manager of the month 

-Get the greatest number of completed projects in the year 

-Win the best colleague of the month 

-Win the award for most innovative employee of the month 

-Close maximum amount of deals in a day

-Win the best negotiator award of the month 

Efficiency Goals for your career 

-Spend a certain amount of money more to get better employees

-Conduct regular workshops for employees to improve efficiency 

-Increase the number of billable hours 

-Reduce the number of billable hours to less than 9 per employee in a week 

-Try to improve employee satisfaction 

-Take out the staff for monthly outings and bonding 

-Improve employee satisfaction with growth opportunities to about 95 per cent 

-Improve employee satisfaction with the current qualifications they possess by 8%

-Try to reach complete employee satisfaction with their current job roles 

-Improve awareness about the brand 

-Improve customer satisfaction by regular up gradation of the services 

-Increase the percentage of new subscription of subscribers to 45 per cent in the coming month 

-Improve timely deliveries 

-Decrease the number of defects 

-Try to reduce rework 

-Reduce the amount of variation 

-Decrease the amount of unused inventory 

-Improve the percentage of successful inquires in support 

-Lower the lead times by twenty times 

-Improve service availability by around 90 per cent 

-Decrease the average customer support hold time to 1 minute

-The average resolution time should be decreased to 24 hours

Educational Goals for your career 

-Improve the educational qualification 

-Improve the employee score of the annual safety exams 

-CEO of the company should spend an hour a month with every employee on a one to one basis 

-Increase the employee retention strategy 

-Improve the skills of performing the tasks 

-Take out time to study and read more about the work 

-Attend more seminars 

-Conduct webinars 

-Improve the study habits and build efficient ones 

-Improve the patience to achieve the goals for the day 

-Focus on better quality work rather quantity 

-Be more open to new approaches and ideas 

-Try to improve from the mistakes made 

-The stress level should be managed properly 

-Learn about better problem-solving skills 

-Create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule 

-Set certain goals for every study session 

-Always focus on one task at a time 

-Implement the new strategies learnt in the job at hand 

-Improve the project plan

-Plan out routine to learn each day 

-Stick to the schedule and learn ardently 

Personal Development Goals for career 

-Have effective communication with colleagues and bosses

-Have confidence while pitching new ideas 

-Develop a better strategy for maximum output using minimum resources 

-Learn how to improve the performance 

-Become punctual at work

-Learn better ways to manage work 

-Learn stress relieving techniques 

-Learn better ways to manage time 

-Have an organized workspace 

-Organize the mail regularly 

-Clear the mail and remove the unwanted files regularly 

-Read more of self-help and management books 

-Have the laptop upgraded at all times 

-Improve the work ethics 

-create better and meaningful bonds at the office 

-Create a vision to improve personal development skills 

-Have a proper track of progress 

-Build a plan and work accordingly 

-Develop emotional intelligence 

-Listen more actively 

-Try to meet new people from the same sector 

-Build a reading habit 

-Have a growth mindset and work on it 

-Resilience must be cultivated 

Networking Goals for career 

-Listen to tips and advice 

-Be the first to take steps in reaching out 

-Learn to take risks 

-Learn to trust more 

-Be respectful and full of dignity towards others 

-Give and receive constructive feedback

-Always have empathy 

-Try to create better networks at the workplace 

-Improve the speaking skills to get better at approaching 

-Instil confidence and reach influential people out

-Grow the connection with influential people in the market 

-Get know-how o the market from good mentors 

-Have a humble approach towards influencers

-Get into contact with a few angle investors for the company  

Other career goals 

-Get a promotion 

-Help to increase the pay 

-Earn a new certificate or degree 

-Close more sales 

-Develop new skills 

-Get a leadership position 

-Become an expert at the field

-Start a side business 

-learn about passive income 

-Win the best employee award 

-Win the best manager award 

-Take up more responsibility 

-Complete all the responsibilities taken 

-Guide the colleagues to achieve the best results 

-Lead a team project 

-Become the regional leader for the company

-Become more proactive 

-Grow the size of the customer base 

-Become a mentor 

-Improve the bottom line of the company 

-Become a senior manager 

-Land a huge account 

-Switch careers 

-Do a career assessment 

-Look for a company that pays better

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