43+ Best Casino Party Invitation wording Ideas

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Casino Party invitation wording Ideas

A Casino party which is sometimes known as Monte Carlo Night or a Casino Night is primarily an event where the host tries to replicate the same fun and excitement that the people experiences while playing in a real casino. These events are mainly promoted or advertised as ‘the casino being brought to you’.

One of the key differences between a casino party and the real casino is that unlike a real casino no actual gambling takes place in the casino party. The games are played with fake money and casino chips thereby ruling out the involvement of cash.

Casino parties are organized for a variety of occasions so here is a list of invitation wording ideas that one can use to invite people on casino night-

_We know you have always wanted to go to Las Vegas so we are bringing the Las Vegas at our home. Make sure you are there for the fun filled casino party.

_Do join us for an evening of trying your luck out i.e. casino party. As you are expert at this we were hoping to see your magic with Gambling.

_Cocktails and food are secondary when you there is a poker party to enjoy. You and the Missus are cordially invited for a casino party held at our house.

_It’s been exactly 3 years since we had the most fun playing a poker game and hence I have decided to throw a casino night to which you are definitely invited.

_I know it’s been quite a hectic week my friend and this why I have organized a casino party at my place. I hope you are there to bust some stress.

_Let’s beat this summer together! Do visit us on our beach house at (location) on (date) where we are organizing a casino party with cocktails and shrimp 

_Mark your calendars and grab your cards as we are throwing a casino party on (date) held at our home. Join us for a delightful evening.

_As the season of spring is so much enjoyable , we have decided to throw a casino party on (date) at our premises.  Please come for an amusing evening.

_Well my friend the time has come again to bond over a poker night. You and the wife are cordially invited to the casino party held at our home.

_Let’s celebrate the evening of upcoming lunar eclipse at our home with some poker and delicious meal prepared by wife. We would be extremely happy to see you here.

_Let’s forget the professional boundaries for a second and let us invite you as a friend to a casino party held at our home. It would totally be our pleasure.

_Even if your luck turns out to be bad while playing poker at the casino party held at our home, you’d still be winning a fun evening over fake money.

_We know that you don’t have any idea about gambling but we can assure that our casino party is much more than that. Come and See it for yourself.

_After 3 months of work my wife and I have decided to take a day off and we want to celebrate our day off with you and a casino party held at our premises.

_Take a chance at fate and join us for an evening of fun and gambling at our annually organized casino party. It would be delightful to have you.

_Alike my husband you have been a fan of gambling for many years. So your presence at our home for the casino party on (date) would be quite an honor for us.

_What happens in a casino night stays in a casino night and probably gossip about it the next morning. We wish to see you at our casino night on (date).

_Poker, black jack, roulette and more are just the basics of our casino party. I hope you can make it with the missus on (date).

_Amidst the noise of the ocean we will have a casino night at our beach house. We would be thrilled to have you join us for a pleasurable evening.

_After the grilling up a steer session we will be having a casino night at our home. Your company is what will liven up the party. See you there.

_This year we will shake things up as the barbeque party will be extended to an all night poker party. Join us for a fun afternoon and an amazing evening.

_Let’s get together for no special reason and just celebrate this lovely spring season with an evening of casino night. The party is at our home on (date).

_Are you ready to for a night when you’ll have to test your skill as well as luck? Then join us for the casino party on (date) held at our home premises.

_This not an ordinary game night like we used to host 4 weeks ago. This is casino where you cordially invited to try out your luck.

_We will be introducing some rules and regulation just to give you the feeling of a casino party being held on Caesar’s Palace. You are welcomed to join the fun.

_Picture a Monte Carlo Night and then visit us on (date) as we are going to be hosting a casino party for the very first time. Do come and review our party.

_You have been our truest friend and frankly an amazing companion for having fun. So let’s get together for a fun casino party at our place on (date).

_Get ready to put a poker face on your joker face as the time has come to welcome the winter with a casino night at our place. Hope to see you on (date).

_I don’t know how’s your luck going to work out on the exact (date) during (time). So why not come to our place for a casino night and check it out for yourself.

_You are invited to the (location) on (date) for a night of cocktails and gambling. Make sure you bring your spouse to enjoy a delightful casino party.

_It is end of the summer and we have decided to have a last hurrah at our beach house by organizing a casino party. Please be there on (Date).

_My husband is a great admirer of gambling so as a wife I have decided to secretly throw him a casino party on (date) his birthday for which you are cordially invited.

_Along with cocktails and munchies, this will be an evening of innocent fun at the poker, blackjack and roulette tables. See you at our premises on (date) for a gala evening.

_You and the Missus are cordially invited to attend an evening full of excitement and exhilaration at this year’s casino party held at (location) on (date).

_ (Name) and (Name) humbly requests your presence at the casino party hosted by Gold Star Corporation on (date). Please be there as a guest to enjoy a delightful evening.

_Poker party alert! We will supply the chips, fake money and all the beers you can have. Your job would be to bring yourself at (location) on (date).

_Every great poker party requires a professional dealer as well as an entertainer. You can see where we are going with this. So be there at (location) on (date).

_”Are you feeling lucky?” is the most used term for a gambling invitation still we are using the same term to invite you on our casino night on (date).

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