101+ Top News blogs and Pages names On Internet

We know there are lots of TV channels which broadcast news, live updates about certain events. But we cannot give our opinion about that on the TV.

Hence these channels and other newspaper channels have created their own blogs to get comments from the readers for their news.

Many academists, businessmen, or housewives create their own blogs to update people about their area of interest. Through these blogs, they earn good money too.

Top 15 News Blogs of the World

TMZ – This blog is overflowing with the latest news whether it’s political issues in any country or the latest fashion and beauty trend that men and women need to know.

It not only provides articles but also expert interviews, photographs, and podcasts. It is a complete entertainer package irrespective of reader age.

Billboard This music-oriented blog shares the latest released music albums and the hits of the week and month along with juicy industry news, current events.

The podcasts are made available in apps to keep the readers updated to enrich your knowledge for the better.

Page Six – This resourceful blog covers entertainment news which they share in the form of videos as well as articles without any cost. The related articles help to develop people’s networking and awareness of the current situation around the world. 

CNET This tech blog is a must-visit for people who take an interest in advanced technology and relevant information. The tips and articles to use technology to grow your business or what to buy. It shows how the innovation of technology has changed lives overages.

Fast Company – This editorial blog focuses on creativity, sharing innovative ideas to change the world, from creativity to fashion and travel, this blog covers it all, an absolute stress buster for the readers helping them to develop their knowledge. The blog advises on how to develop your skills to make them work best in your interest.

People This blog never misses a chance to take the readers by awe from celebrity gossip to quizzes, it has you covered without leaving any stone unturned for their followers.

The latest news, music albums, entertainment shows on TV, and other related events are the main focus of the blog. 

Engadget This blog keeps you informed about the tech community of the world which is making regular improvements to change our lives for the better.

The expert interviews, reviews on the newest launched products, and accessible articles are helpful for the readers to build their network stronger and keep them updated on upcoming advancements.

Seeking Alpha This blog is a collection of investors who shares their predictions and the current situation of the stock market also makes suggestions on investing ideas.

The investing community has millions of followers sharing articles and books to keep their readers informed of the latest update.

Entrepreneur This blog talks about the business tycoons of the world sharing motivational articles, inspirational interviews, and free-of-cost webinars on a daily basis.

The books and latest news of the business world are the main focus of the blog helping the readers to keep all the information at their fingertips.

TechCrunch The blog is best known in the technology community for its insightful articles and regular posts covering the latest technology updates and predictions made by the tech scientists and reviews of the newly launched products help the followers to take investment decisions wisely.

Pitchfork This blog is exceptionally for music lovers and those who are in the music industry.

The blog shares top-rated video content, recommendations making it easy for the followers to catch up with the trend. They also share interviews and apps where you can best soothe your ears.

Loudwire This blog covers the events and news related to music especially featuring mostly part songs.

This blog is a perfect combination of hit and jazz songs that have been on top lists of music blogs for more than 50 years. This blog is a must-visit if you are planning your house party around the corner.

Harvard Business Review This blog provides some high-quality expert articles to keep the readers engaged about the recent advancements in the business community.

Not failing to inspire them to take up challenges and be futuristic about their every venture. The blog ensures to enrich the reader’s life with diverse knowledge.

GQ This is the men’s fashion blog and related issues like fitness tips and grooming sessions to improve their lifestyle is a must-follow for men to keep themselves updated with the trendy fashion tips and culture. The blog also has a magazine full of opulent photography and insightful columns.

Autoblog This blog shares news on the auto industry, the articles along with the videos and pictures give an insight into what’s new in the auto industry.

It posts pictures and related information on cars for sale, making it easy for interested people to compare and contact the dealer.

Blogging is usually a hobby but these days, it turned into a profession as blogs are the sources of income.

A blog is a webpage where an individual can share their thoughts and get comments on it. Unlike a website, a blog has to be updated regularly in order to get constant readers to the blog.

A blog name is as important as the blog contents. A blog name should be catchy which can attract more readers to it.

Catchy news blog names for you

Team List

Live Link

Live Spy

Team Reader

Live Network

Live Update

News Word

Hot Local

Local Press

Link Post

Group Beat

Link Tale

Planning to start a news channel and searching a creative mane for it? So do check out the creative news and media channel names.

Local Journal

Blog News

Local Flash

Link Magazine

Blog Advice

Local Read

Time Smart

Link Stories

Network Flash

Box Cover

Fresh Lead

Paper Place

Discover Live

Help Tale

Talk Edit

Post Report

Word Media

Lead Daily

Story Press

Paper Words

World Story

Chat Daily

Post Content

News Blog Names

Live desk

Story Media

Flash Fresh

Flash Cover

Forum Network

Press Events

Content Time

Inside Journal

Exclusive Blog

Comment Group

Featured Group

Media Tales

Events Tracker

Beat Story

The Lost Truths

Press Reports

Events Update

Read Fresh

Target Story

Report Forum

Read Update

The News is the resource for all to be aware of what is happening in the world. The news makes people feel connected with the world.

News helps people from all aspects like technology, education, growth, and much more. It helps students to increase their vocabulary and knowledge of worldly things.

Readout a hug newsperson day greetings, messages, and quotes that you can share on social media.

Trending News Blog Names

Top News Pages Names

Business owners get all the latest information related to the market. Women get a good source of knowledge of recipes and other household matters. News updates everyone with the latest information.

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