101+ Top Planner Blogs and Pages Names ideas

While starting a planning career, some get confused on a few things which are not well known. There are many referral blogs available these days for such planners. One can learn the event management without any degree. The well-established blogs give more creative ideas to get success in the event planning business.

There are even tips on how to achieve greatness in this field. Some event planners advertise their business through these blogs.

Top 15 Planner Blogs of the World


This blog is run by a team based in the United States. It is considered to be one of the best planning blogs in the States and one can find information about a host of subjects like planning, designing, event management, etc, here. The blog comes up with 3 innovative and informative posts every day.

Event Planning Blueprint

This blog is the best source of resources on event management and planning that you will find on the internet. The blog will keep you updated with all the current news in the industry and recent trends in the planning sector. They post frequently, usually around 4 posts a week.

Smart Meetings– 

This event planning blog deals with managing corporate affairs and events. A special feature in this blog is that it has a segment called the venue finder which allows corporations to choose the perfect venue for the events, whether,  it’s for a  meeting or for a party to celebrate success. The blog publishers 2 posts each day.

Style me pretty

 This blog is run by a team of planners who manage wedding evens. They are among the best in business and can make the venue turn into what the bride has been dreaming about, since her childhood. They hire only the best employees and everybody who has availed their service has vouched for them. The blog posts twice monthly.

Even to manager blog– 

This blog is run by a team based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The blog is one of the best sources of resources on event management and uses the latest technology trends and innovations to educate the young in the event management business. Over the years the blog has become The One Stop Shop for everything related to event management.

Swapcard Blog– 

This blog is run by a team of planners based in Paris, Ile-de-France, France. It works like a network for the people in business who want to use corporate events to network. The app helps you to make the right connections and Save information about the people you meet in the event.

Special events magazine blog– 

this magazine was run biotin based in the California United States. It is one of the oldest resources for professional event planning and management. The content of the magazine is authoritative and informative. And an online version of the magazine that started recently. It posts 4 times a week.


This blog is run by a team based in New York, United States. It operates like a free network through which people can collaborate and plan customized events that allow individuals to manage the guest list curate designs and more. 

The Hubb – 

This blog is run by an event planning team based in Vancouver, Washington, United States. You will get to know a lot about event management through this blog. The software used in The Hubb allows you to arrange conferences with planners to either plan your event or market your content if you are looking for it.

The Social Tables Blog – 

This blog is run by a team based in Washington, District of Columbia, United States. The blog has a lot of information about event management and planning. It shares some very useful tips on hospitality. The strategies and techniques taught through this blog have been found to be very helpful.

Event Marketer

 This blog is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. The blog basically branched from a magazine by the same name which was started in 2002. It provides in-depth information about strategic marketing and planning and how these influence the event planning and management industry. The blog started in January 2010 and posts once a day.

Townscript Blog –

 This blog hopes to make the lives of both planners and customers happy. It aims to bridge the gap between the organizers and those looking to hire their services. The blog also provides a lot of useful information about registration and the intricacies of planning an event. It posts thrice a day.

Slido Blog – 

This blog is run by a team based in London, England, United Kingdom. It helps the planners get honest feedback from their customers. The blog has a platform through which planners and the readers can interact and share questions and answers. It comes up with 11 posts per quarter.

Regpack Blog – 

This blog is run by a team of planners based in San Francisco, California, United States. The main purpose of this app is to enable organizers to connect with their clients easily and be able to register their services faster. The blog comes up with 2 new posts per month.

Blogging is a popular activity on the internet these days. Utilizing the hobby, one can create a blog and opine about the things they know and also get opinions from readers. One can turn their hobby into a business through blogging.

Many of the housewives who are not able to go outside and work are working on blogs and getting fair amount as income. The content of the blog should be attractive to get more traffic. Not only the content but also the blog name should be attractive.

Here are Unique Clever planner blog names ideas for your Inspiration

Art of Planning

Event Webmaster

Event Planner Kit

Event Planner Agent

Guide for event planners

Successful event

Ever ending events

Brilliant planning

RSVP plan

Simple planner

Thoughtful planner

Organizer Agenda

Source for Planners

Easy planning

Try event planner

Outline planning

Real planner

Event Scheduler

Guidebook of organiser

Expert planner

Planner today

Genuine planner

Rely on me

Concerts Planner

True Event Planner

Advert Planner

Planner Guru

Today’s planner

Well planned

Event Motivator

Offer Planner

Event Repairman

First Event Planner

Planner Coach

Planner Mag

Event Predictor

Quality Planner

Planner Team

Planner’s plans

Planning scheme

Planning likes

Hot planner

Planner tutorials

Tips on planning

Urban Planner

Planner experience

Not everyone has the capability and the strength to be an event planner. The event planner should have the skills, strategies, and qualifications needed to conduct a planning for the big event. Whether it is a wedding, educational conference, business convention, or meetings, events bring people together for a common reason.  

Top Planner Pages Names

The event planners focus on the goal of successful achievement in events. Event planners work to ensure the success of the meeting, convention, and another event. They coordinate every detail of the event, from start to end.

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