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101+ Top Preppy Blogs and Pages Names ideas

For people who want to dress in a preppy style often use the information from the internet. The style is not in trends but many of the people love to wear them. Hardly people know about the preppy style, so the preppy lovers get the style information through blogs.

Many preppy style designers create such blogs and attract youth in selecting those styles. There are various blogs which give tips on how to be on preppy style with pictures and videos.

Top 15 Preppy Blogs of the World

Southern Curls and Pearls- 

This blog is the brainchild of Caitlin, who is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. She started this blog when she was in junior year at college. She uses this blog to share her preppy sense of fashion and style with the world. One post is put up regularly. 

Classy Girls Wear Pearls – 

The author of this preppy blog is a resident of Rhode Island, United States. The blog shares fashion dos and don’ts and other tips on dating and life in general. The blog posts once a month.

Kelly in the City – 

This blog is run by Kelly who is based in New York City, New York, United States. Her life is chronicled through this amazing blog.  The blog also shares a lot of fashion hacks. It posts two times a month.

Sweet Southern Prep – 

This blog is run by Ashley who is a resident of Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The blog was launched in 2010 and documents her style and fashion choices. It posts once a week.

Covering the Bases – 

This blog was started in 2013 in New York, United States, and serves as a lifestyle and fashion blog. It hopes to build a community among its readers. The blog posts thrice a week.

The Darling Detail – 

This blog is run by a style diva who is based in Austin, Texas, United States. This blog is mostly a fashion blog. It posts once a month.

A Pinch of Lovely – 

This blog was launched in Feb 2012 and is based in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, United States. It is all about accessible fashion and affordable style. It posts once a week.

A Key to the Armoire –

 This blog is a creation of Susana. She loves vintage fashion and blogs about the same. The blog posts 4 times a month.

Lily and Blush –

 This blog is run by the ever-charming Madaleine. It showcases her personal sense of style. The blog posts 5 times a quarter.

The Preppy MAG –

 This blog is run by the magazine of the same name which is based in Manhatten, New York, United States. The author is Marie Goldstein who is the Editor-In-Chief. It chronicles her own fashion choices and style. It posts 3 times a month.

Maggie O Prep – 

The blog is run by Maggie who lives in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She shares her vast knowledge of clothes through this blog. It posts once a quarter.

Let’s Get Preppy – 

This blog is run by a girl based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The blog features the author’s personal style. It posts two times a month.

Midwest Charm with Anna – 

This blog is run by Anna, a  blogger based in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. She shares her love for her city, her style, and fashion choices through this blog. It posts 7 times a year.

Tall and Preppy – 

This blog is run by Elisabeth. The blog features her fashion outfits and documents her exceptional sense of style. The blog posts 5 times a month.

Preppy Guide to Life – 

This blog is run by a fashion blogger who loves her long dresses and her pearls. She walks the streets of fashion in her sandals and blogs about it to help others like her. 3 posts are normally put up each week. 

Blogging is the way to express the opinions and get a comment for them. It is a way to earn more income and a way to advertise the business. Since many of the people do not know about preppy style might get attracted to know more on this style.

This way you can get more traffic to your blog. Blogging is inexpensive and hence more people attracted to do it and get some handsome money on hands. The blog names also play a major role in attracting traffic to your blog. A creative blog name is necessary for a smart preppy blog.

Here are Very Creative preppy blog names ideas for your Inspiration

The Preppy Style

Preppy Spice

Preppy Show

Preppy Style Girl

Preppy Style Club

Simply Preppy

Preppy Experience

Preppy Story

Preppy Sweet

Vintage Preppy Style

Preppy Rocks

Preppy Boutique

Preppy Shades

Wild Preppy Style

Preppy Beauty

Preppy Entertainment

Preppy Fancy

Preppy Denim

Preppy Style Guide

Preppy Style Clothing

Preppy Curves

Preppy Studio

Preppy Blog Names

Attention for details

Get preppy

Living prep life

Posh clothing

College girl in preppy

Preppy designer

Preppy style craze

Cover your bases

Classic wears

Preppy life

College life with prep

Classy girl wears

Style prep

Glamour preppy

Bows and ties

Darling preps

Preppy suit

Souther style wears

Posh preps

Preppy guide

Be preppy

Let’s become preppy

Big and preppy

Gal with glam

Witty and preppy

Preppy style by me

Wear it preppy

Preppy stuff

Preppy is a manner in which people choose to express themselves. These type of clothes are bright and charming and have clothes to match. Preppy is the most widespread style. Preppy typically points to well made, timeless classic fashions such as polo shirts with collars, shorts at the knee or just above the knee, cardigans, etc.

Trending Preppy Blog Names

Top Preppy Pages Names

The classic fashion includes the tailored skirt suits, low heels, wrap dresses, silk or cotton blouses, shift dresses, and jewelry with a polished style. Some people really love those preppy look, just like a uniform and wants to get good comments.

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