101+ Top Tech Blogs and Pages names

The research on genetics to extraterrestrial space has been boosted with technology. Computer and internet technology have changed every sector such as medicine, tourism, education, entertainment, etc.

Technology blogs these days are on-trend since more and more people want to know about recent changes in technology. Many of them want to learn tech things. Few tech-savvy have created tech blogs and earned money through it as well as spreading tech knowledge.

Top 15 Tech Blogs of the World

Recode – This blog shares the hottest topic of the tech community. The blog is for the one who is looking for a job in this field. This blog has a great combination of editors and journalists who covers the newest updates and its fair share of criticism which gives an overview of every advancement.

MIT Technology Review – The relatable and accurate articles backed with scientific data helps in understanding the technological developments. The blog gives insight into how technological advancement can better our lives in the future. 

The Next Web – This Canadian blog was first launched as a conference. This blog is popular for its humorous posts and insightful articles specially designed for both the general audiences and people in the tech profession. It inspires readers to be futuristic and think beyond the traditional approach.

Usability Geek – This blog talks about leadership, innovation, and shares ideas to design tech products. This blog is a great place to learn about how to design a product, eliminating the guesswork from your project increases the efficiency of the readers.

Gizmodo  – This blog is popular for its short videos and high-quality articles with average reading time. It assists the readers with the product reviews explaining their features and excellent tips to build up your tech knowledge. This blog is a must-follow if you don’t want to miss the updates of the tech community.

Creative Bloq – This blog is exceptionally designed for web designers, whether it’s an article to boost up your creative ideas or tutorials to build up skills in web development, you have this blog covered with their free of cost webinars and short video tutorials, without any fail it is the best in the place when it comes to web development or designing.

 Life Hacker – This blog is overflowing with breaking news of technology and its advancement, whether it’s the newest app in the play-store, expert interviews, or the upcoming tech products. The blog is a true inspiration for tech enthusiasts and those who are in this profession. The reviews and comments on each of the development are a must-read.

Engadget – The gaming station is here, the blog talks about gaming, technology, and its effect on our lives. With relevant articles, this blog is always breaking the internet with excellent content whether it is pictures, articles, short videos, or interviews of business tycoons, it always takes the readers in awe. It also has a section for data science which is the new sensation of the tech community.

TechSpot – This blog is a great eye-opener, jam-packed with ideas. With more than 20 years this blog can be your last stop for the best tech blog, looking beyond the traditions and exploring the tech world which waits to change our society. With millions of followers, this blog leaves no stone unturned.

Kickstarter – This blog has funded popular projects around the world. It is well-known for its innovative ideas for web designing and the newest technologies you have never seen before. With millions of followers on social media, this user-friendly blog never fails to interest you and is a must-follow for tech junkies.

G2 Crowd – This blog helps navigate the readers through the technological developments with their expert articles which cover a wide range of news related to business, interviews, exceptionally designed for professionals helping them to grow their network. 

Futurism –This New York-based blog dives deep into technology to predict the future, providing the hottest news on the tech world it is popular in the space. The valuable information helps the readers to make sound business decisions. It also has an option for the subscribed newsletter which provides information from, well-known journalists.

Ars Technica – This art of technology blog is a combination of ideas and a realistic approach that focuses on the daily updates designed for tech geeks and professionals. The deep level of understanding of the tech world is reflected in the articles which are accessible to readers putting all information at their fingertips.

Venture Beat – This blog was first published in 2006, posting expert quality content, highlighting the needs of technology in our daily life and the breakthrough. It is a combination of media and tech news is a valuable resource for reviewers, developers, and the general audience.  

BGR – The product reviews and in-depth knowledge articles shared by the blog is breath-taking, covering almost 10 years with millions of followers this blog never fails to amuse the readers. The exclusive blog content is for mobile technology lovers and is a perfect place to keep yourself informed.

Blogging is a popular hobby that not even can boost your hobby skills but also an individual can earn money through it. A blog is a webpage where an individual can share their opinion and allow others to comment on them. Companies use blogs for promoting their products and services. A blog name is an essential part of the blog.

Clever tech blog names for you

Creative Tech

Digital Design

Net Electric

Tech Sys

Tech Load

Web Electric

Art Industry

Tech Computer

Digital System

Design Tech

Tech Industry

Digital Class

Tech Retail

Tech Click

Blog Code

Micro Pro

Virtual Soft

Data Core

Bit Source

Code Screen

Custom Ware

File Tech

Computer Tech

Tech Blog Names

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Internet User

Blog Database

Internet Core

Micro Logic

Core Run

Service Test

Dot Server

Research Tech

Test Digital

Multi Site

Software User

System Blog

Technical Tech

Hyper Electric

Media Forum

Hit Byte

System Client

Source Test

Chip Ram

Trends Net

Hardware Web

Server Build

Terminal Net

Source Display

Technique Tech

Output Tech

Byte System

Develop App

Automation Site

Feature Sys

Develop Bit

Science Technical

Interactive Portal

Tech Powered

Tech Expertise

Debug System

At every time of our life, we use technology, whether at work or at rest. Technology has made lives easy. Places far away have seemed to be closer. Due to technology, communication is fast, traveling became easy.

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Trending Tech Blog Names

Top Tech Pages Names

The work which has taken hours can be done within seconds today.  Due to technology, our standard of living has increased. Agriculture has also advanced and food production has been increased. The business growth has created more employment opportunities.

tech blogs and pages names

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