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655+ Best Celebrity Blogs and Pages Names

Many people have the hobby of collecting celebrity pictures, collecting celebrity videos, celebrity family information, etc. This hobby has made people so fascinated about celebrities and love to share their collections on celebrities.

Their love for celebrities has made them collect their information. Hence, most of these celebrity fans have created their personal blogs with such pictures, videos, and information.

Top 15 Celebrity Blogs of the world

ediTORIal- The blog is owned by Tori Spelling who is Beverly hills 90210’ actress. In her blog, she shares about decorating, her family, fashion, and entertainment life. You will find her pictures that are breathtaking and they are captioned with her balanced writings.

The Tig The blog is owned by Megan Markle who started in the famous TV show, Suits. She presents her viewers with food, travel, fashion, and beauty. She also puts some moments from the show as well as short interviews.

What the Chung The blog is owned by Jamie Chung. You will in her blog fins about her whereabouts, food, and the latest fashion she is following. She defines herself as an actress in the day and blogger at night.

Hello Giggles The blog is owned by Zooey Deschanel, the actress from the famous TV show, New Girl. The blog is in collaboration with Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi. She tries to create an only platform of positivity for people and talks about the issues that are faced in the workplace, style, and teens.

Amore and Vita- The blog is owned by the very famous actress of Pretty Little Lies, Shay Mitchell is a collaboration with her best friend Michaela Blaney. Her blog which means love and life talks about travel fashion and cuisine.

Whitney Port- The blogger is the former actress of The Hills and The City. She is now a well-established fashion designer and author. Her blog has a lot about her lifestyle and her fashion brand, Whitney Eve.

Olivia Palermo- The blogger is a famous fashion influencer who is often found on the covers of Elle and others. On her blog, you will find her show of style and design. Her collaboration with other designers can also be seen here.

Oh So Coco- The blog is owned by Coco Rocha who made her debut with Christian Lacroix. She tries to talk about the cruelty of the fashion world and tries to prevent and protect child models from any sort of exploitation.

Goop- The blog is owned by Gwenyth Paltrow who won Academy Awards. The blog focuses on travel, city guide, fashion, family, and such things.

Eminem- This blog of the famous American rapper, record producer, and actor uses this blog to promote social causes like AIDS foundation among others.

A blog is nothing but a webpage where an individual can upload their information to exhibit it to the world.

There are many advantages to a blog compared to a website. A blog allows the readers to comment on the information they are reading. Also, a blog always provides fresh information as it is updated regularly.

List of Impressive Celebrity Blog names Ideas

Star Kiss

Human Two

Lion Act

Bollywood Life


Celebrity Babies

Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity Insider



Star Brain

Star Lover

Human Lover

Spotlight Geek

Feature Crazy

Buzz Stalker

Human Buff

Name Rooter

Guy Amateur

Flagship Lover

Superstar Crazy

Fame Autograph

Feature Fond


Go Fug Yourself

Hello Magazine


Hollywood Life

Hollywood Rag

Lion Autograph

Spotlight Rooter

Name Follower

Famous Fond

Guy Buff

Stars Geek

Guy Crazy

Celebrity Craze

Legend Buff

Starlet Buff

Idol Stalker

Diva Rooter

Legend Geek

Celebrity Lover

Feature Rooter

Diva Geek

Star Chime

Flagship Roll

Feature Chatter

Phenom Blink

Limelight Chatter

Chatter Box

Celebrity Gossip

Star Whisper

Celebrity Jaw

Star Banter

Legendary Dirt

Iconic Gab

Known Waffle

Eminent ChitChat

Beloved Dirt

Glory Dude

Thrill Star

Limelight Stars

Honor Idol

Famous Publicity

Human Exposure

Idol Ads

Stars Press

Name Media

Limelight Blitz

Dude Fame

Star Frame

Public Star




Radar Online

Splash News

Celebrity Blog Names


The Bosh

Man Promotion

Star Trend

Human Vintage

Star wardrobe

Fame Tailor

Stylish Dude

Actor Charm

Star Fabrics

Famous Model

Flagship Pose

Famous Movies

Spotlight Fun

Fame Hall

Lion Scene

Buzz Fun

Film Fun

Star Humour

Stars Play

Buzz Scene

Fame Groove

Name Fun

Spotlight Jig

Celebrity Acro

Star Dance

Diva Show

Movie Time

Flagship Swing

Diva Factor

Celebrity Mastermind

Spotlight Talent

Wiz Feature

Prime Stars

Ace Superstar

Wizard Fame

Celebrity Pocket

Featured Tiara

Star Scarf

Diva Wear

Idol Gown

Star Photon

Legend Curtain

Idol Leading

Legend Gods

Featured Room

Star Shoot

Featured Cut

Diva Script

Phenom Take

Feature Zoom

Legend Movies

Dive Genre

Idol Flick

Star Screen

Celebrity Cartoons

Featured Show

Star Picture

Legend Drama

Feature Epic

Idol Musical

Spotlight Star

Diva Tale

Celebrity Short

Diva Replay

Feature Room

Idol Thrillers

Feature Reel

Celebrity Lens

Star Plots

Diva Actor

Legend Preview

Motion Pictures

Legend Romance

Idol Director

Star Talkie

Diva Dramas

Star Story

Legend Stuff

Publicity Cut

Oscar Shots

Celebrity Flow

Superstar Book

Star Dictionary

Idol Sort

Superstar Real

Man File

Guy View

Feature List

Buzz Pages

Star Standards

Fame Vector

Fame Trade

If you too are planning to start an Entertainment blog and are looking for some really catchy names for your blog, you are at the right place. So check out the Top Entertainment Blogs And Pages Names.

People love to gossip about celebrities, go to these blogs and enjoy the information on them. Also, they share the same with their family and friends.

This is why these blogs are getting popular and the blogs getting many hits which earn money for the blogger. Blogs have become a part of the businesses as they are used to promote the business.

Trending Celebrity Blog Names

Top Celebrity Pages Names Ideas

An individual uses a blog as a business and earns money through it. The contents we put on a blog should be interesting for the reader which can fetch some genuine readers to your blog. A blog name also should be catchy in order to impress readers.

-Hollywood Gaze  

-Hollywood Diva  

-Hollywood Maze

-Filmy World

-Hollywood Maze

-Stylish Babe

-Diva World

-Celebrity Corner

-Featured Show

-Star world

-Legend World

-Hollywood Hustle

-Idol Celebs

-Mr. Spotlight    

-Diva Tale

-Celebrity life

-Diva Talks

-Celebrity Room

-Celebrity Looks

-Superstar diary

-Hollywood Dictionary

-Idol Sort

-Hollywood Real

-Hollywood File

-Celeb View

-Feature Book

-Buzz Pages

-Hollywood Lite  

-Hollywood Diary

-Hollywood Gossips

-Spotlight Geek


-Hollywood Rag

-Splash Hollywood

-Model room

-Hollywood Basket

-Hollywood Hunt

-Hollywood House

-Hollywood Hours

-Hollywood Tale

-Star Book

-Hollywood Gossips

-Rainbow Hollywood

-The Fame Book

-The Fame Room

-Babe Hollywood

-Diva Story

-Scoop of Hollywood

-90s Signal

-Celeb neat  

-Celeb Tweet

-Fashion Diva

-The Hollywood Series

-The Hollywood Series

-Celeb Rumours

-Celebrity Shorts  

-The Fashion Diva  

-Celebrity Snuggle

-Celeb Telly

-Hollywood Talky  

-The Celebrity Tweaks

-The X factor

-Celebrity Corner

-Hollywood Bizness

-The Hollywood Patner

-Hollywood Hits

-Hollywood Hots

-Celebrity Secrets

-The Hollywood Rants

Celebrity Pages Names

-Hollywood Beta

-Hollywood Bites  

-Glamour Maze

-The Glamour Diva

-The Furious Celeb

-The Upcoming Diva

-The Sensational Diva


-Limelight Gaze

-Hollywood Runway

-Hollywood 13

-Celeb World

-Hollywood Scribbling

-The Dream Celeb

-Hollywood Misfits  

-Few Moments

-Too Many Glamorous

-Born in Glam World

-Hollywood Zest  

-Hollywood Blends

-Mystical Hollywood

-Celeb Motivation

-Hollywood Bliss

-Embracing Diva  

-The Hollywood Charm  

-The Hollywood Charm  

-Celebrity Charm  

-Embrace The Celebrity

-The Celebrity Blog  

-The Celebrity Hustle

-The Iconic Diva  

-Hollywood Visionary

-Blog Hollywood

-The Unwind Luxury

-The Hollywood Hustle

-The Uplifting Diva  

-Style Diva  

-The Style Celeb

-Diva Company

-Blog Diva

-The Socialite World

-The Fame World

-The Glam Dairies

-Sneak Peak To Hollywood

-80s world

-The Lavish World  

-Blogging Celebs  

-Our Glam World

-The Celebrity Lifestyle

-Blissful Diva

-Hollywood Carnet

-The Style Spot  

-The Fashion World

-The Hollywood Collaborate

-The Livelihood Hollywood

-The Luxurious Corner

-Fame Name & Glamour

-The Spotlight Roof  

-Blog Glam

-The Stunning Corner

-Lavish Hollywood

-The Modern Hollywood

-The Celeb Profession

-Glam it

-The Glam Land  

-The Raw Hollywood

-The Fashion Land  

-The Ascetic Room

-The Perfect Diva  

-Imperfectly Perfect World  

-Celeb Town

-Pro Glamour  

-The Modest House

-The Fame House

-Dream Diva

-Uplift Diva  

-Little Glam  

-Healthy Styling

-Dream Diary

-Dream Hollywood

-The Celebrity Content

-Celeb Hosting

-Daily Glamour

-Basic Hollywood

Trending Celebrity Pages Names

-Diary Dash

-The Classic Hollywood

-Shine On Hollywood

-The Hollywood Consume

-Hustling Glam  

-The Cold Side  

-The Retro Diva

-Wholesome Hollywood

-The Summer Night Tale

-A Fine Diva

-Urban Classic

-Fantastic Hollywood

-Express Hollywood

-Blog Babe  

-Blogging Queen

-Celeb Goals  

-Wander Celeb  

-The Lazy Side  

-Hollywood Journey

-The Unplanned Road  

-Hollywood Journal

-Influencia Diva  

-The Hustling Diva

-Hollywood Dany

-Hollywood Stardom

-Mr Hollywood

Are you an aspiring blogger and looking to start a Gossip-related blog? So check out the Gossip Blogs And Pages Names.

-The smiling Diva  

-Hollywood Amaze  

– A spy to Hollywood  

-Tales of Hollywood

-Daily Glamour  

-Got by Hollywood

-The Hollywood Like  

-Hollywood Charms

-Flawless Diva

-The surviving Hollywood

-Under the Heels  

-Under The Desk of Hollywood

-The Glam Sandal

-Hollywood Swings

-Hollywood Trunk

-The Hollywood Hole  

-Hollywood Lite

-Lights on Hollywood

-Under The Lights of Glam

-The Hollywood Boot  

-The Glamour Sufferings

-The Magical World

-The Magic of Glamour

-Glamour Range  

-The Infinity World  

-Glamour Display

-Forever Young  

-Glamour Life  

-Basic Hollywood

-Style Life  

-Hollywood Books  

-Hollywood Dictionary

-The Little Hollywood

-The Hollywood Craze  

-Hollywood Outlook

-Celebrity Outlet

-Inspiring Hollywood

-Hollywood Bits  

-Retro Glam

-The Healthy Hollywood

-Glam Gaze  

-The Hollywood Secret

-The Unstable Glamour

-Real Glamour

-Hollywood Glance

-Carefree Corner

-Secret Celeb

-Daily Celeb

-Just Celeb

-Celebrity Audio

-The Celebrity Content

-Celeb it


-Co Celeb Lifestyle

-Celeb Go

-Wander Celeb

-Celebrity Garden

-The Celeb Town

-The Celeb Crack

-The Celeb Talks

-Hollywood Talkies

-Celeb Favorites

-Hollywood Joys  

-Celeb Daily

-Celeb Enterprise

-Celeb Buddy

-Hollywood Mess

-Celeb Wonder

-Hollywood Buddies

-The Urban Celeb  

-Celeb Latest Updates

-Celeb Snaps

-Flex it like Diva

-Buzzing Celeb buddy

-Celeb Reality Checkpoint

-Flexing the Fame

-Frames of Fame

-Your Celebrity Hub

-Hollywood Mania

-Oscar Jury

celebrity blog names

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