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135+ Best Cholesterol Awareness Slogans and Sayings

Cholesterol has become a household name with a dreaded impression. But most people seem to be unaware about what cholesterol actually is.

Cholesterol is a sterol, or a type of lipid, that is found in blood. It is waxy and is derived from fats present in the food we eat.

Cholesterol is very important for the human body as because it helps in the building of new cells, and acts as a precursor to the synthesis of vitamin D, bile and other steroids.

Best Cholesterol Awareness Slogans

  • Keep your heart healthy
  •  Spread the word
  • Ditch the oil
  • Your heart needs to be healthy 
  • Get a check-up today 
  • Too much of anything is bad
  • Bring down the levels
  • Eat the healthy stuff
  • Live the good life
  • Eat more greens, live more

It is synthesized in the body of all animals, including humans, and is a structural component of our cell membrane.

As we can see, cholesterol is important to the human body but at excess levels, it proves to be harmful as because it supposedly leads to atherosclerosis which can further lead to further ailments such as heart disease, stroke, thickening of the walls of the blood vessels, etc.

Regulating cholesterol levels has become a big part of modern medicine and dietary plans. So awareness about it is necessary.

List of Catchy Cholesterol Awareness Slogans:

Cholesterol awareness is the first step in smartness.

People unite! It is cholesterol against which we must fight!

Control fat, control your life.

Your brain hates cholesterol. You should too.

Safe and healthy cholesterol means safe and healthy life.

Eat vegetables. They are your heart’s friends.

Let your heart beat without any trouble.

Exercising is the key to a fitter and healthier life.

Get your cholesterol levels checked now!

Too much of anything is harmful. So it is for cholesterol.

For a healthy heart, control your cholesterol.

Do not clog your blood vessels. Stay away from cholesterol.

No more cholesterol if you eat vegetables more.

Good fat gives good cholesterol.

A healthy world today will mean a healthy world tomorrow.

Eat safe. Eat healthy. Live long.

Vegetables are the savior of your heart.

Too much cholesterol is your enemy.

Reduce fat intake for reduced cholesterol levels.

A better tomorrow starts with a healthy diet.

A good diet goes a long way.

A fat free diet frees you from cholesterol.

Listen to what your heart needs.

If you give chance to this lipid, your heart will be livid.

Save your veins and arteries from clogging up!

Stop your heart getting too fat.

A healthy heart keeps you going. Less fat keeps that heart going.

cholesterol awareness slogans

Do not just go for fat! Go for unsaturated fat!

For a healthier tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

Keep calm and keep working out.

A balanced diet takes care of you.

Eat well, eat healthy, eat responsibly.

Do not clog your arteries yet!

Cut the cholesterol. Cut the harm.

A healthy living starts with a healthy diet.

Let us not please get a heart disease!

Beware of cholesterol!

Eaters beware! You are in for a blood scare!

Fruits and veggies are the real deal!

Lay off the cholesterol!

Stay away from cholesterol and live without worries.

Love yourself. Love fats less.

Eat less fats. You will regret it less.

Let us promise to keep our hearts safe.

Do not drive your heart crazy with cholesterol so quickly!

Cholesterol can kill. If you are not careful, it will.

You need a stroke of luck, not a stroke in the brain.

Take it easy. Ease off the rich foods.

An hour of exercise a day keeps excess cholesterol away!

Eat to your heart’s desire, not its harm.

Cholesterol is a burden to your heart.

The key to longevity lies in your food.

Too much cholesterol will kill you, if you cannot make up your mind.

Take it easy with all that fat!

Always get your cholesterol levels checked!

Heart disease must be beat, so that our hearts can beat.

Consult your doctor about your cholesterol level right now!

Do not jam up your blood vessels.

It is our right to give cholesterol a fight!

I hope you are keeping your cholesterol levels in check!

Increase happiness, not cholesterol!

Cholesterol gives life but can take it away too!

Make sure to have a balanced diet regularly.

Cut down on fatty foods for a healthier heart.

Too much cholesterol makes your strong heart weak.

You cannot take pressure. Do you think your heart can?

Believe in good food and you will be healthier.

Happier you starts with a happier heart.

Running everyday keeps bad cholesterol at bay.

Fruits and vegetables make your body jump with joy.

Do not give cholesterol any chance and your whole body will dance.

We are here heart to heart to look after our hearts.

Unsaturated fat is the real underdog in health.

Get stuffed up on good nutrients!

What you eat tells how you look after your body.

Spare animals and you will spare your heart from much misery.

If you care, to eat meat you will not dare.

To keep the health of the future good, you have to be healthy today.

Your heart should be full of laughter and not cholesterol.

Live life a king with a big and healthy heart.

Take care of your heart like it takes care of you.

Health is wealth and the heart is its treasury.

Let your heart be stolen by love and not by cholesterol.

Affairs of the heart seem to include cholesterol these days.

Care about your heart as you would for a loved one.

High levels of cholesterol will take its toll.

Keep running and you can outrun cholesterol!

Keep heating but make sure your heart keeps beating!

Saturated fats are the real killers.

Take it easy on your heart when it comes to food.

Atherosclerosis! It is as scary as it sounds!

Your high blood pressure is caused by cholesterol.

Do not let your blood get waxy!

Be sensible about your cardiac health!

Wave fats bye-bye if you do not want to die.

Start a good fitness regime today!

A healthy heart beats for you.

Do not beat your heart into surrendering.

Cholesterol is your heart’s enemy and you are your heart’s friend.

The fight against cholesterol will continue!

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