6 Reasons Why Choose Brown color in your logo

You might be thinking of brown to be your logo color. Although some individuals see brown to be somewhat monotonous or dull, brown has the ability to be an astonishingly strong color choice when it comes to logo design, conveying strength, quality, honesty, and reliability. However, prior to talking about the brown color in depth, we are going to take a look at some of the basics.

The business logo of yours happens to be an integral part of the foundation of your brand. The clients are going to make a significant visual connection in their minds while thinking of your services or products. It has been revealed by research that a notable positive effect can be created by corporate logos on the commitment of customers to a particular brand and also on the performance of the company.

It appears that a brand will be able to realize deeper connections between brands and customers in case it is able to successfully incorporate their benefits and values into the design of the logo.


Color has to be your final decision

The major part of the logo design must be complete already in case you are thinking regarding color. However, designing logos can be somewhat more complicated than you might realize in case you are getting started. It is important to comprehend your audience, research the industry, and also give priority to the principles of your company prior to the commencement of the designing process.

You will require considering the type and style of logos after deciding what you’d like your logo to convey exactly. 

  • Are you going to select a combination mark, a word mark, or any emblem-type logo? 
  • An important decision is going to be the font selection. 
  • It is important for every creative element to reflect your brand’s personality and also work harmoniously for revealing who you happen to be, what is done by you, and how it is done by you.

One of your final decisions will be to decide the color. Black and white might be a suitable color for a strong logo. Make it a point to build your design without any color initially and once it is time to decide the colors, take into consideration what story you’d like your logo to convey.


Choosing Brown

Colors are responsible for evoking emotions within us although we might not be conscious of it. As per a particular study, colors become more compelling once the client feels that it is the perfect fit for his brand.

When talking about brown, we can say that it helps to communicate masculinity, ruggedness, strength, seriousness, nature, and earth. Besides being practical, it can likewise convey a level of sophistication. We often associated brown with wholesome, all-natural, or organic products due to its “outdoorsy” feeling.

Try to keep the audience in your mind while choosing a color for the logo of yours and also the emotions which you like to convey. Brown will be able to evoke the feelings of support, reliability, structure, trustworthiness, as well as stability. Try to think of associations with chocolate, dark beers, or coffee.


Summing UP

Brown is a color, which is extremely stabilizing and confident. Brown might be your preferred color in case your brand personality is practical and has got a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Moreover, it can be your appropriate color in case your target audience does value quality, wholesomeness, and stability.

It is of prime importance to comprehend the audience and what is being valued by them and this will help you to choose the proper brand color for your company.


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