58+ Best Cocktail Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Spread your eternal love and joy, with some cocktails, delicious food and your friends and colleagues. Party is all about fun and gift giving and enjoying amongst friends and family with various delicacies.

Moreover, winter holidays are almost here, and there are many reasons to celebrate this season! Hosting a cocktail party is a wonderful way to get your friends and family together for some fun festivities.

These Cocktail quotes and inspirational holiday messages beautifully sum up the spirit of the season. Picking the right holiday party invitation wording is important because it sets the tone for your event and lets your guests know how to plan for your party.

Cocktail Party Invitation wordings:

  • Celebrate the season with us with cocktail and more! You are cordially invited to a holiday party for family and friends.
  • We are hosting a holiday open house, we hope you’ll join us!
  • Cheers! Please join us for an evening of festive drinks and merry-making.
  • Home for the holidays? Come visit us for a family celebration in our cocktail party at (party venue) on (time)!

_Mix and mingle, join us for cocktails and nibbles in this season to celebrate the Festival and new year.

_Merry everything, happy always! Come celebrate the Christmas cocktail party with us!

_Eat, drink and be merry! Come celebrate this Festival with us with some drinks and delicacies!

_Deck the halls! You are invited to a winter soiree for celebrating this Festival with us.

_This is the season to wine and dine. Come join us and the make this evening fine. 

_Let it snow! You’re invited for cocktail delicacies at (party venue) on (time).

_Festival comes but once a year, let’s celebrate this day with some holiday cheer!

_Whether you have been naughty or nice, we will have one for you waiting on ice. Celebrate this Festival eve with us.

_Santa is here! And he wants you here. We are expecting you tonight. Celebrate this evening with us!

_Our house is so cool it needs to be warmed this Festival! You are invited to a little get together this Festival with some cocktail and more!

_Snowfall is in the Air! So let’s get together for a Winter affair. We will raise a glass and toast the season good friends are a must this Festival season!

_This the season for some holiday fun. Think of all the shopping we’ve done. But before we start baking all our homemade treats

_Let’s get together for some holiday cheer and eats! See you tonight at _________ on ____________.

_We cordially invite you to a holiday dinner party! Celebrate the holidays with dear friends and cheer. Hors d’oevures, cocktails and dancing

_This the season… For good friends and family. To come together and enjoy some holiday merriment, please join us for a Festive brunch.

_this the season soiree! Please come for Food, fun and frolicking at (party venue) at (time). Your presence is heartily expected!

_Deck our halls! Join us for an evening of Tree decorating, festive drinks And general merry making!

_The tree is adorned, The halls are decked, The eggnog is spiked, The only thing missing Is you!

_For our family and friends we are truly grateful, Please join us for a holiday celebration

_Under the stars, beneath the moon, Will be a Holiday party you won’t forget soon.

_ we have arranged a party for all so full of cheer. A room full of people we all hold dear. So join us for this seasonal celebration.

_Forget all your sorrows, worries, frustration. A toast to the season and don’t you forget. This party invitation means it’s winter vacation

_Let’s pop the champagne. We have good reason. It’s holiday time, And we are celebrating the season!

_this is the season to don festive holiday dress, We’d be so elated if you’d be our guest, Join us for our annual holiday soiree, Please rsvp soon, don’t delay!

_Let us celebrate this season of joy! Join us for our annual holiday party with some cocktail and more.

_Oh by gosh by golly, this the season to be jolly, Come deck the halls and be merry and We’ll celebrate ’til January!

_The holiday season is so jolly, You are invited to our festive holiday party Join us for holiday fun and cheer, Let us toast to Festiva and the new year!

_Let us celebrate the season’s blessings! Join us for a holiday party! Jingle bells! Can you tell? It’s that time of year

_Gather all your friends so dear and join us for some cheer! We request the honor of your presence at our holiday party

_Happy holidays! Join us for a celebration the winter season and the magic of the holidays

_Jingles jangles, stars and angels, Festival time is near, Gather round lend an ear it’s time for holiday cheer!

_This time of year is special please fill our hearts with glee And join us for this holiday celebration ’round the tree!

_Though holidays mean joy to most others may feel stressed, To you we ask if indeed you will kindly be our guest, Join us during this Festive season. 

_if, for no other reason Then to drink a toast to you and me and gaze upon the Christmas tree!

_It wouldn’t be Best Festival without you in our home! Please join us for Dinner on Saturday, December 17th at 7:00 p.m.

_Each Festival comes but once a year, let’s get together for some holiday cheer! Cocktails and Appetizers . Saturday, December 13th, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

_Festival… a time of reflection, a time for good cheer, a time for friends and family, during a special time of the year! You and your guest are cordially invited to our Annual Cocktail Party.

_You are invited for some holiday cheer to celebrate this special time of year! Friday, December 20th 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

_May the warmth of hearth and home fill your hearts with joy this holiday season! Please join us for a Merry Holiday Gathering on Sunday, December 21st at 6:30 p.m.

_Good friends & good cheer, it’s that time of the year! Please be our guest at a Cocktail Party on Saturday, December 21, 2019.

_Set your sights on Christmas lights and eggnog ‘round the tree! Please join us for a night of fun at our annual “Festival Celebration” Sunday, December 16th.

_Grab all your gum drops and your peppermint sticks, your gingerbread recipe and your little bag of tricks! Join us for a Gingerbread Holiday Party Saturday, December 15th 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

_The decorations are up, There’s snow on the ground, Now all we need is good neighbours gathered ’round! You are invited for some holiday cheer to celebrate this time of year! 

_We have not noticed, It is that time of the year, Because we have been busy in the office. But  now we can eat some goodies, With our officemates—how lovely! You are invited to a Cocktail party! Be there—along with gifts!

_ Come let us have a Cocktail party to have Spirit for Christmas Spirit. Come and let us enjoy the cocktails and some awesome delicacies.

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What to write in a Cocktail party invitation?

  • Offer them season’s greetings
  • Let them know you are willing to spend the holidays together 
  • Mention the reason for hosting the party 
  • Make them feel welcome

How to respond to a Cocktail party invitation?

  • Send warm greetings positively 
  • Send in an RSVP on time 
  • Mention how excited you are 
  • Thank them for inviting you

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