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84+ Best Client Puns and Funny Quotes

It is a fact that clients are going to make a business in the long run. A business sans clients has no meaning and customer satisfaction happens to be one of main components of a successful business. Here, we have mentioned some interesting client puns that should help you to smile heartily.

Client Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Being a doctor, I have lost most of my clients for shouting at them for being too late.

It is a fact; I don’t have any patients.

  • Have you heard of the doctor who went on shouting at his clients?

He ended up losing all his patients.

  • The lawyer said that his client was trapped within a penny. He further added that he is in a cent!

_I asked the magic 8-ball regarding which email client should I use. It said me that Outlook was not that good.

_Electrician detained for compelling hairdressers to provide their clients with mohawks.

According to the victims, it had been a shocking and hair-raising experience.

_Why was the photographer unable to get any clients?

Because of image problems.

_What was told by the countertop maker to his client?

They stay behind their products.

_I inquired the magic 8-ball regarding what it thought about the email clients.

It told me that Outlook was not that good.

_One client of mine told this joke to me.

The difference between a middle-aged individual within a Porsche and a porcupine is that the porcupine has got pricks on the exterior.

_My client told me that he was unable to locate his ice cube CD.

I asked whether anything has become damaged once it melted.

_When I told the client that I happen to be a graphic designer, he asked me how much field work have I got. 

I told him that I did not have any and I liked to do work at my desk.

_Have you heard about the lawyer who became lost along with one client on a camping trip?

He had been located with criminal in-tent.

_Facebook is prepared to introduce its personal webmail client.

Emails are going to be labeled as “Mark has read”.

_I helped a client today and was ousted from my job.

Apparently, you should not provide suggestions on how to die once they contact you at the Suicide Helpline number.

_Today while watching the news I observed that my closest mechanic had been a drug seller.

That was horrible because he had been my client for quite some time and I realized only today that he was able to repair my vehicle.

_What is told by the receptionist at the sperm bank while the clients are leaving?

Thanks a lot for coming.

_How can you differentiate between a client, a customer, and a patient?

I get $10 every hour if I have customers, $100 every hour if I have clients and $1000 every hour in case I have patients. 

_A male client of mine jumped on me today and started to lick me. 

It is OK given that I work at a vet.

_The client was asked by the barber regarding how he wanted his hair cut.

The client answered “in silence”.

_One of the clients was killed by the yoga instructor.

The murder had been premeditated.

_The police detained a shady exterminator who released pests into the homes of the clients.

 He was caught by them fleaing the scene.

_A client said to me that he had some queries regarding carcinogens in his residence.

I said to him that I will try to reply asbestos I can.

_For what reason the psychic turn down her client?

Since she had been offered only a penny for her thoughts.

_I have begun a hair removal or waxing business, and I made the decision to take only female clients right now.

I do not want to become crazy right away.

_What was told by the financial adviser to his client inquiring whether glass coffins had been a proper investment.

It has to be seen.

_Which fruit is able to defend the clients within the juridical system?


_How is it possible for the Cheese Detective to select his clients?

In a queso by queso manner.

_What is a marijuana shop owner going to call his clients?


_I flogged the client of another dominatrix by accident.

Oops, incorrect sub.

_A barber got arrested in my locality for being a dealer in drugs.

I had been his client for quite some time, and did not have any clue that he had been a barber.

_What is told to his clients by an amateur real estate agent of Mexico?

Hey watch, homes.

_The waiter said to the client that he was sorry regarding his weight.

The client told that it was not long whatsoever and the waiter giggles.

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