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Coastal Clean-Up Day: 68+ Greetings, Messages, and Quotes

International coastal clean-up day is mainly celebrated on the third Saturday in September. It was first started in 1986 by Linda Maraniss and Kathy O Hara in the USA. They worked to save and clean the oceans, rivers along with 2800 volunteers. 


-Make it competitive family reunion by competing who cleans the most trash.

-The sea may not be mine but the planet is mine and I will save it. Happy international coastal cleanup day.

-Keep your trash with you, they are oceans not dustbins.

-Trash looks good in dustbins and oceans looks good with marine life.

-Save oceans before it’s too late. Happy International Coastal Cleanup Day.

-Be a volunteer to save the ocean.

-Be a savior of innocent lives. Happy international coastal clean-up day.

-We can make home wherever we want but not marine animals they have only one ocean save it.

-When you throw your trash in ocean you are killing a life.

-Want to be a hero, clean the ocean. Happy international coastal cleanup day.

-Not all heroes wear cap, some wear gloves and carry a trash bag to clean ocean.

-Imagine someone throwing their trash in your home, will you like it.

-You are never too small to form a difference.

-Your trash in not someone’s responsibility.

-No one likes their home dirty. Wishing everyone a very happy international coastal cleanup day.

-Be the voice of voiceless, they have no one to ask help. Happy international coastal cleanup day.

-God has given you hands and brain use them wisely. Happy international coastal cleanup day.

-Be wise, keep your surroundings clean and oceans fresh.

-None likes their home messed up. Happy international coastal cleanup day.

-The ocean give us water and salt, let us return the favor by cleaning it.

-Let marine animals know you are their savior.

-Make sure we are the last generation to clean the trash. Happy international coastal cleanup day.

-Make sure when marine animals return to their home it’s clean. Happy international cleanup day.

-Remember what goes around comes around if you give trash you will get the trash.

-It will take 10 seconds to throw trash in ocean and 20 seconds to throw in dustbin, later one will not cause any much harm.

-We all have the chance to be superhero, by just not throwing trash in ocean. Happy international coastal cleanup day.

-Our previous generation had given us clean oceans make sure when you pass it to next generation they have water not trash.

-To save the marine life skip the use of plastic items.

-When leaving the beach leave your footprints and take the trash. Happy international coastal cleanup day.


-Marine trash is not a local issue but a global issue.

-Marine trash did not see political or geographical differences before entering your home.

-Make sure the end point of trash is dustbin not the ocean.

-If you are a tourist do you leave your belonging back, then why to leave trash?

-No one but you should be responsible for your trash.

-Be wise don’t be a villain by polluting the ocean.

-No one likes to be chocked by trash.

-Animals don’t know the difference between trash and food, they eat the trash thinking food which leads to death. Just to save your few seconds don’t take someone’s life. They have family too.

-Trash is like a karma it don’t degraded instead travels through food chain and ultimately reaches you again.

-Most common trash found were plastic bottles, cigrates, clothes etc.

-Always follow a proper way to dispose the garbage.

-Don’t make the ocean your dumping ground.

-Be a wise human, earth is meant for all.

-Learn to take the responsibilities of your actions.

-If you want to be healthy keep your surroundings clean.

-Leave your memories behind no your trash.

-Be the hero that world needs.

-Stop the next pandemic before it occurs because of trash.

-Be the generation of doers not watchers.

-Be the change that you want to see.

-In this job empathy is the only skill required.

-If you care show it through your actions.

-If you want to see the beauty of oceans remove the trash and find the treasure of breathe taking scenes.

-Don’t keep on looking at the trash instead remove it.

-Ocean is meant to be filled with water don’t fill it with your trash.

-Be aware before it’s too late.

-Next time when you go to the beach what would you like to see, clean water or ocean of plastic choose wisely.

-How do you want your future kids to learn about marine life by only seeing in book or by actually feeling them? 

-No one likes their home dirty not even marine animals.

-Your trash will not only confined to your area remember that.

-There are animals which don’t the difference between trash and food, mistakenly they can eat trash thinking food leading to death, so don’t be murderer.

-Instead to find another planet why don’t we save this earth?

-Be the generation to find and use alternative of plastics so that next generation can focus to save earth.

-Be a generation to be a part of solution creators not pollution creators.

-Ban plastic, save lives.

– You don’t have to be a doctor to heal the ocean.

-When the oceans will dry up, earth will become barren then we realize we cannot eat and drink money.

-Ocean give us salt, shells, water, marine life by saving it cleaning this is the least we can do to return the favors.

-Once you treat earth as your own home, you will no longer be able to destroy it with trash.

-See a trash, pick it up, and put it in garbage bag because looking at the trash is no longer going to work.

Coastal Clean up Wishes:

-Don’t turn oceans into dustbins. Take the initiative on this Coastal Clean-Up Day to clean the seas. 

-There’s nothing to be wrong to be a volunteer to clean the ocean. Let’s take an oath on this Coastal Clean-Up Day to create awareness, among others. 

-Ocean is a home of several innocent lives. Please don’t spoil it with your stupid trash. It looks good in dustbins—happy coastal clean-up day.

-It’s the duty of humans to save the creature of the seas by cleaning it. So, let’s take a pledge to keep them. 

-Whenever you throw something in the ocean, remember you become the murderer. Because the sea is not just an ocean but its home of sea animals. Think about it!

-We have many places to build our homes, but marine animals have only one place, so keep it clean to save them. 

-Want to be a legend? Clean the sea! Happy Coastal Clean-Up Day. 

-You are never too late to start social work. SAVE THE MARINE LIFE by keeping it clean. 

-You don’t need a team or a lot of equipment to clean the ocean. All you need a good spirit and determination. C’mon! Go and make the difference!

-Our environment is our responsibility. Don’t wait for others, come ahead, and create history. 

-Spread the message of cleanliness and be an inspiration for others. 


  • When we realize we can make a buck cleaning environment it will be done.- By Dennis Weaver 
  • The strongest government on earth cannot clean the environment they rely on ordinary people like you and me to save the environment. -By Chai Jing
  • When the wells will be dry we will know the value of water. -By Benjamin Franklin
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