465+ Catchy Commercial Painting Company Names

Mainly Commercial Painting training classes for Employees is small but a profitable business to begin with especially for ambitious Persons. Very good and lucrative based business opportunity.

Train yourself in the following areas and include all this in your curriculum,

Colors and brushes – Mainly improve your knowledge about all types of color mediums like crayons, oil pastels, watercolors, pencil colors, soft pastels, paints, and learn about round and flat brushes and their differences.

Shading – Always learn basic shading and coloring of the level that kids require. So, begin with pencil shading first and then go for coloring. From the 3-7 yrs age group there is hardly any shading required.

Investment – If you will start classes at your home it will be the best idea as no investment is required for the place.

Mainly second is the infrastructure where you need to purchase tables and chairs, some colors, shelves with some drawing books, and display some of your art and craftwork.

Location – There are 3-4 ways to choose your location. Best if you can start from your home otherwise rent a room in a potential place that is highly populated. You can also share space with some already established coaching centers or playschools.

Mainly choose a name – Keep a catchy name of your art schools like colors, color palette, or pencil and scissors or name of any famous cartoon character or mainly choose a more intelligent name like Virtuoso, little artist, strokes and cuts, etc.

Advertise – People will come to know about your center only through advertising, so distribute pamphlets, display ads on books stores and stationery stores.

Give advertisements in newspapers and advertise on the internet so that more and more people know about your center.

Hire Good Staff – Once your business is doing well and you are not able to take all the classes yourself, hire outside Workers on monthly basis.

Keep polishing your art skills – Basically, painting has so much to learn that more is less. So keep learning more and more art and craft techniques and forms and keep mastering your skills.

Real ways to name your business

Naming has become an incredibly difficult, competitive business. If you think of a name, it’s likely taken. If it’s not taken, the URL is.

And don’t even get me started on trademarks. Then there’s the subjectivity of naming — even if you love the name you come up with, you won’t have to go far to find someone who DESPISES it.

Product characteristics

Think about the product (or services) you’re selling; how would you describe it? Let’s start with an example together. Mainly any you’re selling something tangible, like skincare products.

When you describe the products, you’ll likely lean on more physical characteristics, such as “gentle,” “healing,” or “pure.”

Themes/word mapping

After pulling together your initial list, the next thing you’ll want to do is group them into similar categories before brainstorming further. Even if I know the word or idea won’t be used, it’s important to record it, and keep it for a later review.

Real story elements

Almost every business, from large corporations to startups, has a story. It may not always be the most interesting story in the world, but it’s real, and that’s what people are interested in.

Existing Commercial Painting Business names in US

  • Surburban Paint Company
  • David’s Cleaning & Painting Company
  • United Virginia Painting Company
  • Seton Painting Company
  • Southern Pennsylvania Painting
  • 3M Painting Company
  • Anibal Guevara Painting
  • TJ’s Painting Company
  • Haas Painting Company
  • Arizona Painting Company
  • Coastal Painting Company
  • A&K Painting Company
  • RB Painting Company,
  • Mountain Painting Company
  • Versatile Painting Company
  • Celtic Painting Company
  • Nevada Painting Company
  • STB Painting Company
  • Orlando Painting Company
  • Scott’s Painting Company
  • Nashville Painting Company
  • Nova Painting Company
  • Wildcat Painting Company

Best Commercial Painting Business Names Ideas for startups

Every Commercial Paint Company entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

Cosmic Palette Pros


 SkyVibe Painting

 Brushing Pride

 Fresh Look


 Providence Paint Company

 Paint and Ladders

 Durapro Painting Co

 White Glove Commercial Painting

 A Million Brushes


 Mint Tint Paint

 Cosmopology Paint

 Viberant Floor

 Ladder Up Paint Company


Epic Paint Solutions

 Town Painters

 Pinnacleology Paint Company

 Prime Paint Company

 Patches Paint Compnay

 Paradigm Paint

 DaVinci dew

 paintcorp paint company

 ColorScapes Painting Co.

 Painters Whirled

Master Colored



 Coverclad Painting

 Prime & Coat



 Advance Colo Coating

 Imperial Paint

Primed Painters

 InsideOut Paint Co.

 Color Schemes


 Painter’s Palette

 The Final Touch Paint Company

 ProCure Paint

 Tint Nation

 Chief Painting


If you are planning to start a face painting company, the first step is to pick an attractive name. Check out the best face painting company names ideas.



 Your Vision Paint Services



 Paint Savvy

 Paint Fancy


 On Brush Vibe

 Living Color Painting


 World Palette


 Superior Painting Solutions


 AccentCommercial Painters

 Paramount Painters

 Finishing Touch

 Platinum Paint

 ProCoats Paint Co.



 Classique Paint



 Image Enhancers

 Buttermilk Paint


 Radical Paint Pros

 Prolific Paint Ovations



 Uber Painting

 The Paint Board

Paintstone LTD

 Paint The Planet

 Rain Coat Paint Company

 Paint Suite Encorium

 Prime Painting

 Whirled Paint

 The Prestigue Brush

 EliteCoats Paint


 In Spire Paint

 Saints of Paint

 Everest Painting 

 ColorView Commercial Painting Co.



 CharloKote Paint

 Primo Paint Company

 Steeple Paint Company

 Painted Perfection

 Let’s Get Rolling Paint Company

catchy Commercial Painting Company Names Ideas

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For commercial paint company names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Following are some catchy commercial paint company names ideas.

 corpaint paint company

 Cosmix Paint



 Zinnia Colorific Paint

 Key Colors

Admire hands Commercial Painting

Exotic paintings

Abstract artists Commercial Painting

Pencil buddy

Draw uNique Commercial Painting

Creative cups

Art valley

Creative trails

Arty crew

Fusion hands

Happy arts Commercial Painting

North block

Pebble stone Commercial Painting

Retro moon

Vibrant dash

Whole vivid Commercial Painting

Well virgin


Pencil surprises

Paper dash

Great hands

Cassa create

Happy pixels Commercial Painting

Wood wish Commercial Painting


Brush & colours

Spring style Commercial Painting

Dazzle dale

Arty thread Commercial Painting

Blue rock

North elux Commercial Painting

Rare kind Commercial Painting

Dark aura

Steve star

Urban space


Creative surf

Rockwish Commercial Painting

Creative clap

Happy cave Commercial Painting

Creative dive

Paper Smith

Grephyte ideas

It’s my turn

Urban creativity

Creative twist

My legacy

Little hands

Good crafted

Solo soul Commercial Painting

Artistic dots Commercial Painting

Creative matters

Pencil beats

Creative thrives

Looking for more? So check out the top painting blogs and pages names.

Artyscales Commercial Painting

Happy hands

Craft klips

Artistic treats

Smart Monkey

Thrill fill

Pencil edge Commercial Painting

Angel Freddy

Art secrets Commercial Painting

Art essence

Black wind

Art even

Eclate arts

Royal springs

Ideolix arts

Crazy frogs Commercial Painting

Pencil bliss

Vibrant dash

Ellen za Commercial Painting


Hope buddy

Arty scales Commercial Painting

Art only Commercial Painting

Urban corner

Pencil beats

Daisy arts

Creative tales Commercial Painting

 Paint on Demand

 Masters Paint Company

 1st Class Paint Ovations


 Paint On Co.

 Charlotte’s FirstCall 

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Here is the infographic which gives you more tips to do paint like a pro. Check the below infographic for more insight on the painting business.

commercial paint like a pro

Source: Capetown-painters.Com

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