45+ Great Communist Sayings and Quotes

Psychology Sayings and Quotes 45+ Great Communist Sayings and Quotes

45+ Great Communist Sayings and Quotes

In the social and political sciences, communism happens to be a movement having the ultimate objective of establishing a communist society. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned a few of the great Communist sayings for motivating you.

Great Communist Sayings and Quotes

  • Any war happens to be a bad war that needs the suspension of reasoning as a requirement for backup.
  • Due to the dreadfulness of Communism, Stalinism does not imply that bad things are done by bad people – in fact, this is always done by them. However, the fact is that lots of horrible things are performed by good people who are of the notion that they are actually doing something nice.
  • Civil government has been built to defend the affluent people against the downtrodden.
  • Civil government has been instituted for safeguarding people with some property against those that don’t have anything at all.
  • The primary intention of the civil government will be to protect the property of the rich and affluent class from those who have been deprived of everything out there. 

_People like to own things, and therefore, communism is not going to function properly.

_Communism is not going to work properly since individuals have the intention of owning things. 

_We can refer to communism as an aggressive religion.

_A man needs to think on his own and this happens to be his primary duty.

_A man has many duties, but the first one will be to think for himself.

_Thinking of himself is going to be the primary duty of man.

_I am going to depict a bloodsucker to you provided you show a capitalist to me.

_The poor refer to me as a saint when I provide them with food; they refer to me as a communist once I ask them the reason for not having food.

_In capitalist societies, the concept of freedom is similar to that of the ancient Greeks; freedom for the owners of the slaves.

_I was introduced to art by the Revolution and was also introduced to the Revolution by art in turn.

_A communist can be referred to as a person who is in the habit of reading Lenin and Marx.

_Somebody who reads Lenin and Marx can be referred to as a Communist.

_An anti-communist can be referred to as a person who understands Lenin and Marx.

_Somebody who understands Lenin and Marx can be called an anti-communist.

_One must not drink from the glass of hatred and bitterness so as to satisfy their thirst for freedom.

_Identifying ourselves with each and every oppressed person on earth will be the sole way to obtain freedom.

_It is imperative to build the new male and female together with innovative material foundations for building communism.

_Even though communism implies taking the world forcibly, the Almighty is going to take the world simply by affection and love.

_Communism means the soul’s demise. 

_Communism happens to be the bloodiest illusion ever borne by humans.

_Communism happens to be an option that has the power to enhance the lives of the people.

_Communism is a type of government that will allow each and every citizen the power to cast his or her vote at the time of the elections.

_Communism is present in a country that has been disrupted by either corruption or war, or maybe both.

_Communism happens to be politically as well as economically monopolistic system.

_Men are exploiting each other under capitalism. However, in communism, the situation is exactly the reverse. 

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