151+ Top Compliments for God as per the Bible

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151+ Top Compliments for God as per the Bible

A human and god’s relation is very pious and a subjective emotion that can be but through healthy practices. God deserves to be praised for the beautiful creation of the world and in this way, one can feel close to God.

Enlisting some of the top compliments for God – as per the Bible:-

-God is great!

-He is the creator, he is the destroyer!

-He designed everything for everyone and everything!

-Everything happens with the will of God!

-God knows his followers and he protected them from every difficulty!

-No one can trick God!

-He is omnipresent!

-He created the earth, the universe, the sun, the moon, and every other big to small particles!

-Nothing can happen without his permission!

-He created the devil and the angles!

-No one can be like God!

-Only golf has the strength to change things!

-One who keeps his/her faith in God is never disappointed by god’s decisions!

-God is the most merciful!

-God helps who truly lives God!

-God rewards his devotees either on earth or after death!

-No one is more powerful than the almighty!

-Those remember God from their heart in times of difficulties and pleasure, God rewards them with unnoticed blessings and rewards!

-God is above materialistic and human pleasures!

-He writes destinies for all!

-No one can escape God’s punishments if they do wrong on the earth!

-He has solutions for everything!

-Nothing can move without his will!

-No one can outsmart God!

-Those who love God, God loves them!

-He blesses those humans too who are evil and do not want to believe that you exist!

-He forgives his followers if they ask for forgiveness!

-He is the kindest and benevolent who created the earth and wanted his humane to live peacefully!

-He hates who drives sadistic pleasures out of others’ discomfort!

-He loves peace and wants his human to propagate the same!

-God wants to keep humanity above every other thing!

-He is the calmest! 

-God can change anything if he wants!

-He loves his humans!

-He wants his people to live in harmony with each other!

-God is the only one with whom humans can have blind faith!

-God is truthful and wants his human to be the same!

-Birth and death happens with god’s consent!

-Nothing can harm those people whom God loved and protects!

-God saves his favorite child from uncountable difficult and pressing situations!

-God never leaves the hands of those who have trust in him!

-He is the God of all solaces!

-He is the God of Jerusalem, Israel, Jeshurun!

-He is the God of all comforts and peace!

-As long as I breathe the air I will applaud God and his creations!

-He is the father of the world!

-Everything is accountable to him!

-Humans cannot be God!

-God helps others who help others!

-Every good and bad actions are being recorded by his and his agents to be rewarded after death!

-No one has the power to stop the earth from rotating and revolving only God has the power to do that!

-He is a loving God!

-He is the father of spirits and flesh!

-Every plant and microorganism rise to thank the almighty!

-God has the largest heart!

-He can forgive his humans for all heinous crimes if he repents and asks forgiveness from the almighty bad never repeat the mistake!

-Life will be easy if we have installed firm faith in God and his decisions!

-God can never do wrong to his devotees!

-He loves all his humans equally!

-He is present everywhere and anywhere!

-He tests his followers to check their faith and if they pass they are rewarded at the end!

-God is the only truth of life!

-He is the father of righteousness!

-He provides justice to every organism on earth!

-He never let those people fail who work hard and have faith in God!

-God is the one who blesses souls and all other organisms on earth!

-God loves who is truthful and kind!

-God is aware of every single action of every individual, animal, and plant!

-If he puts you in difficult situations he is the only one who pulls you out from it as well!

-He is the one who provides us with victories!

-God is never with treachery and evil!

-God is always on the side of good and peace!

-God is the savior and protector of earth and its people!

-God is always right!

-His decisions are always in favor of humans which they will realize later or after death!

-He can do anything to protect his beloved followers!

-We humans can achieve salvation only if we abide by god’s rule and his decisions!

-He is the only one who can be worshiped!

-He punishes the wrongdoers!

-Who can escape from his eyes?

-He loves his human more than a mother loves her child!

-He is the father of care and love!

-He loves his humans unconditionally!

-All my heart rises to praise you, dear God!

-I could have done nothing without your consent!

-You have always guided us!

-Every storm and sunshine happens with your permission!

-You can make anyone flourish and succeed in life!

-You are the only one who deserves to be praised!

-No one else is capable of what you are capable of!

-Your power cannot be measured nor can be minimized!

-You grant your followers good health and wealth!

-Those who are struggling now will be rewarded after death- God’s will.

-You test your followers only to make them more strong and capable!

-Your blessings are limitless!

-You can do the undone!

-Nothing is impossible for you!

-You direct every organism to operate!

-Not even a single leaf can move without your will!

-No one can challenge you, defeating remains out of the field!

-He loves those who are wise and honest with each other!

-He is greater than evil and devil!

-He created the devil and he will punish them for their wrongness!


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