125+ Best Condolence Sayings and Quotes

Psychology Sayings and Quotes 125+ Best Condolence Sayings and Quotes

125+ Best Condolence Sayings and Quotes

Losing someone you love and hold dear to you is something irreparable and nothing can be traded for it. The pain one feels in these hours cannot be felt by everyone around. Nothing can comfort the ones in grief. So, as a friend, family, or even as a human being, the best you can offer is words of condolences.

Showing the person that you care and sending them comfort in words might make, not a huge, but a little difference. Little things count and there is nothing better than sympathy and care you can offer the grieving while they suffer.

Here are Best Condolence Sayings and Quotes

  • Some losses are irreparable 
  • Gone from the sight but will remain in our hearts
  • Always remembering, not forgetting 
  • Life goes on with the memories
  • Keeping them in our memories forever
  • Nothing can compensate for the loss
  • Condolences to the grieved 

Gone but remembered during difficult and happy times

May the sorrow is overcome by the happy moments you shared with each other

Offering you my heartfelt sympathies in the toughest hours

Hope the pain you feel is overcome by the joyful moments 

Nothing can replace the love of someone with any material

People are irreplaceable and that is what makes the pain greater 

Hope you stay strong in these tough times 

The body may have died but the soul remains alive

You will always find him by your side during difficult times, not physically but emotionally

The bitter sweet memories will get you through the tough times

Healing might be a long process but it is worth the time

Get going through life during the darkest hours

My condolences to you in these painful hours

Hope my prayers and heartfelt sympathy help you ease the pain

The ones gone cannot be brought back but kept alive in the memories 

Do not let the grateful memories die in this sorrowful hour 

Let the memories survive with the pain 

Sending you thoughts of comfort, we get through all the pain and sorrow

Nothing can take down the legacy he has left and it shall continue 

In these difficult hours, I hope that your family stays strong 

May the one gone rest in peace 

She may be gone but she will always guide you in the toughest hours

Really saddened to hear about your loss

We all are with you in this difficult time of your life

The memories shall live long 

Do not let the memories die with the person

Cherish the good times to heal better

Life goes on and memories make it better

Have strength and everything shall fall in place

Always by your side during the good and the bad times 

Never letting you feel alone during the bad times

The way he influenced our lives will never be forgotten 

Her teachings and values will stay with us forever

Deeply sorry for the loss you have faced 

May the darkest hours be over soon and you find yourself in a better place

Find us by your side whenever you need 

We will never leave your side knowing the loss you are suffering 

No matter how hard we mourn, we can’t comprehend your losses

He will remain in our hearts forever and ever 

She will be missed dearly knowing how she made our lives better

It was a pleasure to have gotten so much time to spend with her

Losing someone you love dearly can be truly painful, hope you get better with time

Never take any moment for granted for you never know when it might be the last 

This letter of condolence is for you to make things a bit easier 

Never think you are alone

Good friends make sure to stay by your side and heal with you in the darkest hour 

We care for you and want you to know that we send our heartfelt sympathies to you

Wish you a lot of love and prayer on your way

Time will heal the pain you feel 

Trust in God and the rest will go on 

Keep the one gone alive in your prayer and memories

We are more than grateful for being a part of his life, he will be missed

Our words might ease your pain a little, sending condolences with hope

I pray that you get the strength to pull yourself out from the painful place 

Sending good and comforting thoughts your way 

Gone too soon but never forgotten 

Always with you no matter what

You will find her beside you in difficult times

Just a phone call away, you will find us whenever you need

We cannot feel what you are going through but here are some good thoughts to make you feel better

The deceased will be remembered always, in good or bad times

Gone does not mean forgotten

Life is unpredictable so tell someone you love them

We care for you and will always look out for you

Offering love and hoping to fulfill his dreams 

Take whatever comes your way and heal yourself each moment

He might be gone but his dreams are yours to fulfill

Let there be good memories in the name of the deceased 

The state of denial will bring you more pain

Accept, acknowledge, and move on 

We might not know what you are feeling but we are here to help

Find a friend in me whenever you need

The loving memories of the deceased will give you hope in this hour

Before we know, moments slip out of our hand

Hoping that in the middle of the sorrowful hours, the sweet memories bring you joy and peace

We are here to surround you with love and peace when you need it the most

Hope your heart finds the peace it is longing for 

Never give in and embrace what comes your way

It is you and your thoughts that will decide how fast you heal 

His personality is what leaves a mark on us forever 

Hope you get peace

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