655+ Best Contemporary Art Blogs and Pages Names

There was a time when you had to go to classes to know about art and to learn it. This is why people were not much interested in learning the art.

But these days, learning art is easy as we have loads of contemporary art blogs which teach us the modern type of art. These modern art teachers create blogs as they are interested in this field.

 Top 15 Contemporary Art Blogs Of The World

The Jealous Curator- This blog was started in 2009, which is founded by Lizzie Gill to show artwork through books, podcasts, and through several audio forms. You can enjoy the work of the artists while enjoying your morning coffee or driving a car. 

Reddit- This blog can be a perfect platform for those who are seeking contemporary art, the contemporary art world, contemporary art news, discussions of famous contemporary artists. The frequency of this blog is two posts per day.

 CAFA ART INFO- This blog is focused on Chinese contemporary art and news. It promotes domestic artists internationally with the collaboration of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. This web place is a perfect platform for artists as well as art lovers.

 Hi-Fructose Magazine- This blog exhibits an amalgamation of new contemporary, rising, too recognized craftsmen, with a focus on spectacular scenes from around the globe. The recurrence of this blog is 22 posts for every quarter.

AO Art Observed- This blog spreads contemporary art at a universal level from a New York City viewpoint. We mean to give a particular, editorialized, curated point of view on the compelling artwork field, including the patterns and powers that drive the market. 

Bottleneck Art Gallery- This blog provides posts related to pop-culture, gig, and film banners. You will get one everyday blog entry for each day on the web. The team of this blog is working hard to provide quality material from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

 Contemporary Art Society- This blogging platform encourages gratefulness and comprehension of contemporary craftsmanship by an extensive crowd and work of donation by significant and new specialists to historical centers and open exhibitions over the UK.

 Artist Diana Malivani’s Blog- This blog is a creation of  Artist Diana Malivani. She is a Doctor of Medicine (M.D., Ph.D.), where you will get a large number of different voices read, compose, and share significant stories on Medium on a regular basis.

Asia Contemporary Art Week- This web blog interfaces driving New York City displays and galleries in a citywide occasion containing open projects, for example, presentations, gatherings, talks and exhibitions. This blog provides 3 productive posts every year to their readers. 

Lisa Call- This blog is founded by Lisa Call, who makes strong geometric contemporary material works of art made out of her lavishly shaded hand colored texture. Her work is dynamic however draws components from numerous spots: her adoration for the hues and geographical types of the southwest, reiteration, design etc.

Caiger Contemporary Art- This blog is an exhibition platform where you can peruse and purchase unique craftsmanship to add to your collection such as affordable contemporary art, beautiful paintings, phenomenal choice of canvases, and many more restricted releases of prints to give a unique touch to your room.

Artists Of Texas Contemporary Paintings and Art- In this blog, you can access art work, canvases, oil compositions, watercolor artworks, acrylic, Texas longhorns, horse craftsmanship, scenes, blossom art, contemporary craftsmanship, blended medium, palette blade painting and much more related to Contemporary art. 

Cambridge contemporary art- This blog presents high-quality posts on the topics of high-quality prints, canvases, figures, and specialties. If you are looking for the same artwork from renowned artists, then this blog is specially designed for you.

Gas Gallery news: This blog delivers explicitly artists news, new arrivals, upcoming events related to fine art, and showcases original production of artists. You can follow Gas Gallery’s news with refreshes on artists’ work, shows, and occasions in the UK in addition to updates on the most recent additions to the online exhibition.

 Joanna Gilbert- This blog is founded by  Joanna Gilbert, who presents her great artwork from her studio in North London. Her work is majorly focused on Contemporary art and fine art, where she delivers one post every week for their readers.

Many people learn from these blogs and self-practice art. These blogs have been so popular that many sell their art through these blogs too.

They inspire readers and provide great tips to start their career in art. The tutorials are so beautiful that you do not need any physical teacher anymore. 

List of Great contemporary art blog names

New Scale

Modern Form

Mode Master

Age Atelier

Art and Cake

Art Radar



Miro Craft

Arp Frame

History Preview

Modern Crafting

Modern Model

New Skillful

Mode Carve

Caiger Contemporary Art

Cass Art


Miro Portrait

Moses Engineer

Age Figure

Mode Crafts

Modern Brush

New Pastel

Fry Decorative

History Depict

Are Fantasy

Dali Artist

Modern Mason

Latest Author

Miro Skillful

Age Drawing

Miro Talent

New Gallery

Latest Handmade

Latest Pencil

Newest Design

Vibrant Scale

Trendy Art

Contemporary Art Blog

Contemporary Art Daily

Contemporary Art Society

New Collage

Trendy Design

Neo Gliding

Latest Concept

Current Mural

Hip Pastel

Mod Artistic

Last Pottery

Present Pen

Stylish Image

Radical Form

Freshly Craft

Hot Canvas

Hot Installation

Art Original

Modern Print

Dali Image

Latest Quill

Arp Medium

History Exhibit

Aesthetic Paper

Classical Ink

Classic Crafts

Todays Artist

New Depict

Lost Art Press

Minus Plato

Nectar Farm Blog

Open Space

Rise Art

Present Produce

Current Draw

Today Mason

Modern Thread

Timeless Create

Topical Creation

New Composer

Creative Present

 Design Media

Video Expert

Work Ink

Art Pen

Work Studio

Master Creative

Film Style

Paper Craft

Best Contemporaries

Creative Portfolio

Post Paper

Color Talent

Craft Work

The Art of Consumption

The Art of Ed

The Jealous Curator

Pen Glass

Model Express

Media Talent

Author Art

Mural Design

Form Creation

Artistic Post

Craft Geen

Trendy Artist

Novice Concept

Present Portrait

Recent Painter

Alpha Contrast

Grow Artwork

Set Gilding

Mint Marker

Grow Masterpiece

Jump Exhibit

Spring Decorate

Nice Scale

Elite Crafts

Lucky Shade

High Gloss

Prime Frame

Genius Gloss

Ultra Model

Power Figure

Scores Art

Ultra Model

Happy Portrait

Top Modern

Miracle Art

Magic Opening

Virtue Deco

Paradise Blend

Exotic Pottery

Sizzling Pen

Royal Gloss

Adore Work

Safe Portray

Rest Canvas

Zest Shade

Added Depict

Perfect Artist

Whiz Paint

Invent Drawing

Veteran Art

Wisdom Draw

Ace Model

Smart Varnish

Palette Guide

Think Artist

Focus Artwork

Invent Visual

Resolve Crayon

Brainy Pen

Canny Work

Clever Palette

Wit Varnish

Master Painter

Trick Crafts

Factor Artwork

Wisdom Marker

College Crafts

Expert Designs

Logic Works

Fluent Work

Quip Works

Bright Post

Tactics Deco

Wise Pencils

Skilled Form

Clever Carve

A blog is a page on the internet created by bloggers who are interested in a topic and they like to exhibit it to the world. Not only they do this, but they can get opinions from readers through blogs. These blogs always provide fresh information as it is updated regularly.

Top Contemporary Art Pages Names

Blogging has emerged as a great career these days, as the blogger can earn money round the clock. Many company’s created blogs to promote their businesses and many individuals created it just to earn money from it. 

The posts of the content should be catchy so that it can engage readers to it. In the same way, a blog name should also be attractive to the eyes of the readers.

-Art In Present 

-Artistic Visions 

-Artist Soul 

-Top of the He-Art

-Latest Art Therapy 

-New Artistry Blog 

-Contemporary Art Masters 

-Wish Creations 

-Artist Journal 

-Oil Print Guide 

-Paint Workbook 

-New Creativity Concepts 

-Unique Sculptor 

-Partners Craft 

-Crafts Variety 

-Art & Technology 

-Visual Art In The City 

-Think & Craft 

-Creative Designs 

-Artistic Affairs 

-Young Artist Tells! 

-Art and Muse 

-Art Is Life 

-Artistic Touch 

-Fresh Paintings 

-Elegant Artists 

-New Art Scholars 

-Current Painting Importance 

-Fresh Brush Strokes 

-Brand – new Paintings 

-Current Art Lovers 

-Fresh Paint Days 

-Artistic Expressions 

-Paint Me Please! 

-Magic Art 

-Brilliant Artworks 

-Popular Face Painting 

-Paint Faces! 

-Improved Artwork 

-Face Painting is Fun 

-Creating Masterpiece 

-Artists Current Works 

-Recent Halloween Face Painting 

-Paint & Passion 

-Popular Creations 

-Improved Creativity 

-Refreshed Art Studios 

-Daily Contemporary Art 

-Curating Contemporary Art 

-Contemporary Art Gallery 

-About Current Art 

-Arts in Present 

-Refreshed Art Designs 

-The Art Buzz 

-Beautiful Current Creations 

-Contemporary Art Paradise 

-Fresh Oak Prints 

-Advanced Art 

-Refreshed Art & Craft Gallery 

-New Techniques For Art 

-The Color Factory 

-Gallery Goals 

-Modern Art Gallery 

-Contemporary Art Section 

-Popular Poetic Craft 

-New Artistic Production 

-Fine New Paintings 

-Fame From Art 

-Blog For Art Page 

– Artistic Content Refreshed 

-Graphic Paints 

-Modern Displays 

-From The Mini Art 

-Happy Artists 

-Up-to-date Crafts 

-Art Addiction 

-Contemporary Art Collectors 

-Digital Arts 

-Latest Online Poetry 

-Original Poetry Hub 

-Poetic Accent 

-Modern Poets 

-Poetry Journal Updated 

-Rhyming Vibe 

-We Share Poetry 

-Modern Architecture 

-Creative Column 

-Better Architecture 

-Noble Architects 

-His Art Is New 

-Polish And Paint 

-Graphics Vision and Variety 

-New Age Sculptors 

-Paint Your Dream 

-Sculptors Ambitions 

-Poetic Visionaries 

-Art And Technology 

-Jen’s Art Journal 

-Fresh Arts 

-Newly Created Sketches 

-Authentic Art Collection 

-Start With Real Art 

-Bella Color Journal 

-Digital Art Blog 

-The Loving Poetry 

-Creativity with Alex 

-Book Addicts Blog 

-Bookmarked Journal 

-Latest Writings And Poetry 

-Bookworm Journal 

-Lovable Literary 

-Read Literature In My Blog 

-Literature Today 

-Story Of Current Writers

-Digital Dance 

-Latest Dance Sessions 

-Engaged With Artwork

-Contemporary Art Fairs 

-Unending Art Adventures 

-The Pure Art Sect 

-Refreshed Russian Artworks 

-Russian Calligraphy Updated 

-Alluring Artists 

-Latest Anime Artist 

-Arts & Crafts Journal 

-Grand Artworks 

-Classy Crafts 

-Bella Brushes 

-Fashionable ArtVille 

-Fresh Poetries 

-Your Brushes Know 

-Part In Art 

-Dramatic Artists 

-Calligraphy Section 

-Literature Technology 

-Sculptor Soul 

-Build Art Vision 

-We Make Money With Art 

-Best Literary Tips 

-Five Stars Creations 

-Elite Artworks 

-Newly Educated Painters 

-Supreme Paint Creations 

-Display Your Masterpiece 

-Impact Of Contemporary Art 

-Color Digitally 

-Present Perfect Poetry 

-The Art Guides 

-Elite Painting Tips 

-Being Art Lover 

-Impact Of Art Today 

-Create Cool Artworks 

-Messy Canvas Stuff 

-Improvised Creations 

-Love Your Art 

-C For Creative Art 

-Modern Art& Framing

-Finest Mint Art Gallery 

-Ice Art Impressions 

-Whole Art Collection 

-Digital Colorful Paints 

-Do Designs & Creations 

-Oh! Contemporary Art 

-New Paint Records 

-Global Art Blog 

-Nova Crafty Logbook 

-Creating Vibrant Art 

-Latest Art Connector 

-Let’s Connect With Art Space 

-Art From Heart 

-Continued Contemporary Art 

-Poet By Instinct 

-Love My Gallery 

-Artist Instincts 

-Capture The He-Art 

-Ongoing Cultural Paintings 

-Paint With Passion 

-Fine Modern Art Pieces 

-The Creative Fam 

-Current Designs & Patterns 

– Arts For Beast 

-Certified Craftsmen 

-Just Crafting Around 

-Quality Craft Creations 

-Craftsmen Connections 

-The New Verse 

-Art and Literature 

-Creating Fresh Poems

-Poetry Updates Here 

-Best Poetry Updated 

-Diary Of a Fiction Writer 

-Read. Write. Recite 

-Portray Hearts And Arts

-Real Sculpture Works 

-Passion Gallery Creators 

-Art Originals Blog 

-Crescent Creations 

-The Drawings Logbook 

-Latest Cultural Collections 

-Popular Canvases 

-New Art Wizard 

-Gorgeous Graphics 

-The Thrilling Piece 

-Topical Sculptures 

-Art and Adventures 

-Newly Added Color Book

-Improved Art Memo 

-Blooming Floral Art 

-Brand new Art Creations 

-Embrace New Creations 

-Popular Paint Blog 

-Unique Art Journal 

-Art Girl Journal 

-New Art Reality 

-Color Impressions 

-Creative Center Refreshed 

-Start The Art 

-Mystical Art & Crafts 

-Brand New Artwork 

-Contemporary Art Content 

-Bella Rose Arts 

-Grace Art Blogs 

-New Art Of Self 

-Pro Web Artists 

-Creative Bee Blogging 

-The Art Of Sculptors 

-Tattoos On Demand 

-Dream Like Touchup 

-Artistry Updated 

-Draw Fine Art 

-Master Contemporary Arts 

-Designing For Social Cause 

-Social Art Matters 

-Inspire With Your Art 

-Graphics Gallery 

-Savage Artworks 

-My Imagination Art 

-Creating Skin Canvas 

-Daily Tattoo Updates 

-Blog For Ink Addicts 

-Art Done Right 

-Sketching All Day 

-Think & Ink

-Latest Body Arts & Crafts 

-Spiritual Art Blog 

-Masterpiece After Hours 

-All About Current Artworks 

-Ultra-Creative Artists 

-Urban Art Treasures 

-Art In Your Cart 

-Chic Ideas & Shapes 

-Well Updated Artists 

-Artist Ambitions 

-Being An Artist


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