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List of 175+ Best Copernicium Slogans

Copernicium is a lab-made chemical element, also synthetic. The symbol of copernicium is Cn and the atomic number is 112. The copernicium 285 isotope comes with a half life of 28 seconds. The synthetic element copernicium happened to be made in 1996 for the first time. It was created by the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, situated in Darmstadt, Germany.

The synthetic element Copernicium is named after the famous Nicolaus Copernicus, an astronomer. The element Copernicium is placed in group 12 of the periodic table, in the d block. The element Copernicium is known to be really volatile.

Slogans on copernicium

  • Cn is the name
  • The member of the group 12
  • It lasts for exactly 28 seconds
  • Why get mad when you can get ununpentium instead 
  • It is the 112
  • Copernicium, existing since 1996
  • Get the 112 for yourself 

Copernicium, truly man-made

Copernicium, truly synthetic in nature 

Nothing speaks noble more than copernicium

Making the year 1996 remarkable 

A tribute to Nicolaus Copernicus

The d block element

Copernicium, the synthesized element 

It is all about the chemistry 

The chemistry made it possible

Straight out of Germany 

We are here for the copernicium

Get you some copernicium

Know ununpentium closely 

Know your element better 

Have some copernicium

How about some copernicium 

Keep a safe distance from the copernicium 

The copernicium makes a difference 

Let the copernicium prevail 

The infamous 112

How about the copernicium

Have you heard of copernicium

Copernicium, not something to play with 

The copernicium is here to stay 

Get your share of copernicium 

Keep calm and use copernicium

Keep calm and get some copernicium

East or west, copernicium is the best 

Stock it up with copernicium

The chemistry is noticeable here

The copernicium is here to make a difference 

Here, take the copernicium

It is more than you see

Copernicium: something more than what meets the eyes 

The copernicium is the ultimate one 

The 112 is here to make a difference

Copernicium? Might just call it CN

The CN every lab needs 

Copernicium has a nickname, it is CN

Call it Cn maybe 

You know what they say about the copernicium

the copernicium, making changes since 1996

Do you really know your copernicium

Let us not forget the Cn

Handle the copernicium with care 

Why get mad when you can get some Copernicium 

It won’t be worth the risk 

Copernicium, definitely not a natural occurrence 

Copernicium, not to be found in nature’s lap

Copernicium, not really closer to nature 

The heaviest but the fastest 

Copernicium won’t stay for long 

Expect some high reactions

Will be gone before you notice

Copernicium, gone within the blink of an eye 

There is more than what meets the eye 

Copernicium, it is so reactive that it hardly stays

1996 was the year of Copernicium

Copernicium, something radioactive from the start

Copernicium is not something you really want to play with 

Copernicium, the real majestic one 

The 112 element is here to make a change 

28 seconds is all that you have 

Can the Copernicium get any better?

Copernicium, faster than anything you see

Copernicium, faster than everything you know

Copernicium has a decent nickname. It is Cn

Would rather call it Cn 

Cn is it?

Cn can disappear just like that

Copernicium, a scientist’s favorite 

Copernicium, not to be put to biological use

Believe it or not, Cn can be fatal

Cn: read it fatal

Do you really know Cn well?

Hoffman’s legacy: Copernicium

Darmstadt knew it first

Darmstadt got to see it first 

Cn is the one made in the lab

The lab is where the Cn is needed 

Haven’t you known copernicium

The high reaction you never expected

You need nothing but the copernicium

Leave the other elements behind

The copernicium shows all the hard work

Were you really expecting the high reactions?

It is a matter of seconds before the decadence

copernicium is the future

Never back down on copernicium

You need some copernicium today

Let your research turn out to be fine with the copernicium

Highly reactive and synthetic, all about the copernicium

The copernicium rules

One of man’s finest creations: copernicium

Took all the hard work for the copernicium

Copernicium really made that happen 

Know copernicium closely

Know your element better

To be or not to be Copernicium

Think hard about the Copernicium

Copernicium: the highest of the radioactivity seen 

Stock it all up with the copernicium 

Take all the copernicium you need

Is it really copernicium

Consider before getting closer to the copernicium

Right out of synthesizing 

A real product of synthesizing 

Maybe you really need it today 

Copernicium made it possible 

In the memory of Nicolaus Copernicus

Remembering Nicolaus Copernicus 

The 112 has taken over 

The d group has the 112

112 making the d group complete

28 seconds and it is gone 

Cn is a matter of 28 seconds, really 

Let the copernicium be with you 

It is really a matter of copernicium 

The reactions are real high 

Do you think you are heavy? You must know about Copernicium 

Did you know about copernicium 

It is not really useless if you think 

Stay away. It is copernicium

It spells copernicium but it reads fatal 

Few reactions are really unexpected, like Copernicium 

Copernicium, it belongs in the lab 

The lab is where it belongs 

Copernicium, not to be taken out of the lab 

Highly reactive and synthetic, copernicium

It has no connection to nature 

Copernicium? More like far away from the lap of nature 

Are you sure of the copernicium?

Know the elements closely

Learn about the copernicium 

 Ask about the copernicium

You are likely to get some high reactions 

Do not expect less than high reactions

Only here for the high reactions

A true noble one: Copernicium 

Do you think you know Copernicium best?

I think the copernicium might be highly reactive 

You won’t like the reaction 

Get a hold of the copernicium 

Can you get over the copernicium?

It is like a need for labs

copernicium slogans

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