Proven Marketing ideas for Cosmetic Busienss

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for Cosmetic Business.

With thousands of cosmetic products on the market, it is of key importance to the success of your business to make your makeup products stand out from the competition. By gaining as much exposure as possible for your cosmetic products, you can fetch your products to the hands of the consumers without having to pay millions of dollars to models to make expensive TV commercials. Your cosmetic brand needs a clever business promotion plan for not only tackling the sky high competition but also to eventually become a leader in your speciality of cosmetics products.

Here are Few marketing ideas for cosmetic Business have been shared here for more sales:

-Try offering makeover to the customers:

Set up a store at a mall or at any departmental store where you can provide free consultations to customers. Have plenty of products available in your stalk for purchase. You can also try organizing a weekly free makeover contest.

-Set up medium size retail stores

Avoid getting tempted to include the large big-box retailers when thinking of selling your cosmetics products. Your small company may not be prepared for the big retailers. Some of the large retailers like to buy from the companies that are selling their products only to the big stores. So, it is wise to choose small to medium -size retailers as your first clients. The interested retailers might ask you for some product samples. This may prove to be costly for small cosmetic companies but if the medium-size stores agree to sell your line of products, it will give a boost to your business right away.

-Contact Distributors

Your business volume will rise rapidly if you are capable of getting some wholesale distributor interested in your costumer products. Many retailers prefer purchasing their inventories from the wholesalers rather than buying directly from companies or individual manufacturers. If you can successfully sell your products to the distributors, your volume of sale will be way greater as compared to selling at one store.

-Be on trend

Make sure you keep up to date with what’s trending around. Personalisation of beauty products is a popular niche at the moment, which large stores are watching with great interest. You need to know what’s happening in the world of beauty and you need to know what consumers are spending their money on.

-Point-of-Purchase Displays

Partner with local businesses in your area that your target market aligns with. Work with these owners of these establishments to find if you can create a point-of-purchase display in their stores that features your cosmetic products. A mutually beneficially deal could encourage them to work with you to promote your product line.

-Organize giveaways

Social networking sites can help you with the promotion of your cosmetic line to the potential clients. Host a product giveaway and promote it on your blog or on any social networks. To qualify for these giveaways, customers will write reviews about your products or name their favourite makeup artists or talk about their worst makeup experiences. You can then select a winner and hand over some good gifts to them in order to make your brand more popular.

-Generate Online Sales

Another effective way of promoting your cosmetics store is to put it on the web. Almost all the potential consumers these days are searching and shopping online. First of all, have an e-commerce website that has all the relevant information regarding your cosmetic products such as their quality images, prices, social channel buttons, fine navigational features and most importantly, your company’s address and other essential contact details.

-Explore Social Networking

Social channels are like new marketplaces where you can sell your beauty products abundantly. These virtual markets are ideal for reaching the increasing number of potential consumers. All you need to do is to post interesting content and visuals regularly to establish a dominating presence of your business on all the channels out there.

-Visit Expos

Visit expos or some trade shows to get exposure to your product. Base your marketing around the targeted audience. For an instance, if you are going to an expo for high school students planning for prom, hire a couple of models to wear prom dresses, and do their makeup. Include the photographs in a portfolio. You can also execute a similar plan if you are heading to a bridal expo. For a career expo, you can have a handout about the do’s and don’ts of makeup for interviews, and also offer the visitors a free makeup consultation.


By placing your product in beautiful and fun packages, you can attract more and more customers to it. Highlight the aspects of your line that makes it stand apart from other products; for example, make a list of the different colours that your makeup line consists of on the packaging or various other aspects of the product. Also, consider packing some of your products together in a set to increase sales.

-Distribute Flyers

Flyers or leaflets are single sheets of paper that has a lot of information such as your product images, some price incentives, and your company’s details. The cost of creating a flyer design is very low amongst all other marketing tools. Once you have these flyers ready in hands, just stand at one spot in a market and distribute them to the passersby. This could be an effective way to promote your business amongst your potential consumers.


People are ecstatic when they think of getting a good deal. You can offer deals to your customers to motivate them to buy more. You can include buy one, get one free deals or buy one, get one half off deals, and also a free gift with purchase option.

-Do your homework.

While pitching to a large store, show your passion, stand out of the lot, know your brand inside out and be a marketing savvy. Retailers will expect you to have visited their stores already, spoken to their in-shop beauty advisors, spoken to their customers and done your homework. You therefore have to show them why your brand fits so well and why their customers will love your products.

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