325+ Best Costume Party Names

A costume party also known as a fancy dress party is a party where the invited guests are dressed in costumes. There are many themes for a costume party, but Halloween is the most popular theme of a costume or fancy dress party. So, having an adventurous costume party name will make it more exciting.

Whatever theme you decide, you must have a thrilling costume party name. This will also make your party super exciting and amazing. Naming your party will make it memorable and more fun. Your peers will definitely love to attend the party.

So, here are some fashionable costume party Name:

Annual Halloween Masquerade

Vampire Carnival

Monster’s Day Out

Scream Show

Knight of Nightmares

A Cursed Night

Let’s Celebrate the Eve

The Potterhead parade

The Avengers Night

Heroes are Here

Werewolves Only

It’s Fangy Feast

Santa is Here

Twilight Troop

Disney Darlings

Brave Barbie

Claws & Flaws

Hungry Hulks

Vampire Feast

Zombie Carnival

Zombie Zoo

Well of Screams

House of Horrors

Terrible Dressers

Gilbert Night

Monster Ball


Dumbledore’s Army Night

A Broken Inn

A Library World

World of Cakes

Stupid Costumes

Daniel Fans

Real Vamps

Blood is Gushing

Lights Out

House Have Eyes

Broken Boston

Evil Nurses

Call it Halloween

Santa is Here

Smash & Kill

Vampires Drill

Dashing Stars

The Fault in the Party

Paulo’s Picnic

Magic Mania

Hermione using Google

You Know Who!

Gone with the Noise

Great Gatsby Night

Reliving Game of Thrones

Stephen’s Strike

Child’s Play Parade

A Night with Nemo!

Christmas Ball

Jingling Bells

Candy Canes, Frozen Panes!

The Snow Show

Colorful Christmas

Miracle under Rooftop

Snowy Surprise

Snowy Boozy Boo

Merry Candy Christmas

Candy Pool

Garlic King

Pool of Blood

Boo Doo Party

Animal Freak

Shouting Shelter

Horror Door

Halloween Club

Ghoul Gang

Fantastic Beast Booze

Scream in the Air

Let your throat scream

Biting Humans

Zombie Dance

A Devil Show

Witches of Salem

Hunt Down the Demons

Salvatore’s Haunted Hub

Grilling Meat

Crazy Costume Party

A Creepy Mansion

Dead Fairies

Frightened Henry

Gloomy Broomstick

Fanged Mermaid

Bewitched Pirates

Afraid Caribbean Night

 Hanging Skeletons

Ninja Carnival

Haunted Ballerina

Ghost Show

A Broken Bandit

Air is Cold

Annual Costume Ball

Spooky Prom Night

A Dead Beach

Silent Slaughterers

Ferocious Fangs

Fables are Dangerous

Loneliness will Kill

A Silent Shelter

Vengeance of the Willow Creek

The Dead Miami

Anime Costume Night

Netflix is On!

The Jinny of Persia

Hell is Here

Costume B-Day

Bug Party

Fear me Out

Doppelgänger Den

Full Moon Night

Hell in Fright

 The Conjuring Carnival

Deadly Dolls

Ghosts in Disneyland

Flavors of Persia

Devil’s Delight

Prime Season

Tribal Day

Celebrating Reinforcement

Jackie’s 1st Costume Party

Shadows come Home

After the Dark

Warriors of South

Legends of NASA

Einstein’s Epicenter

Physicist of Persia

Bookworms Day

A Night to Relax

Pumpkin Party

Funky Dress

Pinkie Poos

Gamers Gang

Dress your Character

Magic is Here

Witchy Crafty Carnival

Halloween Booze

Authors Night

Dress your Profession

Bandits of Persia

Casablanca Pirates

60s Costumes

Mystical Dynasties

Fictions of Florida

Dances Around the World

The Deadly Ramp

Doctors of Deserts

World of Holmes

Christie’s Carnival

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Freak

Mushy Rangers

Vampire Ball

Originals Origin

Rise of Originals

United Unicorns

Monsters vs Martians

Horrified White Night

 Boo in the Party

Halloween Gala

Hole in the Dark

Bridal Band

Party till we Fall

Cast a Spell

Cats & Witches

Spooky Boos

Lights Out

Don’t Speak

Dark in the Den

Spooky Boo Bash

Mummies in My House

Howling Willows

Werewolf Wine

Cheers & Fears

Feared Street

Spelled Soiree

Draw a Web

Can you Survive

Monster’s Den

Cute Little Monsters

Apocalypse of Virus

Deadly Disease

Cure Not Found

Bourbon Trouble

Talented Troll

Scary Costumes

A Night of Screams

A Cute Spook

Tails & Shrieks

Sinister Plank Dance

Howl by the Pool

Stop by to Scream

A Road Not Entered

Don’t Stop Here

Danger Ahead

Dug Your Nails

Horrorwood Glamour

Haunted Freaks

Fantasy of Philadelphia

Crazy Ghosts

Trouble in Morocco

Crazy Crops

Mummified Monsters

Bug Band

Buzzy Bandits

Horrid Halloween

Halloween Ghouls

Gala of Howls

Night of Thirsty Monsters

Bloody Barren

Ferocious Gala

Bloody Halloween

Devilish Feast

Boos & Beast

Scarecrow Night

Goblin Gang

Craving Blood

Joni’s Vervain Night

Truce & Rival

Joker Mania

Jugglers Jungle

Spooky Spiders

Dancing Devils

Bike Bandits

Football Fright

Warner Brothers

Robotics Rangers

Arts of Robots

Claws & Klaus

The Vampire Comrades

Netflix Nightmare

Screams in the Woods

Monsters from the Coffin

Hot-o-ween Night

Deadly Eyeballs

Mush in the Bush

Streets of Denial

Philosophy Parade

The Dead Community

Blood in Persia

The Rising Rage

Transitioning Troop

American 90s

The Kiddie Carnival

Blood in Streets

Raging Warfare

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