Amazing marketing ideas for Craft Business

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for Craft Store Business.

Handmade items or crafts are synonymous with beauty, quality and attention to detail, taking the user back to a time when life was much slower and gentler. Exquisite handmade clothing, pottery, jewellery and household items enrich our lives and create a sense of well-being that is not found with mass- produced modern products of today. It’s quite challenging to develop successful marketing strategies for crafts, however, particularly for creative people or artists whose talent lies in the production aspect instead of the business side of the industry.

Here are some best Marketing Ideas for Craft Business to Grow your Business at Next Level.

-Develop a strong website:

Establishing your online presence is vital in the age of the Internet. Include a strong website plan in your marketing strategy that displays your crafts vividly. Optimize the website for search engine indexing by inserting appropriate keywords in the website content. Set up a thorough catalogue for your handmade items, which offers detailed information about each product as well as price and availability.

-Remain active on social media:

In the advanced world of today, different social media sites play a vital role in conveying information about various businesses to their respective targeted customers. Therefore, it is important to remain active on social media to create awareness about your business in the minds of people and make people notice you more.

-Open online stores:

Open seller accounts on various online sites. Several online sites offers artists an independent online store from which to sell, while some may be interactive handmade market place and craft community dedicated to helping members build their businesses and sales. Install a shopping cart application on your website and create a payment account to enable buyers to place orders and make payments online.

-Organize various contents or exhibition:

You can consider organizing several contests and exhibitions offline where your crafts will get more and more popularity and people will get to know about the pattern of your works. Customers visiting these exhibitions will be aware of your business and may want to buy from you further.

-Try promoting your business:

As a part of your promotional strategy, try printing business cards and flyers that advertise your handmade products. These should include your contact information and alluring photos of some of your best- selling items, as well as your web address and the details of any online stores from which your products can be purchased. Hand out your flyers at various craft markets and trade shows or distribute them by postal drop in your neighbourhood.

-Craft Markets:

Consider investigating craft and farmer’s markets in your area. These typically take place on one or two mornings a week or over the weekend at some of the local churches and community centres. You may require paying for a booth in advance, but even if you don’t sell many items at the market it offers you to stand a chance to display your products and hand out business cards or fliers.

-Write blog posts:

Contact a blogger who writes blogs which matches and aligns well with the types of products or crafts you make and offer them to write a guest post, accompanied by photos, that explains how you make them. In this way, you can let people know about your business and is they want these items, they may consider buying them from you.

-Submit press releases

This section, probably more than any other, will welcome news about what you have made. Consider submitting press releases and photos to the New Products sections of magazines. Look for new product sections in the field of your niche in the magazines.

-Discuss your business problems:

Don’t hesitate to discuss your business problems in social and also talk about how to resolve them. This will allow people have a brief idea about your business and may motivate them to purchase stuffs from you.

-Email marketing:

It is said that email marketing is their biggest driver in retaining customers. All you need to do here is to invest some time in order to get more and more subscribers. The more subscribers you earn, the more popularity you gain. If you really want to get people clicking your emails, include videos, which can increase click through rates.

-Organize giveaways on social media:

You can organize several giveaways in social media to attract more people towards your business. You can then select a winner for by scrolling through a number of comments and likes. There are various software available which will help you to grow your marketing list by requiring an email address as a condition of entry – something you can’t do with a standard social media post.

-Popup shop:

There is nothing quite like being able to touch, feel, smell and experience a product in the practice. If you have only ever sold products online, consider joining forces with some of your Maker friends to share the costs of holding a popup shop.

-Try creating instructional videos:

Video contents are really valuable, and while it can cost big bucks to get professional videos produced, there is nothing wrong with giving it a shot yourself or hiring a film student off. If video sounds like too much of a challenge, then you can try making slide decks and sharing them on Slide Share.

-DIY Infographics:

Infographics are very powerful marketing tools. They are visually eye catchy, easy to digest, and people love to share them, so they are a great way to drive up referral traffic and links. Hiring a designer to make you a good and strong infographic can hit your wallet hard, but you can make your own on the cheap if you don’t mind taking up a bit of a challenge.

So, now you know some good marketing ideas for your craft business to get your product in front of customers and make it stand out from your competition. It’s obviously not enough to simply create a great product with a smart design and believe that it will sell itself. All of your marketing efforts need to be put together together to entice customers to buy.

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