10 Customer Service Tips to Keep Folks Coming Back

A successful business lies in the customer’s satisfaction. In order to achieve that positive review, an effort is the best medicine. Services to the new customers should not lessen the attention of the old one. Because the old ones are the debut of your success. Your services will be spread by the customers if you convince them by your hospitality. Taking care of your investment in the business, listen to your customer’s need. 

Here are 10 customer service tips to keep folks coming back

1. Well- organized

When a customer asks for something, it should be present at that time. If your showroom is not well-organized, you will face trouble while finding the demanding one. And if you failed to find the demand in time, the customer will get annoyed and they will set their mind to never visit your shop second time.

Your shop must be well managed in accordance to customer’s choice. There should be a different room for different color, texture, size and so on. And this will help you to find the needy one easily.

2. Give priority to your customer

When you are in your stall or office, forget everything except your customer. Don’t give excuses to your customer rather give excuses to your personal work such as reply to your friends in social media, receiving phone calls and so on. When you just opened your stall and at the very next moment a customer approached your shop while your shop is still disorganized, at that moment don’t act like stupid. Welcome them warmly.

3. Expressing Gratitude

From baby to old man, show them your gratitude. If anyone purchases anything that worth only 1 penny say “Thank You”. If anyone buys nothing s/he should be the reverend person also. A big customer should be given a treat or discount to remember your service and an invitation to visit your shop again.

And in case you find some new customers who tell you how they find your shop or service, don’t think twice before sending a note of gratitude to your referees. This will not only encourage them to send you more customers but also will work as silent promotional of your service. How? Imagine, what would we do with any surprising “Thank You” note from someone unexpected. Yeah, we will try to share this troy of amazement with every other person we may reach out.

The same theory is true for the customers you will be sending that note of gratitude. Doesn’t seems practical? Try for once, and you’ll keep repeating!

4. Keep Connected 

Social media, e-mail, etc. are great sources to keep connected with the customers. But the connection should not be the inconvenience to your customers. After the purchase, don’t chase the next customer too fast rather get the best impression from the first customer. Repetition of the same customer is the lifeblood of a business, and a good communication can make that happened.

However, never get on the customers’ nerve while letting them know about your offers, new deals or discounts. Because this limit may turn the once customer into someone who never reverts their visit. So, do sensible communication only. Give priority to their time, and inform them about the value of your products or services. 

5. Choice of salesmen

Even the best trade can be canceled if you don’t have qualified salesmen. It is not about educational qualifications rather handling the customers. After the entrance, the most talented salesman should present there. His standard should be polite, friendly and welcoming. The interaction with the customer will decide whether these customers will visit you again.

6. Don’t avoid their reviews

A good review is the pillar of a successful business. Your customers will write your future, so don’t avoid their opinions. Listen to them and act accordingly. Ask their feedback regarding your service. Here you may find online survey system highly fruitful if your service is mostly website based.

Otherwise, a survey in the written paper can be your life savior. The thing is you have to engage your customers to take your business to next level. And ignoring their feedback makes the graph of your success lower. So, once you are done with collecting their opinions, don’t just sit down. It’s only the beginning. Enlist both positive and negative feedback and plan to keep up the good things about your business while reducing the bad sides one by one.

Always remember, the early you start taking actions of eliminating the negative points, the sooner your name will flourish. Needless to say, it will then help you reach to more and more customers resulting in better sales rate. 

7. Up-to-date

In this modern world, everyone is up-to-date. You should be aware of what is trending. You can make changes in your stall to make it more interesting. When someone visits your shop, s/he should definitely be informed of your newness in the collection. Explain to them in detail what services or products you are featuring this season.

Such extra offers in holiday seasons are the real charm bringer for any business. People love discounts and when you pair them with novelty, the value will simply be doubled and so does the number of your customers. 

8. Be Helpful

In everyday life, we face numerous problem. A customer is not exceptional than that. Many customers face various issues related to a bank account and credit card. In the time of payment, they feel embarrassed after purchasing the product. Be helpful, don’t make a scene, just calmly inform them such issues has happened and ask them whether they have any other alternate way of payment.

9. Make them Astonished

There is no one in this world who doesn’t like surprises. You can surprise the customers while visiting your shop twice or thrice calling them by their name. If the customers are there for shopping something for their birthday, give them a discount as a gift from your shop.

10. Happy face

A happy face helps to forget the stress of the customer when they come for the first time in your shop. This happy face will work like a magic wand to your customers to visit your shop again. A warm welcome will give them a friendly environment.

To conclude

These are the most practiced customer service tips that big organizations are following since the last few ages. And you can also set your business to run in full swing by adopting the tips. However, while carrying out these tips, make sure you’re feeling as well as showing your genuine feelings towards your customers.

Otherwise, your artificial gestures may irritate some visitors resulting in a trend of never visiting your shop again. So, it’s important you do give full effort confidently to keep folks coming to enjoy your services.

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