661+ Top Dating Blogs and Pages Names

It is human nature to attract to their opposites and gradually fall into relationships. Once they are in a relationship, they tend to pass most of their time with their partner and therefore they seek some communication mode to be on touch. Also, many of the partners try to impress each other and find different ways to do that.

Top 15 Dating Blogs Of The World

Lucy Goes Dating – This blog is one of the most recommended dating blogs and has been listed as one of UK’s Top 10 Dating Blogs. With more than 100 posts, this blog gives you the perfect advice on how to find true love.

A Dating Dad – This blog as the name suggests is written by a 30 something father of four kids. After the breakup of his 18 year old marriage, the founder of this blog decided to turn to writing to help him cope with this shock and that is how the blog started. 

Never Settle – This blog is run by Eve Greenow. She Started this blog in 2014 after she ended a 4 year old toxic relationship. She thought it was important to put her story out there and help others not make the same mistake as her. The blog mostly is a community for women daters giving them advice about dating, health and love. 

Rainy Bay – This blog is a unique combination of a dating  and mental health blog. Providing its readers with a no nonsense guide towards dating, this blog helps you deal with the problems of modern day dating. It provides a lot of tips to get over heartbreaks and how to prevent dating mishaps.

Alice in Wonderlust  –  This blog is written from a unique perspective. The posts in this blog range from personal dating stories, review of dating books and apps, funny, light hearted stories to deep, thought provoking words of wisdom on dating.

No Bad Dates Just Good Stories – Run by Lauren, a blogger residing in London, this blog brings you with some fascinating stories about dating and relationships. Her philosophy is that bad dates also teach you life lessons can become interesting stories for you  to share with your grandchildren.  She thinks of her dates as learning experiences and shares her stories with the world. 

The Girlfriend Experience This anonymous blog does not reveal much about its writer apart from the fact that she is based in London and remained single for the past 8 years.  This blog is perfect for all the single people out there, as the main aim of the blogger is to make them realize that they are not alone. 

It’s Not Me It’s You –  This dating blog is run by Laura Lovejoy. Her unique life story of becoming a stepmom when she was only 23, not particularly sharing a strong bond with  her in-laws and having a history of dating the wrong men, makes her a very experienced person to give out dating tips. 

Dater Analysis – This blog is run by a psychological therapist who writes extensively about love, relationship, dating, sexual health and the psychology behind all the emotions that human beings face.  We know that this blogger is in her 30s and is a resident of London. There are numerous posts sharing stories of her ridiculous dates.

Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This Before –  Like a lot of the others, this blog too is run by someone based in London. Written by a man who has already crossed 40, this blog uses wit and humour to tell you stories and anecdotes which have mostly generated from the bloggers personal experiences. 

Belle of Balls –  Meandering through the world of modern dating and love, this 30 something writes raw, fresh and honest posts about her dates. The blog aims to make women confident and accept themselves.

Southern Georgia Bunny –  A failed Tinder date made the writer of this blog to take up blogging. Since then she’s been churning out numerous articles about dating in the modern world, love, friendship and fashion.

40 Days of Dating –  Run by two close friends, Jessica and Timothy, this blog runs a unique social experiment. Tired  of dating the wrong people they decided to date each other for 40 days and the posts usually share quirky details of their dating life.

Buzzfeed Dating Blog –  If you are looking for some quick, amusing dating tips to kill time or while you are travelling, this blog is the place to go.

 Single Dating Diva –  This blog is the best when it comes to providing some practical dating tips. It is irresistibly readable and shares some strong advice.

Most of the dating blogs searched by these partners, teach them ‘how to’ stuff in a dating relationship. These days, these blogs have high traffic as most of the people are involved in dating culture.  Dating blogs have more hits than any other in the globe. 

Dating blog name ideas for your interest in the relationships

Total Meet

Love Lonely

Date Match

Private Chat

Together Connect

Chat Close

Seeing Grace

Date Charm

Ensemble You

Package Hearts

Absolute Ability

Attraction Coach

Black Love Advice

Conquer & Win

Someone You

Timing Marriage

Romantic Time

Couple Goals

Grace Cosy

Chat Snuggle

Date Hug

Love Friends

Date Dating

You Flirt

Couples Connect

Total Charming

Timing Kiss


Dating Advice Guy

Dating and Other Stories

Dating Coach SOS

Dating Success Blog

Meet Intimate

Date Hug

Together Charm

Whole Attract

Grace Gallant

Couples Desire

Seeing Cosy

Timing Hearts

Whole Friends

Love Bride

Overall Spark

Private Wife

Soul Romance

Entire Paradise

Soul Cozy

Meet Snuggle

Ensemble Lonely

Together Match

Date Partner

Love Desire

Entire Marry

Soul Hearts

Private Husband

Overall Cozy


Drawing Down the Moon

EZ Dating Coach

Gotham Club


Someone Private

Date Single

Love Soulmate

You Personals

Total Cupid

Meet Partner

Package Spark

Entire Bonding

Meet Wife

Overall Bride

Private Romantic

Connect Proposal

Whole Dating

Twin Chat

Yoke Partner

Pair Partner

Twin Romantic

Duet Cuddle

Brace Personals

Duo Pair

Love in 90 Days

Love Systems



Practical Happiness

Mate Couple

Span Snuggle

Duo Intimate

Pair Dating

With Union

Shared Grace

Joint Friends

Along Match

Both Kiss

Mutual Cosy

Apart Hearts

Both Eden

United Chat

Joint You

With Charm

Across Court

Along Wife

United Snug

Both Date

Mutual Chat

Mutual Private

Two Single

Along Eden

Both Desire

Whole Soul

All Private

Entire Dating

Combined Kiss

Dating Blog Names

Mutual Snug

Entire Relationship

Both Soulmate

Honey Bonding

The Dating Directory

The Love Destination

The Urban Dater


Lovesick Sparks

Dear Soulmate

Flirt Cupid

Boyfriend Chat

Balloons Kiss

Like Friends

Adoration Singles

Fall in Love Charm

Candy Cupid

Passion Desire

Eros Husband

Admirer Court

Cherish Flirt

Card Bonding

Beloved Pair

Devotion Grace

Romantic Soul

Charmed Match

Darling Bond

Fiancee Hug

Poem Attract

Valentine Lonely

Gift Cupid

Beau Dating

Sweetheart Cuddle

Pink Eden

Amourous Bride

Crush Personals

Yearning Chat

Love Romance

Fond Greeting

Flirt Romance

Dove Romance

Rose Honey

Beautiful Crush

Romantic Date

Fond Girlfriend

Kiss Beautiful

Darling Passion

True Love

Flirting Passion

Romance Connect

Beautiful Cuddle

Beautiful Flirt

Passion Charm

Fond Personals

Romance Partner

Passion Pair

Romance Court

Timeline Love

Delay Desire

Pace Single

Speed Bride

Blogging is a great profession these days as it fetches a good income for the family or an individual. Blogs are created to showcase an individual’s talent. The best advantage of a blog is that a reader can communicate with the blogger through it.

Trending Dating Blog Names

Top Dating Pages Names

A blog is updated on a regular basis and hence, you can always get fresh information on it. An individual creates a blog to earn money and a business creates it to promote the business.

The posts on a blog get the attention of a reader and in the same way, a blog name catches the eyes of a reader and make them engage in it. 

-Dream Date

-Date Night Blog

-Find Love Today

-Candle Light Dinner


-Design Your Love

-Perfect Match

-Amore Dating

-Expert Dating Advice

-You Deserve Better Than That

-Sugar Daddy Dating Blog

-Finding Love


-Match and Tip


-Date Spark

-Love Sparkle

-Dating Tips For You

-Ask Men

-Meet Mindful

-The Love Expert

-Cupid’s Helping Hand

-Cupid’s Hut Online

-True Love Dating

-All the Good Men

-Forever and Ever

-Media Match

-Perfect Couple


-Bull’s Eye Romance

-New Love, New Life.

-Everyday Lovable Blogs

-Unforgettable Dates

-Passion Tonight

-Sweet Love Clove

-Love Lust and Relationships

-Fruitful Dating

-Singles Searching

-Yummy Date

-Love to Date

-Just the Two of Us

-True Colors Dating

-Man in Demand

-Happily Ever After Dating

-All Strung Out on Love and Dating

-Love on Repeat

-Attraction Chronicles

-Love a happy hour

-Second chance to get lucky

-Flirt Magazine

-Love Guide

-Grandma Dating Tips

-Love Me Tinder

-Make Right Choices

-Love Honey

-Plenty of Soul Mate

-Missed Connections

-Blind Date Buddy

-Fast Cat Chat

-Amorous Tips


-Luv is in the air

-Romance Station

-In Love Online

-My Loving Arms Blog

-Oh She Glows

-Bound by Love

-The Loving Side of Life

-The Right Pick

-Tinder Times

-Date Spots

-Date Night

-Date Alerts

-Date Guides

-Love Links

-Steamy Date

-Love and Lust

-Gone For Love

-Romance Me

-Find Love Again

-I Love Dates


-Gettin’ Hitched

-Second First Date


-Starry Eyes

-Love and Snuggles

Dating Pages Names

-My Cupids Arrow

-Walk on the Wild Side

-Cupids Searching

-Loving You is Easy

-Spice Flirt

-Relationship Stylish

-Relationship Radiance

-Graduation Relationship

-Audit Dating

-Cloning Dating

-Romance Scallop

-Synergy Relationship

-Relationship Range

-Cling Dating

-Flirt Controller

-Dating Devilish

-Romance Brat

-Miner Relationship

-Flicks Dating

-Dating Electric

-Flirt Lecture

-Romance Snack

-Romance Hollow

-Dating Blooming

-Romance Coil

-Relationship Pastures

-Dating Openings

-Recording Dating

-Snip Dating

-Romance Ruffle

-Dating Sink

-Relationship Sirens

-Dating Haze

-Dating Parallel

-Dating Eternity

-Dating Monitoring

-Dating Dividend

-Age is just a number

-Launching Dating

-Dating Swish

-Printing Dating

-Romance Acres

-Relationship Mint

-Consortium Relationship

-Romance Regime

-Relationship Stunt

-Relationship Salute

-Relationship Friendship

-Romance Hue

-Relationship Output

-Sink Dating

-Love is blind

-Dating Casting

-Flirt Freckle

-Romance Gonia

-Relationship Rivers

-Relationship Awesome

-Elm Relationship

-Dating Paces

-Relationship Mystic

-Dating Snuggle

-Relationship Sprinkles

-Romance Urgency

-Nave Relationship

-Dating Keeping

-Ether Relationship

-Flirting Teachers

-Dating Blink

-Dating Stardust

-Flirt Bonfire

-Bottom Romance

-Dating Winning

-Dating Decimal

-Jasmine Relationship

–Romance Ado


-Memo Relationship

-Romance Relay

-Twine Dating

-Dating Spur

-Flirt Mecca

-Risk Dating

-Romance Flora

-Relationship Tracing

-Relationship Bottom

-Limited Romance

-Pant Dating

-Flirt Captures

-Relationship Dearly

-Relationship Penny

-Bray Flirt

-Tripe Relationship

-Pea Relationship

-Relationship Peer

-Flirt Handler

-Groom Dating

-Helper Relationship

-Series Relationship

-The Kissing Booth

-Dating Something

-Flirt Lookout

-Dating Juniper

-Romance Coda

-Dating Snip

-Tactic Relationship

-Relationship Shred

-Lift Dating

-Dating Fliers

-Roman Cerises

-Flirt Financial

-Relationship Sighting

-Dating Sensitive

-Mud Dating

-Dating Deeper


-Taking Romance

-Keeping Dating

-Flirt Rosy

-Universe Relationship

-Kid Dating

-Dating Influence

-Franc Relationship

-Dating Lean

-Dating Creek

-Flirt Charters

-Dating Willing

-Transit Dating

-Romance Guesswork


-Dating Morning

-Relationship Conic

-Relationship Separate

-Flirt Adventures

-Relationship Dynasty

-Dating Revealing

-Relationship Console

-Joel Relationship

Trending Dating Pages Names

-Diversity Relationship

-Backwoods Relationship

-Verity Relationship

-Dating Everything

-Titanium Relationship

-Boys are Toys

-Properties Relationship

-Iron Romance

-Accuracy Relationship

-Romance Ramble

-Dating Tropic

-Relationship Seating

-Flirt Pathway

-Learning Dating

-Romance Percent

-Flirt Rebellion

-Flips Dating

-Romance Casters

-Dating Chemist

-Romance Praised

-Crystal Relationship

-Learner Relationship

-Relationship Chopper

-Relationship Flora

-Dating Feelings

-Romance Ambition

-She’ll be yours

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