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Day of the Dead: 65+ Greetings, Messages, and Quotes

The Day of the Dead is celebrated on 2nd of November every year. It is a Mexican festival which is celebrated mostly in the central and south regions of Mexico. People with Mexican heritage commemorate this day in the memory of their loved and closed ones who have left this world.

Day of the Dead Greetings:

-A wonderful day to remember our dear and loved ones. Happy Day of the Dead holiday to you and your family. Let us together pray for their souls.

-The one who departs from this world, never really leave us. They still stay in our hearts and soul. In the memory of those, I wish you a happy Day of the Dead holiday/

-Today, with lots of respect and love, let us remember our ancestors and seek their blessings and love—best wishes to you and your family for this Day.

-The loss that we have got with our closed ones’ demise can never be taken back. But still, we can always pray for their happiness and peace. I hope you would have a happy celebration for the Day.

-The Day Of The Dead brings us together to recall all the good memories with the ones who are no longer with us. 

-May you and your family spend this Day happily remembering the good times.

-With best wishes for your dear ones, sending happy greetings to you on the Day of the dead eve. 

-Our ancestors would undoubtedly be satisfied knowing that we remember them with so much love.

-Let us gather together and pray for our loved ones who are not with us anymore. Wishing you a lovely day of the dead, and I hope you will celebrate it well.

-Go on, bring out your lovely costumes and masks, and have some fun with your loved ones. A good day of the dead holiday, and I hope you will have a good day ahead.

-Have small parties and enjoy with your friends on this holiday. This Day of the dead, let us all get together and have a good time celebrating and wishing you all the good and joyful wishes from my side—cheers to this holiday.

-This Day is all about remembering our loved ones and celebrating with all our love and respect for them—lots of good wishes and greetings on this joyful occasion of the Day of the dead Day.

-We are nothing without our ancestors’ blessings, and hence on this very auspicious occasion of the Day of the dead, let us all pray for our ancestors’ good gifts—an enjoyable day of the dead to you and your loved ones.

-On this Day, gather all your family members to remember all the good memories you once had with your loved ones. I hope you find solace and pleasure by doing so—cheers on this lovely Day.

-On this Day, let us all promise ourselves not to get broken by the fear of death. A good day of the dead holiday to you, and I hope you have a good time.

-Let us be nostalgic and remember all the good times that we had with our loved ones—wishing you a lot of happiness on this holiday.

Day of the Dead Messages:

-Death is a natural and inevitable part of human life. The matter is all about accepting this part of our life and living accordingly.

-The blessing that we get from our ancestors is priceless. On this day, we should pray for their peace and happiness and hope that they are in a better place.

-They may leave our place as a person, but they can never leave our heart and soul. This day spreads this message in every part of this country—cheers to this joyful occasion of the dead’s day.

-Today, we should not forget about the brave ones who have sacrificed their lives for someone or something. Let us together show massive respect to them and their families.

-One day, death would surely come our way. In fear of death, one should not stop living their life—cheers to this day.

-A life without any fear is the best life lived. We should learn to give our best and live life fully without having a fear of death.

-This is not meant for sorrow and grief. Instead, this day tells us to celebrate it with happiness with our loved ones’ memories and show our love for them.

-We should have immense respect for the dead, and we should never forget them. Hence this day is celebrated to pay our respect and deliver our love to the deceased people. 

-On this day, we should all come together and pray that may the souls of our loved ones rest in peace. A happy day of the dead holiday. Cheers to this lovely holiday.

-Let us all spread the message that death should also be welcomed in the same way we welcome birth. 

-Death should not be about grief and sorrow, and hence this day should be celebrated with love and joy.

-Our culture is the one that welcomes death in a very positive way, and hence we should always keep this positivity within us and pass it on to our next generations by celebrating this day. 

Day of the Dead Quotes:

“He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory,abides with us more potent-nay, more present-than the living man.” 

~ Antonio de Saint-Exupery.

“We never bury the dead,son. We take them with us. It’s the price of living.”- Mark Goffman and Jose Molina. 

-Sleepy Hollow

“People fear death even more then pain. It’s strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. 

~ Jim Morrison.

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