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46+ Best Dinner Party Invitation Wording Ideas

A dinner party is a space of spontaneity from all of our planned daily lives. A dinner party can be of two categories, one that you can have with all your business colleagues and work proximities while the other consist of a group of people who you love and are close friends.

While both of them have their own kind style of celebrations, but what matters is that the dinner parties are a fun-filled event where everyone is feasting together with joy in their hearts.

If you are planning a dinner party in the future, then you’re probably worried about sending the invitations and the wordings it shall contain. 

So here is list of invitation wordings that you can use for the purpose of inviting people to your dinner party-

Dinner Party Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Me and my wife have decided to throw a casual dinner party at our place for no reason at all. Please join us on (date) for a leisure time.
  • It’s has been a very long time since we hosted a dinner party, so our confidence is shaken and we will need you by our side on (date) for the party.
  • My wife insisted on sending a very formal invitation so here I am requesting your presence rather than inviting you at our dinner party on (date).
  • Sorry to distract from your stress induced daily job as me and my roommate are planning to throw a dinner party to which you are being invited at the moment.
  • We need to come to our home on (date) for the dinner party held in honor of our growing years that is being wasted on average jobs. See you on (date).

_I am here to provide you a fresh change from all your formal dinner parties. So please join us at our place on (date) for an extremely casual dinner party.

_Life support functions on many things, such as jobs, food, water and most importantly having fun. Hence you are invited to the dinner party held at our place on (Date).

_You have been stressing away at work for a very long time. So please let us invite you to our dinner party where you can come, eat, drink, and speak to our dogs.

_Hold on to your excitement as the time for our annual dinner party is finally here! So keep calm and join us for the party held at (location & date).

_You and the missus are being invited to attend our annual dinner party held at our place on (date). But you have to stay from time to time.

_Mr. and Mrs. Bowen would like to request your presence at the dinner party held in honor their 15th marriage anniversary. Please be there on (date & location).

_We, the Smiths has always had a reputation for organizing hell of a dinner party so we would like to give you a taste of it on (date) held at our place.

_The times have surely changed but not our friendship. We would be absolutely thrilled to have at our place on (date) for a get together dinner party.

__My wife said I forgot how to have fun so we are having a dinner party tomorrow at our residence. You are my friend and I’ll be needing you tomorrow sharply at (time).

_The ship of youth has sailed a long ago for us but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun anymore. So come at our place on (date) for an enjoyable dinner party.

_Our very own dear Scott has decided to hang his boots so we are throwing him a dinner party in honor of his years of services. Please be there on (date & location).

_There will be dinner and dancing but most importantly there will be some great friends under one roof. So please come at our place on (date) for a delightful dinner party.

_The (company name) would like to request for your warm presence at the dinner party celebration on (date). It will be a black tie event held at the (location).

_Melanie and I don’t actually need a reason to have some fun with our friends. So you better get ready for a fun dinner party held at our place on (date).

_As the lovely season of spring is upon us, we are going to celebrate it with a casual dinner party held at our home. We expect you to join us for the party on (date).

_You and the missus are cordially invited to be our guest at the dinner party arranged on (date) at the wonderful (location). We would be honored to have you.

_Some things in life can never change just like the fact you don’t like dinner parties. But I assure you this one will be different. So see you at our place on (date).

_On the 5th of (month), we are having a dinner party at our place for all our friends. As you are one of our closest ones, we expect you to be first.

_The (company name) requests the honor of your presence at the dinner gala on (date). Please be there at the (location) for a lovely evening.

_Jack is turning 60 on (date), so we have decided to organize a celebratory birthday dinner for his closest friends.  Please come and help us celebrate this joyous occasion.

_One thing I know about being a grown up is that never say no to a free dinner so as you are my friend I expect you do the same with my dinner party on (date).

_We can’t afford a profession entertainer for our dinner party hence we chose to invite you to attend the party on (date), held at our home premises.

_In order to settle a debate of who cooks better, me and my wife has organized a dinner party at our place on (date). You are welcomed as our guest and the judge.

_We thought we would never see this day but our son finally graduated. So we are throwing him a celebratory dinner party on (date) and you have to come.

_We, the Johnsons are extremely glad to invite you to our little celebration held at the newly opened (location). Please be there for the dinner party on (date).

_ (Company name) has arranged a dinner party for all of its staffs and colleagues on (date). Your presence is request at the (location).

_I have been promoted to be the Head of the Digital Marketing team. So long story short, you and your wife have to attend the celebratory dinner party on (date).

_We at the (Company name) would be absolutely delighted to have you as our guest at the annual dinner party held at (location) on (date).

_As you all know that our company has finally made that sale. So to celebrate, we are having a casual dinner party on (date). Please be present at the (location). 

_I lost a bet to my husband so as a challenge I have to organize a formal dinner party at our place. So please come and help me on the (date).

_I would like to invite you and the missus to the dinner party held at our place. So to sum up, we’d be eagerly expecting your presence on (date).

_When life makes you too philosophical then it is time to party and hence we are having a dinner party at our residence on (date). We’d be happy to see you.

_I need you to put on your dancing shoes and be there at our residence tomorrow at (time) for a great dinner and dance party.

dinner party invitation canva templates

What to write in a dinner party invitation?

  • Say why you are hosting the dinner party
  • Tell them you are looking forward to being a good host 
  • Mention the theme, if any 
  • Clearly mention that you want them to stay over for dinner 

How to respond to a dinner party invitation?

  • Let them know if you will attend the party 
  • Thank them for their gesture 
  • Mention how excited you are for the party 
  • Show appreciation for the host

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