101+ Best Dinosaur Birthday Sayings, Wishes And Quotes

Dinosaur birthday greetings seem too cute and lovely. You can use them for the birthdays of your dear ones. You can use these greetings especially for your kids and for other children, as they find them really attractive.

Mentioned below are some of the dinosaur birthday card greetings and sayings that you can share with them on their birthdays.

Dinosaur Birthday Card Sayings

  • Dino mite baby, have a dynamite birthday this year
  • Roar loud, silent the crowd, it’s your birthday
  • Your birthday night, and you are a Dino-mite, so cool and so right!
  • Roar like Dino and have blast like dynamite on your birthday! Happy birthday
  • Wish you the happiest birthday my cutest Dino kid! Enjoy your day
  • Be a king like Dinosaur and rule the world, after all, it’s your birthday, wish you all the luck today
  • It is your birthday which means today you are the ruler of this Jurassic Jungle, my cute little Dinosaur, wish you the happiest birthday
  • My Dino kid is brave and is the king and his birthday will also be celebrated like that of the kings, wish you a happy birthday
  • Dinosaurs are the kings and so is my baby, and today is his birthday, so today he will roar out loud
  • Roar Dino Roar! It is your birthday after all
  • Kids eat pastry, but Dinos cut cakes on his birthday! Happy birthday my baby boo Dino-mite!
  • Live! Long! Life! My Dino-mite!
  • Dinosaurs live for centuries and so will my little Dino-mite! Wish you the happiest birthday and long life my Dino-mite!
  • Kids play with toys, but Dino-mite plays with lives! Happy birthday my Dino!
  • Cheers to all! It is my Little Dino’s birthday!
  • Raise a toast to my Little Dino! It is his birthday!
  • Dinosaurs are legends, and so is my cute little birthday boy
  • Hey! My Dino! Where is your birthday cake!
  • Hey! Come and roar my Dino, and enjoy your birthday party!
  • My cute little Dino! Blow the candles and cut your cake!
  • Come to me and hug me tight! Dino, you are my dynamite! Happy birthday
  • I will all the love and luck to my Dino-mite, on his birthday! Happiest birthday to you!
dinosaur birthday card
  • Dinosaur roar, so do you my Dino-mite, happy birthday
  • Happy birthday, candles will be blown by my Dino-mite today!
  • Have a blast tonight! My Dino-mite! Happy birthday!
  • Stay safe! Enjoy hard, because you are the king tonight, my Dino-mite!
  • Hey! It is your happy birthday my Dino-mite! Stay safe and party hard!
  • Fill the balloons with air tightly, because you can not take my Dino’s birthday lightly!
  • Be ready to rock the Jurassic Jungle tonight my Dino-mite! Happy birthday!
  • Today my Dinosaur would bite, as he has his birthday party tonight! Happy birthday!
  • I wish long, happy years to my Dino-mite! Happiest birthday to you!
  • Who wants a great and unique dino paarrttyy!

Now, who could have forgotten the majestic creatures that roamed on the surface of Earth in the Jurassic era? And, if you come across the Best Dinosaur Slogans.

Dinosaur Birthday Sayings

  • Hey! My little Dino-mite come out of your cave, and cut your cake!
  • Fantastic birthday hours with my Dinosaurs! happy birthday my dear dyna!
  • It is time for my Dino mite’s birthday cake!
  • Come along and sing the song! Happy birthday, Dino-mite!
  • Jurassic Jungle is filled with joy! Because it is the birthday of my little Dino boy! Happiest birthday to my little dinosaur!
  • Don’t feel shy! Make no one cry! My little Dino boy, because it is your birthday, celebrate it with joy!
  • May my little Dino-mite always keep smiling and shining! Happy birthday cutie boy!
  • Happy birthday to my Dino girl, it is time for dance and whirl!
  • Raise your hands! Say out loud! Happy birthday to my little Dino princess!
  • Hey! My little Dino princess, it is your birthday, and here is your pink dress!
  • Dino princesses are always cute and charming! and if they also have their birthday celebrations they look even more pretty, just like my little Dino princess
  • Be awesome and have a roarsome birthday!
  • Roarsome birthdays are the most memorable ones! Wish you the same! Happiest birthday Dino-mite!
  • My baby Saurus! Has his birthday today!
dinosaur birthday card
  • Cheers! Because it is my baby Saurus’s birthday!
  • Hey! It is your birthday my little Dino, I have invited all thesauruses tonight for your birthday party!
  • Dinosaurs are meant to be celebrated every year! Wish you the happiest birthday My Dino-mite!
  • Today is Jurassic Jungle’s expedition because it is my little Dino’s birthday!
  • Hey! King Dino-mite is here, honor and welcome him with love and respect, it is his birthday after all!

Read out the Best Dinosaur Puns

  • I am all set to rock and roll my birthday Dino’s, Jurassic Jungle tonight!
  • Make your day memorable with the loudest roar in your Jurassic Jungle my little Dino!
  • Be the king of your Jurassic Park! Happy birthday my baby Dino-mite!
  • My dinosaur! Happy birthday to you, it is time for you to roar out loud!
  • Enjoy with your friends tonight my little Dino-mite, don’t roar and blast like dynamite! Tonight!
  • Once a Dino-mite, always a Dino-mite! Happy birthday my cute Dino-mite, it is your birthday party tonight! So sleep tight because you have to be awake the whole night!
dinosaur birthday card greetings

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