66+ Best Dinosaur Puns

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66+ Best Dinosaur Puns

Dinosaur was the world’s biggest carnivores which ever existed in the mankind, they were the ones who were the first creatures who were present on earth, but due to climatic distortions they got extinct and we see no glimpse of their existence. Below are some puns which will help you identify and acknowledge how did these creatures lived in their era.

Dinosaur Puns

  • What will the child who burned his toe during the dinosaur age be called; the child who was burned will be called Born-Toe-Saurus.
  • A dinosaur invites all the other dinosaurs for his anniversary party, guess what will the guest will write on the greeting cards, they will write “ happy anniver – saury ”. 
  • If a dinosaur dressed robber came to rob a bank; he had a lot of explosives, what will those explosives called din – o – mite !
  • What will a dinosaur girlfriend say when her boyfriend hurts her, she will say you mad my heart sour !

_ How will a dinosaur call his friend on a tea, he will send a text to all of them, “ you people are codly invited for Tea-rex at my place ”.

_ Imagine what grades will be given to dinosaur students, they will be given grades as good, fair i and rexecellent !

_ If you go to the market to purchase a coffee mug, you like a mug which has a dinosaur picture on it, what will you call that coffee mug as a “ COFFEE SAUR MUG ” !

_What will you call a dinosaur that never leave hopes and keep trying until he achieves an appropriate outcome, that dinosaur will be called “ TRY – TRY –TRY – TRY –CEROTOPS ” !

_ What will a dinosaur called who does not has eyes and cannot see, that dinosaur will be called “ NON – EYE – SAUR ”.

_ What will a park called which has both dinosaur and pigs in it, that park will be called as the “ JURASSIC PORK ” !

_ What will a dish called which consist of both dinosaur and pig meat in it, the dish will be called “ BACONSAUR ” !

_ One day a dinosaur organized a soup part at his house what do you think would be the soup the dinosaur will prepare, he will prepare a “ HOT AND SAUR ” soup !

_ Once a dinosaur ordered a lot of t – shirts for his friend what do you think would be written on the t-shirt “ EXTINCT TOGETHER AND FOREVER ” !

_ What will a shop be named if it is of a dinosaur and the products sold in that shop are t-shirts and blouses, the shop will be called “ try saurus store ” !

_ If a group of dinosaurs go for shopping in a mall what will that event be called, that event will be called as “ Dino shopping ” !

_ What will it be called if momma dinosaur take her baby dinosaur for an outing, the baby dinosaur will tell his friends that his mother took him to the “ DINO DAY OUT ”.

_ A dinosaur went out with his girlfriend for drinks, guess what drink would both of them order, ” REX ON THE BEACH ” !

_ What carpenter tool will a dinosaur use, the dinosaur carpenter will use “ DINO – SAW ” !

_ Why do you think that the dinosaur are the heaviest animal on earth, it is so because dinosaur have a lot of scales in his body !

_ The dinosaur committee build a strong police force to protect themselves from crimes, what will be those police called, they will be called “ TRICERACOPS ” !

_ Once there was fear in the village where the dinosaur lived, there were rumors of ghost in the village imagine what will be those dinosaur ghost will be called, “ SCAREDACTYLE ” !

_ Every time there is a feast which is held in the Jurassic park can you guess the name of that feast; the feast will be called as “ carnivore ”.

_ If you see a dinosaur sailing a boat what will be that dinosaur called, “ SAILASAURUS ” !

_ Once a lady went on a fancy dress with a Jurassic park theme, wearing a red dress, the other day she complained the cops for her abuse, the abuse was men called her “ SLUTTY SAURUS ” !

_ What will the whores in the dinosaur community be called, the community of that whores will be called as “DINO – WHORE ” !

_ If there is a sale in the dinosaur mall what will be that sale be called, “ MEGA –SALE – SAUR ” !

_ What will the dinosaur be called who writes theorems; these dinosaurs will be called as “ theoramsaurus ” !

_ What will be the dinosaur called who fixes bulbs and is a electrician, he will be called as “ bulbasaurus ”.

_ Some troops of dinosaur were declared as terrorist, what will those dinosaur be called, these dinosaurs will be called, ” terrordactyles ” !

_ Why do dinosaur make the most efficient computers, this is because they have the most powerful and efficient RAM !

_ The most ironic fact of Dinosaur is that we are writing puns on them and they are held back extinct and have no idea at all !

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