110+ Best Dream Quotes By World Famous Personalities

Dreams are mind’s way of storytelling that may be some past experience, forgotten memoires, clipping or feeling lying within the heart. This happens voluntarily during rapid eye movement.

The other kinds of dreams that are seen opened eye while we are wide awake. It is assumed that every one dreams bit only a few have that calibre to full fill their dreams, it requires a lot of patience, determination and hard work. 

Dream Quotes By World Famous Personalities

  • I dreamt of things that no mortal ever dream of standing deep in the peering darkness, fearing, doubting and wondering. – Edger Allan Poe 
  • I dreamt of dreams, wondering, fearing, doubting and wondering while standing in peering deep darkness.  – Edger Allan Poe
  • One can meet success unexpectedly in common  hours if one moves forward in the direction of his dreams with confidence and endeavours to live his life the way he has always thought of it. – Henry David Thoreau
  • If you wish to meet success and fame on unexpected common time, you must start moving towards your dreams with confidence and do activities that enable you to live a life that you have always dreamt of. – – Henry David Thoreau

If you move toward the direction of your dreams with lots of confidence and get indulged in activities that enable you to live a life which you have always dreamt of, you will meet unpredicted success in common hours. – Henry David Thoreau

_ If you are a dreamer, you will see the dawn before any one else can. That is your punishment but you can also find your way in moonlight. – Oscar Wilde

_ You will be able to find you way even in moon light and get to see dawn before any body else can that will be your punishment if you are a dreamer.  – Oscar Wilde

_ I might be so sick of running after my dreams that I might simply ask other people what are they going to do and later on go after them.  – Mitch Hedberg

_ I might ask other people as to what are them going to do and later on hook on to them, that sick I am of my own dreams.  – Mitch Hedberg

_ I do not understand that how is it possible for eye to see dreams so clearly and imagination does not become so clear when we are awake? – Leonardo da Vinci

_ It is difficult for eyes to imagine things when we are awake but eyes can see very clear dreams when we are sleeping. I do not understand that! – Leonardo da Vinci

_ Eyes might not be able to imagine things so clearly as they can see dreams while sleeping. – Leonardo da Vinci

_ If you do not sweat, do not have determination or do no hard work, dream of a dreamer will not become reality. It does not happen with magic.  – Colin Powell

_ It is not magic that makes the dream of a dreamer a reality. It is sweat, determination and hard work.  – Colin Powell

_ You can call myths as public dreams and dreams as private myth. – Joseph Campbell

_ Our characters have a touch stone. They can be called our dreams. – Henry David Thoreau

_ If you turn your dreams into silver and gold, you are most pitiful man. – Khalil Gibran

_ Dreams can be turned into gold and silver by men who are among most pitiful. –  Khalil Gibran

_ Dreams can move the heart of men so do not dream any strong dream. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

_ If you look out side, you will dream. If you look inside, you will stay awake. – Carl Jung

_ In order to dream, you must look on the outside. If you want to awake, you must look on the inside. – Carl Jung

_ We need to have the courage to pursue them, all our dreams can come true. – Walt Disney

_ If we have the courage to chase our dreams, they will surely come true. – Walt Disney 

_ If you believe in the beauty of your dreams, the future is yours.  – Eleanor Roosevelt 

_ The future is yours if you believe in the beauty of your dreams.  – Eleanor Roosevelt

_ Life becomes a broken winged bird that cannot fly if your dream dies. So hold hast to them.  – Langston Hughes

_ The knowledge of unconscious activities of mind can be now known by travelling the royal road of interpreting dreams. – Sigmund Freud 

_ Before your dream can come true, you need to dream them.  – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

_ In order to get your dream to come true, you need to dream them.  – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

_ Your dream will not come true if you do not dream them.  – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 

_ Today’s memory is yesterday and today’s dream is tomorrow. – Khalid Gibran

_ To make your dream come true, you should do all that you can. – Joel Osteen

_ It is an evasion to day dream. – Thomas Merton

_ To live, it is necessary to dream. – Anais Nin

_ A pragmatic way is called a dream. – Aldous Huxley

_ It always happens that great dreamers have great dreams which are transcended.  – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 

_ It is my dreams that you tread on. Hence tread softly. – William Butler Yeats

_ Dreamers are lonely because drams have just one owner at a time. – Erma Bombeck

_ Dreams should never be surrendered or negotiated. They must fly free in the high sky. It is just you who has a right over their dreams, no government or legislature has it. – Jesse Jackson 

_ Leap of imagination or dreaming is needed not to lose the excitement of possibilities. You can also called dreaming a form of planning. – Gloria Steinem 

_ Great things can only be accomplished not only by acting but also dreaming, not only by planning but also believing.  – Anatole France 

_ It is dreams that are real, it is reality that is wrong. –  Tupac Shakur 

_ Mother of counsel is called night. – George Herbert

_ Man’s dreams might be put to shame by god’s gift. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

_ It is a good kick in pants is all you need to go a long way, just your dreams are not taking you anywhere. – Baltasar  Gracian

_ Either life can be a dream or a fear. – Joseph Conrad

_ You will cease to live when you cease to dream. – Malcolm Forbes

Waking up is the best way to make your dream come true. – Paul Valery 

_ It is dreams and anguish that are required to bring us together. What separate us is ideologies. – Eugene Ionesco

_ We will die when we can not dream any longer. – Emma Goldman

_ Dream like you are going to live forever. Live like you are going to die today. – James Dean

_ First we dream then anything is going to happen. – Carl Sandburg

_ Real dreams take a lot of work, patience, and some time required digging down very deep. So when you have  a dream, you cannot let go of, do actions that you are able to achieve it. – Harvey Mackey 

_ An awful mount of self determination, dedication and self discipline is required is order to make our dreams reality. – Jesse Owens

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_ My dreams frighten me enough, I do not need to do drugs. – M. C. Escher 

_ While dreaming a man is a genius. – Akira Kurosawa 

_ Before you ride them, you need to saddle your dreams. – Mary Webb

_ Dreams are where all the things that are being forgotten scream. – Elias Canetti 

_ Scientific fact are called dreams. – Robyn Hitchcock

_ It is dreamer that talks about their dreams. Writers write about it. – Jerry B. Jenkins

_ Dreams do not come true because you want them to, they do because you worked hard for them. – Rakhshan Nadeem 

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