111+ Best Drug Quotes and Sayings

Drugs are basically formed of medicine, but now this word is becoming more disgraceful and infamous, because now it is turning more in to like a bad and addictive habit specially in youngsters, that ultimately lead them to the wrong path once they start taking these drugs some of them are like Marijuana, weed, LSD, coke and so on.

One should maintain a safe distance from them in order to achieve some thing good in life, because once some one gets trapped in it can never come out of it, and it turns into an addiction. Mentioned below are some drug quotes and sayings.

Drug Quotes and Sayings

  • Drugs are like a trap for you, in which if you get trapped then you can never escape from it no matter how hard you try! Say no to drugs
  • Drug can never be a solution but only a blunder in some one’s life
  • Say no and never to drugs! And follow it all through your life
  • It is only you who can bring a change, it is you who can keep not only yourself but also keep others away from drugs and it is only you who can make this world a better place to live in! so always have faith in yourself and pull your socks up to change the world
  • Don’t listen to anyone but only to your parents learn all good that your parents tell you and leave behind all the bad that you may see around you like drugs
  • You may overcome of any depression in life but once if you decide to resort on these drugs to overcome your pain and depression then this would be your decision you may ever take

_ One should never try to overcome their isolation and depression through drugs, because it will worst than your depression to you

_Drugs take you away not only from your family  but also from yourself! Say no to drugs and always maintain a safe distance from these drugs

_ Don’t do drugs, because the beginning of drugs lead you towards the end of your life

_ Stay away from drugs, to achieve something big in life

_ Distance yourself from drugs, else these drugs will distance you from your life

_ Don’t let drugs enter in your life, because they come in, every other thing goes out

_ Only cowards resort to drugs to get away from their problems

_ Be courageous and never resort to drugs to get rid of your problems because they rather, end you up in the bigger problem, instead of getting you over it

_ If you really think that drugs can be the only solution to your melancholic life, they you can never get over this melancholic nature of your life

_ Drugs can never be a solution to anyone’s problem, because they themselves are a grave problem

_ Drugs can never be a solution to one’s problem as they are themselves a great disaster to one’s life

_ Drugs are never be your last resort because you have enough courage in you that you would never need them

_ Drugs can never be a last resort in one’s life, no matter how grave problem there may be in one’s life, it can never be greater than the one that these drugs would bring with themselves, once they enter in one’s life

_ Close your doors for these disastrous drugs, as nothing can be more disastrous than these drugs are 

_ Potassium Cyanide is not a way to die always; taking drugs is itself a slow poison! Distance yourself from the drugs and from the ones who take them too

_ Potassium cyanide is the quick way to die, drugs are the slower ones! Keep yourself safe, stay away from drugs

_ When you enter in these drugs once, and then there is no way out always remember! So stay away from them and keep yourself safe

_ Drugs are like curse, not only to you but also to your family and friends who care and concern for you

_ Don’t curse your life with drugs, because there is no way out once when you enter into it! Distance yourself from drugs as much as you can

_ The lesson for the day is D3 – Don’t Do DRUGS!

_ Drugs are like curse in one’s life which are devastating not only for you but also for your family! Keep yourself away from drugs!

_ Never indulge into drugs, because there is no way out once you step into this swamp of drugs! Keep yourself away from these drugs always! 

_ One should never indulge himself, into these drugs because they would just waste oneself and his life too! Always maintain a long distance from drugs and drug addicts too!

_ When you really be a drug addict, you not only waste yourself and your life, but also hurt your family and your friends equally! Maintain a long distance from these drugs always!

_ The ones who might have ever said that drugs are cool and good, they are already wasted in their lives, so just look at them take a lesson from them! Keep yourself away from these drugs that are always a curse in one’s life

_ Drugs are profane, keep them away from yourself

_ Drugs are only a misfortune in one’s life! Distance yourself from drugs

_ Misfortune is what drugs bring to your life, so stay away from them always

_ Misfortune is automatically invited once you indulge yourself in drugs

_ Stay sacred, as drugs are profane, so stay away from drugs 

_ If you really feel that drug is a herb then, you a heading yourself towards a devastating

_ If one really feels that drugs are like herbs, then one is just moving towards the end of his life! So always distance yourself from these drugs

_ Drugs are never wonderful, but rather they are hateful! Keep in mind that you should always keep yourself away from these drugs

_ The ones who are unable to handle drugs by themselves, reality is just like a cane for such people

_ Drugs can never be a legal or illegal way for overcoming from your intolerably painful and dull life! Keep this in mind every moment

_ If you find drugs as a legal way for overcoming your intolerable pain and dullness then you are wrong!

_ Leave drugs behind move ahead in life, as with drugs you can never move ahead in life! Distance yourself from drugs

_ A long distance from the drugs is all what you should focus on, if you really wish to touch greater heights in life

_ Don’t be estranged from your families and friends by indulging yourself in drugs

_ Estrangement is the only thing that drugs brings to you, once you enter in to it! So better stay away from drugs every time

_ Don’t make drugs addictive, shameful and lonely, as if we look up at the other healthy societies they use drugs in a constructive and useful manner, so you should never showcase it as destructive, that in turn is isolating drugs from being used for greater and better purposes

_ Your only favor self destruction when you make drugs a part of your life

_ Indulging oneself in drugs is just a door to self destruction

_ Involve yourself in constructive works and not in your own self destruction by the way of drugs

_ Drugs are just another way of suicide! 

_ Resistance from drugs, resistance from self slaughtering

_ Self immolation is exactly what you do, when you involve yourself in drugs! Distance yourself from drugs

_ Pain, dullness and loneliness may come and go, but once you step yourself in to these drugs then there is no coming back! Better maintain a distance from these drugs!

_ Self immolation, self slaughter and self destruction is what these entire drugs make you do once you enter and indulge yourself into it

_ Drugs are not only profane, but also a way to self destruction! Better keep yourself at a distance from these drugs

_ These drugs are nothing but another way of self immolation and self slaughtering, that brings one’s life to an end

_ Better understand the future consequences of drugs before you indulge and involve yourself in to it

_ It is always better to understand the impact of something before we just enter and indulge into some thing unknowingly, so before entering into drugs understand that they only another way of self destruction

_ One should only enter into drugs when he/ she wishes to suicide

drug quotes and sayings

_ Enter into drugs only if you really wish to suicide, because remember that there is no way out, once when you enter and involve yourself into drugs

_ These dugs not only take you away from your close ones but also take you away from your true self

_ Put a closed door board for drugs

_ One should always distance oneself from these drugs, which are never beneficial, rather only destructive

_ No drugs! Please

_ I hate those who take drugs, because I very well understand its consequences, be the one like me

_ I am not fond of destroying my life with drugs! Be the one like me! And stay from drugs  

_ One should never be fond of destroying one’s own life, so always maintain a long distance from dugs

_ Drugs are not only the waste of your precious time, but also they ruin everything in your life, you self respect, your mind, your healthy and on the whole everything! So now you know what you should do! Say no to drugs

_ Always think of your parents of how they would handle you in your worst stages once if you enter into drugs

_ Always know right and wrong for yourself because only you can make a perfect decision for yourself! Keep yourself at a greater distance from drugs in order to make your present and your future a perfect one

_ If you really love yourself and care for yourself, then you would always keep yourself away from being addicted to drugs

_ Addiction is complimentary with self destruction, after you involve yourself in to drugs

_ Drugs are just the way to end your life, so save yourself from being destroyed! Keep yourself away from drugs

_ Think about your family and take your decisions wisely! Say no to drugs 

_ Say no to drugs and be successful in life as these worthless drugs can only lead you to the end of your life and ruin you completely! 

_ Drugs are worthless, and not only worthless but also a path that if you actually adopt will lead you to death

_ Addiction is never good for any one, but when it comes specifically  to drugs then it is worst! Say no to drugs and take the wise decision in your life

_ Leaving all your drug addiction behind is the only most wise decision you can ever take in your life because, drugs not only destroy you but also your family and your close ones too 

_ Drugs are and will always be worthless because, then are meant only to ruin your life and for nothing else, as they are like slow poison for a person

_ Be addictive to your hard work, be addictive to care for yourself and for your closed one, rather being addictive to drugs

_ Addiction to any or everything is bad, but when you say of an addiction to drugs then it is worst, in this case! Say no to drugs 

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