75+ Easter Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Psychology Sayings and Quotes 75+ Easter Quotes by World Famous Personalities

75+ Easter Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Easter, which is also known as the resurrection Sunday is a famous holiday and festival. This day commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death as mentioned in the New testament. Easter is not just about bunnies and eggs hunts.

If you are looking for some of the most inspirational and wisdom quotes of Easter, then you are at the right place. So, get into this holiday spirit with these Easter quotes to bring out the true meaning of this famous holiday. 

Easter Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • In order to prove the true meaning of love, God sacrificed himself on the cross. When he was hung on the cross and bled to death, it was his way of expressing love for the people. -Billy Graham
  • An innocent man did not hesitate at all before sacrificing his life on the cross. It was for the good of the people and also his enemies. This was a very generous act. -Mahatma Gandhi
  • Always remember that God loves all the people as if we are one and only in this world. -Saint Augustine
  • You might have noticed that a person will respond to you more if you tell that a great future awaits for them after leaving behind all their pasts. -Joel Osteen

_We all are sinners at some point. But after coming across Christ, I don’t think we are sinners now. -Joel Osteen

_One of the rule of my life is to treat God like a good of friend. -Dwight L. Moody

-You should try to light yourself. And when you do that you do not need tell other people to see that. It is because lighthouses do not shine to seek attention. People happen to notice it naturally. -Dwight L. Moody

_The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is a language that indicates the death of old thinking and birth of new thinking. -Deepak Chopra

_Do you know the what does the Santa Claus, tooth fairy and the Easter bunny means? They actually mean that they are the step that you should take to achieve faith and enhance your imagination. -Chuck Palahniuk

_It is better not to keep oneself abandoned from the world. It will only lead to despair. Instead celebrate Easter holiday and sing hallelujah with the people. – Pope John Paul II

_If you read the Bible, you will come to know that Jesus Christ had three motives. To forgive you and your past. To give a motive to live. And the last but not the least get you a place in heaven. -Rick Warren

_Jesus knows the right way and he will always guide you. -Jeffrey R. Holland

_You should feel blessed if you have mot witnessed it but still believe it. -John 20:29 

_The Easter egg actually indicates how much capable you are in breaking the hard shell that surrounds you. -Siobhan Shaw

_Winter will not stay forever and spring will never forget to come. -Hal Borland

__God demonstrates life as spiritual and essentially timeless through Easter. -Charles M. Crowe

_You should try to do everything out of love. -1 Corinthians 16:14

_I firmly believe in celebrating Easter, Christmas and I also believe in true love. Well, that does make me different. -Dolly Parton

_No matter how much you try to cut the flowers of a plant, you cannot stop spring from showing its wonder. -Pablo Neruda

_It will be a flower only when try to see it. -Henri Matisse

_Easter is a story of God giving a big surprise. -Carl Knudsen

_The resurrection has given me an opportunity to go in the right direction and build up things all over again without worrying about the situation. It has made my life more meaningful. -Robert Flatt

_Rejoice over the resurrection and do not feel weak or lonely anymore. Instead turn your despair into happiness, and strength. -Floyd W. Tomkins

_If you believe in Jesus Christ, you are no longer a sinner. You become a part of his family. You become his child with a good purpose. –Charles Stanley

_People celebrate Easter with their near and dear ones. Nothing can be a better holiday to spend with your family than to celebrate the journey of the life of Jesus. –Roma Downey

_God is all about love, grace, affection, inspiration and forgiveness. –William P. Young

_God has written the story of his resurrection in the books as well as in the spring time that is yet to come. –Martin Luther

_Easter Sunday means a lot to the Christians since we all celebrate the resurrection of Christ. –Bernhard Langer

 _Easter gives me a second chance to live which makes it a very important day for me. –Reba McEntire

_The curtain that separates eternity and time starts thinning during Easter. –Douglas Horton

_Jesus will bring me up from the dust and grave of earth. I trust him. –Walter Raleigh

_When a plant a tree in garden, it is a way of believing in your future. –Audrey Hepburn

_Shine your light before the others shine theirs. –Matthew 5:16

_Whenever I see a flower, I feel like that it is way of earth smiling at us. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

_The roots grow deep within the earth and it indicates that spring is about to enter. –Marty Rubin

_Easter is that time of the year where you can keep all the eggs in a single basket. –Evan Esar

_When the month of April arrives; it brings a spirit of enthusiasm along with it. –William Shakespeare

_Hope blooms along with a flower. –Lady Bird Johnson

_When spring comes; God shows what he can do with this world. –Virgil A. Kraft

_Easter always teaches us that there is no way love will ever die or life will ever end. –Kate McGahan

_The cross ends our ancient history and the resurrection begins a fresh history. –Watchman Nee

_Easter is another way of defining beauty. -S.D Gordon

_On the day of Easter we celebrate victory over defeat that we may have experienced. -Jeffrey R. Holland

_The best gift that Easter brings along with it, is the hope. -Basil C. Hume

_Spring and hope, both are known to have created on the very same day. -Bernard Williams

_Wherever you see withered and dry leaves, God finds beautiful flowers in them. -Albert Laighton

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