101+ Top Eating Disorder Blog Names

The blogs which are exclusive to health problems such as eating disorders are created to spread awareness of eating disorders.

We should be careful on the weight management journey, not to follow an eating disorder. A blog is a personal page online which is created by an individual to share their opinion and get comments on it.

Top 15 Eating Disorder Blogs of the World

BEDA’s Blog- In this blog the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) focuses on a lesser-known yet very common eating disorder- Binge Eating Disorder BED.

This blog includes advice and tips for people dealing with BED, clinicians, and the people who have BED themselves, and posts on lap band surgery.

The Friend I Never Want (ED)- This blog is a personal account of a person’s recovery. The posts are personal and candid covering everything from the challenges faced during recovery and what recovery means.

It also focuses on anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Project HEAL- Project HEAL is a non-profit organization that raises money for people who are suffering from an eating disorder and don’t have the funds to afford treatment.

Its blog includes personal stories and advice which provide accurate guidance about different things from believing in the process to the true meaning of body acceptance.

Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue- It is a great resource for those who want to identify and recover from an eating disorder.

It is maintained by Gürze-Salucore. The blog provides a variety of content including posts on healthy eating, personal stories, podcasts by healthcare professionals, vital steps for recovery, more.

Angie Viets — Inspired Recovery- It is a beautiful little place for those people who are stuck in recovery from eating disorders.

Angie suffered and recovered from disordered eating herself. She is now a clinical psychotherapist and certified eating disorders specialist, guiding people in their fight against eating disorders and leading a healthy life. 

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)- NEDA is a not-for-profit organization working in the domain of eating disorders.

The NEDA blog provides a platform for first-person accounts from the disordered eating survivors and their families.

It provides useful and relevant information about a wide variety of eating disorders, including recovery management, warning signals, etc.

Eating Disorder Hope- Eating Disorder Hope aims at providing resources, education, and motivation to the people suffering from eating disorders, their family and friends, and the healthcare providers.

It is a well-written and comprehensive blog that provides a wide range of content on all aspects of disordered eating and recovery, including the personal experiences of the survivors.

The Butterfly Foundation- Butterfly Foundation is an organization that helps people who suffer from eating disorders and negative body image issues.

Those who have been affected by eating disorders use the Butterfly Foundation blog as a platform to share their personal stories. These accounts provide an insight into the ups and downs of this journey.

Running with Spoons- Amanda, a survivor of disordered eating started this blog to help people lead a healthy life after their recovery.

Along with her stories, she also shares healthy recipes. This blog is an amazing resource for people who want to have a healthy correlation with food by preparing and appreciating nutritious, home-cooked meals.

BeautyBeyondBones- The blogger chronicles her battle with severe anorexia with powerful writing.

She is not a dietitian, therapist, or counselor- just a person who moving towards recovery one day at a time.

She portrays the true gravity of the eating disorder and provides an example to everybody that recovery is possible through her vulnerability. 

Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? – Dr. Stacey Rosenfeld, a clinical psychologist believes that a vast majority of women around the world have some sort of discorded relationship with food, ranging from minor insecurities to serious eating disorders.

Her blog has a wide range of content including personal experiences of survivors of disordered eating, cultural observations, and more.

And Then She Recovered- Ruby started this blog to share her brave and honest story. She is incredibly candid about her struggles with disordered eating and addiction.

She maintains this personal blog to motivate and inspire others suffering from the same problem through her honest confessions and poetic style of writing.

Kartini Clinic’s Eating Disorder Blog- This blog assists the children and the families who are being treated by the clinic, but this is a great resource for those who want to know about disordered eating and eating healthy meals in detail. Dr. Julie O’Toole, founder of Kartini Clinic often posts on this blog, sharing useful information on this subject.

Beat Eating Disorders- Beat is a UK charity that helps those suffering due to disordered eating and campaigns for them. Its blog is a platform to share personal stories by its supporters, covering real-life experiences on disordered eating and recovery.

Laura’s Soap Box- This blog was started by Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, mother of a daughter who once suffered from an eating disorder. In her blog, she writes about the effects of pop culture and society in promoting a negative body image and disordered eating. 

The one who creates a blog is called a blogger. Blogging was initially started to share the hobby and eventually grew as a profession.

Many individuals these days create blogs with the intention of earning money. Even business people use them as an online marketing tool.

The blog name is the head of the blog without which it is not possible to attain the desired result from the blog.

If you are looking forward to starting a healthy eating blog and searching a name for it? So do check out the best healthy eating blog names.

Ingenius eating disorder blog names for your health interest.

Diet Disorder

Food Disorder

Diet Menu

Sweet Dine

Healthy Bite

Healthy Dine

Diet Soup

Healthy Restaurant

Culinary Diet

Healthy Ate

Wrong Fit

Healthy Dry

Vegan Diet

Eats Diet

Chocolate Eat

Diet Baker

Meal Diet

Problems Life

Green Ills

Life Fresh

Pure Diet

Food Habits

Health Baker

Sugar Habits

Diet Habits

Drink Ate

Creative Health

Bio Lift

Beauty Tree

Care Diet

Run Care

Organic Diet

Fitness Therapy

Fitness Doctor

Care Medical

Fitness Body

Body Wellness

Active Trainer

Heart Training

Care Doctor

Safety Care

Training Flex

Hospital Life

Medical Insurance

Hospital Energy

Nutrition Spa

Strong Therapy

Strong Body

Medic Fit

Nutrition Diet

Shape Sports

Nutrition Pulse

Eating disorder is a mental illness that is characterized by irregular eating habits concerning body weight and shape. This can affect both males and females. Eating habits are usually a lifestyle choice.

The illness can affect eating behavior. In the eating disorder, there are various types such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder.

Looking for more? So do check out the top mental health blogs and pages names.

Top Eating Disorder Pages Names

This disorder impacts the overall health of your body by not getting appropriate nutrition. This eating habit can cause danger to the heart, digestive system, bones, and can lead to other diseases.

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