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175+ Superb Say No To Drugs Slogans

The most noticeably bad type of maltreatment for the human body originates from drugs. They obliterate a man from inside outwards.

It begins influencing the organs, in the long run, achieving the mind and can even wind up lethal when taken in a substantial amount or for quite a while.

Drugs are normally taken on the grounds that they appear to be a transitory arrangement of an issue or they give comfort by quieting the faculties, however that likewise demonstrates how impeding they can end up being to be to one’s well being.

Playing with the sensory system can never end up being great in the more run.

Best Say no to Drugs Slogans

  • Drugs take your life away
  • Stay sober and happier
  • Live longer, say no to drugs
  • Drugs are scary, being sober isn’t
  • Get high on life, not drugs
  • Drugs destroy families
  • Spread awareness and avoid drugs
  • Rehab is not shameful
  • Beat the addiction
  • Drugs are not your life

Are you one of the inquisitive youngsters who need to think about drugs? Drugs are a standout amongst the most dependent item utilized today. Every time you utilize a medication, you are killing yourself.

Drugs likewise lead you to a considerable measure of dejection and loneliness.

Drugs are rolled out of synthetic substances that improve the manner in which a man’s body or mind works. Medication clients will probably perpetrate wrongdoings, for example, robbery or strike.

The most widely recognized sort of medication is liquor. Liquor is diuretic. So drinking excessively makes you end up dried out, which can prompt dull, dry skin and untimely wrinkles. Drugs additionally influence your physical appearance.

It makes you look skeletal and thin. Drugs likewise cause dry mouth, teeth holding, and poor dental cleanliness. Along these lines, at whatever point offered a medication JUST SAY NO!

Here are the Catchy and Best Say no To Drugs Slogans

Just fly but don’t get high

Choose life, not a death

Always be ready to refuse

Abolish the enemy, abolish the drugs

Because drugs end all your dreams

Stay away from drugs, stay close to life

Be smart enough to refuse

There is no use of drug abuse

Stay drug-free, stay happy

Drug is the poison of your ambition

The drug is not an answer to any question

Stop abusing life with drug

No excuse for drug use

Losers are the drug users

Stop spoiling soul with drugs

Do not let drug drag you down

Drugs cost you life

Stop the process of slow poison in your life

Drugs are the weapons of mass destruction

Get tired of drugs before they get tired of you

Score high on grades and not on drugs

Be alert always as drugs hurt

Drugs transform you into someone you would have never dream of

Give hugs not drugs

Be free to be you, be free of drugs

Cocaine is for insane

Saying no is easier than getting rid of

Drugs make your life worst and remember life does not rewind

Tuning out of drugs is much cooler

Focus on getting higher in life and not on drugs

The healthy choice is always a happy choice

Drug user never grow old because they die young

Pull your plug out of drugs

Do not allow the drug to destroy

Save yourself, save future

Sometimes running away is a better choice

say no to drugs slogans

Weed is always a bad deed

Stop wasting money, stop wasting life

You are no more you when you are high

The drug is a death trap, so stay away

Enjoy the precious gift of life

Never let drugs trick you

Stop making your heart bleed by smoking weed

Drugs make you a slave, which you would never want to be

Drugs make your soul dead

The more amount you use, the fewer days you live

Stay away from the weapons of destruction

Drugs make you retarded

Saying No is not so difficult

Drugs never let you succeed

Be cool but don’t be a fool

More you use, more you lose

Say yes to life and no to drugs

Stop using heroin and be a hero

Stop smoking your life out

Never let drugs get in the way of your dreams

Do not waste your life by being wasted

Drugs are not the way to deal with stress

drugs can worsen your condition.

Drugs are full of Risk

Do Dope, You Lose

Don’t Drug, Be Healthy and Smart

Let’s Be Drug Free

Be healthy, Be Drug Free

Nobody wanna Marijuana which Spoils the Life

Need More Cash. Stop Hash

Drug will Change you, your life also

Drugs, are the Road of the Hell

i Chose Life, Not Drugs

Drug free is the way to be.

Drugs are like a knife which kills your entire life.

Don’t do drugs, don’t be a slave to chemicals

If you Start, People Say he is Drugist

I am not Chimney. that way not Smoking

Drug is not the answer.

i Always Refuse, Drug

Drugs! You have wasted You life

Eat Bugs not Drugs

The more you take,the Less you live

Do math, not meth.

Drug is the Looser, Life is Winner

if your aren’t drug free you can’t play with me.

Drugs are Tricks not Treats

Starting Drugs lead to addiction

Use your brain, don’t fry it

Keep calm and Choose Life

Make healthy choices

Drugs are for the Dummies

Heroin is no the Hero, life Is

The more you Use, the less you Live

Drug free is the Key of Life

Yes! i Pledged to Drug Free

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, if you are using Drug then you will not go far.

DEAD: Drugs end all Dreams

You are up with Hope ane Down with Dose

Do a good deed, Drop the weed.

Drugs gave me wings to fly, but it took away my blue sky.

Be the best you can be – be drug free.

Let’s Stand up aginst Drugs

Stay alive, Don’t take Drug

Drugs cost you more than just money

Drugs are retarded, and you started the Life

Drugs are not Cools, it makes you Fool

The drug makes your Family Cry

Hugs Not Drugs

Herbs are not for abuse

POt makes you Rot

Just say no to drugs

No Drugs are Fabulous

Its not Curious its Fool Furious

people become slugs when they do drugs

Be Good Deed, Forget the Weed

i hate Drugs, What about you?

Dont’ Get High, to Reach High

Refusing Drug is the Smarter People’s Choice

i am Smart Without Start

Life has not Rewind Button, So No drugs

Choose Life not Drugs

Be Friend of Pug, Not Drugs

A loser in life is a user in life.

Dont be Insane, Be Human Without Drugs

Always Say Hi to LIfe and Bye to Drugs

Drugs kill you Slowly and Entirely

Drugs only makes you Weak

Dont Go up your life with SMoke

Drugs: Choose not to use

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