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110+ Best Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes and Sayings

Eleanor Roosevelt was the American political figure, who always worked and advocated the emancipation of women and always favored the participation of women in the public sphere too. She always raised her voice for civil rights of people of women, Asian African and American Africans. She had been USA’s first lady. Mentioned below are some famous quotes of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes and Sayings

  • Be the lady like Eleanor Roosevelt, who always stood for the suppressed classes of the society, and make your living a worthy one
  • Never give chance to others to make you feel inferior
  • Live your life like an adventure, full of challenges, difficulties, imagination, because these imaginations make you more courageous and brave with time, and also make you independent for solving your problems, instead of waiting for others to do it
  • When you live your life well then it always results in a happy life
  • Happiness is the result of a properly lived life

_ Be happy and to be happy live your life well

_ It is you who takes decision for yourself, every time

_ Always remember it is only you who is responsible for all what is happening and what all has ever happened in your life

_ One should always keep in mind that he is the only one responsible for all what he has in life

_ Remember always that whatever you have or you may ever have in life is all on you and can never be blamed on anyone else

_ You can never blame any other person in life for what ever has happened in your life, in your present, in your past or may happen in your future

_ It is the challenges that you face in life and make yourself stronger and brave that further make you independent of facing all other newer difficulties which may come in your life

_ You can make happiness as your goal, because when you live your life well then happiness automatically comes to you

_ Don’t ask others to do something that you, yourself don’t wish to do

_ You can not ask others to something that even you yourself don’t wish to do

_ When you ask others to do something for you then keep in mind that will you be able to do the same thing or not

_ When you can not perform a certain task by yourself then how can you expect others to do it for you

_ One should never ask someone to do a work that he himself can not do it!

_ Always keep that curiosity in your life alive and don’t let it die ever

_ It is the curiosity that one should always keep alive in his/ her life for this curiosity is what makes your life even more interesting every time

_ Life that is full of curiosity turns out to be the more interesting one, so never let this curiosity go away from your life and keep it alive, never turn your back to it in your life

_ Happiness and contentment is all life brings to you once it is lived well

_ Our failures are always a secret behind our success

_ Always remember these failures always push you closer to your success

_ Every new lesson that you learn from your failures turns to be the key driver for your success

_ One should always keep in mind that, failures are always a part of life, and always turn to be an essential part behind your every achievement or your success in life

_ Always know that what ever may come to you in life has to be accepted by you, for you can never escape from it, so always face with all the best you can be

_ Accept every thing you receive in life for you have no escape from it, but what you can actually do is to face it with all your courage!

_ It is the most important fact that you should give your best, no matter whatever comes to you in life

_ Always keep in mind that, if you can not be a friend to yourself then you can never be friend to any one else in this world

_ Be your own friend is of utmost importance, for being a friend of any one else in this world

_ You can never have any friend in this world till you be a friend to yourself 

_ The best friend one can ever find is in him/ herself, because if you cannot be your own friend then you could never be some one else’s friend

_ Talk to yourself and be your own friend because no one could ever understand you in the way you can understand yourself

_ One can have no friends in life, till he is not a friend to himself, because it is all that matters

_ Need not to find a true friend in life because it is only you who could be your best friend

_ It only you, yourself who let others let you down and make you feel inferior than them

_ It’s always you who give others your consent that they make you feel inferior

_ Never take women lightly, because they me seem simple, but you can never understand that depth in them

_ Women are like tea bag, to understand that how strong they are you need to first put them in hot water

_ If some one ever makes you feel inferior then always remember that after all it was you who gave them a chance to do this with you

_ Women are deep like ocean, that you can never measure their depth, and to understand their depth you first need to step down in to deep waters

_ Never underestimate the strength of a woman, because you can never find yourself equivalent to their strength if you ever realize their true strength 

_ Stop paying attention to what others tell you about what you do, because the ones who criticize you will always do the same, but you have to follow the path that you feel is the right one for you

_ Criticism is the thing that you should always be ready to face, because the ones who are criticizing you today will be the same always, but then the final power lies in your hand, do what you feel is right for you and never give up

_ Always be ready to face criticism in life because these criticisms rather help you to carve out of yourself a better version of you

_ Take criticisms just like appreciations, because they will turn into one like the latter tomorrow in future

_ Make this your habit and do something that scares you every day for once

_ Always make efforts to overcome your fears, in order to make yourself more stronger

_ Face your fears every time, because just stepping back and escaping from them is not the solution in the end

_ Never let others know what you fear of, because you never know if they take advantage of this some day

_ Make your future beautiful, just have a faith and believe in your dreams

_ Keep yourself on the path of achieving your dreams and this will definitely make your future bright and beautiful

_ May be your past was not in your hands but your present and your future is all yours, you should be the sole proprietor of your life and your decisions

_ Experiences in life make you richer, even if you may not have the material wealth

_ Your living is successful only when it is full of experiences, as the experiences in one’s life are always pre eminent

_ May not wealth, but experiences that you earn are the true treasure in one’s life that make you richer

_ Your past experiences always fills you with curiosity and makes you fearless and also prepares you in a better way to face your brand new and rather enriched experiences

_ Always choose your friends wisely, because it is only true friends that leave behind their footprints on your heart 

_ Earn true friends in life that leave behind, their footprints on your heart and mind

_ True friend is the one who is always available for you and always stand by your side when ever you need him/ her

_ True friends are hard to find, so never loose the one whom you get it life

_ It is always easy to find friends in life but it is the most difficult task to find a true in life

eleanor roosevelt quotes and sayings

_ We always fear of caring for some one who does not cares for us

_ Care is something that we do for few, but if we care for someone who don’t care for us, that fills us with fears of losing them in life

_ Don’t fear yourself by caring for someone who does not cares for you

_ Stop caring for those who don’t care for you, for you never know for how long they would last in your life

_ It is the honesty and truth of a woman that makes her look beautiful no matter how plain or make up less she be

_ It is the truthfulness and the realism of a woman that make her look prettier and beautiful even without make up

_ No matter how much make up a woman may apply but it is always her sincerity and her truthfulness that makes her look more beautiful and pretty

_ Always think by your heart and not mind when you are thinking for others but always use your mind when you have to think for yourself

_ One should use their heart in case they have to handle others and in case they have to handle themself they should always use their mind

_ Remember that when you take decisions for yourself then think with your mind and think with your heart when you take decision for some one else

_ Its only your attitude that can always make a difference, so change it and see how all your problems get sorted

_ Sort all your difficulties just by changing your attitude 

_ Your right attitude is the solution to all your problems always keep that in mind

_ One should always keep his/ her attitude right, this right attitude always keep all your problems away from you

_ It is your attitude that bring changes in your circumstances, so change your attitude, keep it right and get rid of all your problems

_ The old people’s beauty is the work of art whereas the beauty of the youngsters is just like an accident

_ Don’t trust those you betray you once, because if they do this to you once, then blame is on them but, if they do it for a second number of time then it is all your fault

_ If some one betrays you once it is only their mistake and misdeed but if they dare and do it again then it is all your mistake, where you can not blame the other person

_ A new day always brings with itself new stamina, courage and new ideas

_ Begin your day with new ideas and new strengths that a new day brings you

_ Start your mornings with new hopes, new ideas and new strengths

_ Always take your life like an adventure, which you can never lead with being brave and courageous and also without enjoying it

_ Life is an adventure, that fills you with courage, makes you brave and also keeps you excited through out

_ Never confuse yourself between knowledge and wisdom because where knowledge can only make you earn your living, your wisdom will make you earn your life

_ Merely knowledge can never bring everything to your life but you also need wisdom in life to make it a complete success

_Knowledge can only earn you living but if one wants to earn his life in actual manner then wisdom is the key, along with the knowledge

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