Marketing Ideas for Electronics Repair Services

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for Electronic repair Business.

Electrical repair business needs to connect with their potential customers so as to make sales and earn profit. In this article, we bring a list of marketing ideas for electrical companies that will help you to grow in the domain. Without a proper marketing plan, any business won’t land properly and hence fail to get acceptance in the customer base.

Here is a list of top marketing ideas for Electronic repair Shop Business which is essential in growing your business.


It is important for an electrical company to have a set of target audience to which they can aim their products. Some of the popular niches in the domain are- Residential electrics, commercial electrics or electrical parts and emergency services. Without a niche, it will be like selling out the products to everyone and this is fact that if you are selling to everyone then actually selling to none!

-Know Your Customers

It’s impossible to start your journey without knowing your destination. If you are not clear about who is your ideal customer, you are already behind the game. Invest some time on researching the jobs that are more favorites for the customers and who are the customers that need their job done. If you want to spread your repair services in the domain of computers, look for cyber cafes and computer shops online. Utilize your ad attracting the ideal customers of that domain.

-Fliers and brochures

Fliers and brochures way of marketing can be categorized as old school marketing, but it makes sure that your business will reach out to a lot of potential customers. At the initial period to get their attention; your fliers and brochures needs to shed some light on the benefits they will procure by having to come at your repair services. You need to make sure that these paper forms of promotions are designed with efficiency stating the services your shop will provide.

To make the services look attractive an on point you can use bullet points so that that even a novice can understand. Spread these brochures and fliers on area where there is a hub of electrical stores and services. It’s is a great way of marketing your material to the popular domains.

-Creative Pricing

Price is the only thing that will set you apart from other local repair shops. So it becomes pivotal to create a pricing that not only profits you but also make the customers feel they are not incurring any losses. You can introduce a prepaid package system that will charge the customers by their hours. There are marketing consultant companies which uses this type of package offers.

You can offer 10 hour packages and give 2 rebate hours which the customers will mostly never use. The customer recognizes this as of immense value and it will cost you just a couple of hours which the customer may or may not redeem. By doing so, it gives you an option of making other walk-ins costly as compared to the packages; so that the customers are compel to select the prepaid plans. If the prices are affordable, the clientele will eventually build itself.


Networking is one of the greatest chances of making your business into a profitable outcome. At numerous networking events you can acquire an astounding amount of business simply by walking around with a pocket full of business cards and introducing yourself to various potential clients. Everyone has some kind of electrical appliances, and at some pint of time they are going to need some help with them. Ask them what their budgets are and propose the prepaid package system. This will help you in getting some knowledge if people are more receptive towards your idea or not.


If money is not the concern, you can partner with Micro-influencers; these are social media personalities with loads of followers backing them and just a little promotion from their side mentioning your repair shop can be great exposure for the business. You can also partner with local business owners unanimously with a similar goal of creatively working with each other. This will only strengthen the chances of success for both the business owners involved.


Your brand is what your repair shop stands for, as well as how your business is identified by the public. Strong and powerful brand recognition will help your business protrude from competitors. Designing a logo for your company store is very instrumental in branding your repair shop and the services involved. It certainly can make the shop noticeable and creates an individuated presence in public’s mind whenever they see the logo and thus brand establishment can be accomplished.


In this age of digital advancements, it is crucial for an electrical repair to have its own website. When in need, most of the people search online for a service and hence it is imperative that you have a website. Creating a website will help your business to bring it to the search page of the customers and hence the popularization of your repair shop will increase. You must try to hire a professional web designer so that the website looks more professional and has the ability to attract lots of clients.

-Business Listing on Google

You have to let the public know there’s an electronics repair shop nearby. The way to do that is that getting the website and the shop listed in the local business listings online.. By doing so your business advertises itself in the searches of nearby electric repair shops.

-Customer referral offer

You must insist the customers who are visiting your shop to recommend it to other potential clients. The customers will get a certain amount of discount or a referral bonus on every successful prescription. Introducing such referral programs is a great way to build more and more clients without shifting the focus from the existing clients. By keeping your clientele happy, a business is bound to achieve great potentials.

-E-Mail Marketing

If the clients are happy enough to share their ID’s with you, but not sure enough to work with you, you can keep them engrossed by sending various offers, discounts and weekly newsletters about the services.

-Social Media

There’s not a single bit of doubt that Facebook is the most used social media platform. It’s a brilliant way to connect to the public from around the world. You can also share candid pictures of some of the workplace activities, and all the hard work which goes behind in setting up an electronics repair business. By doing so, people will appreciate all the services that are provided by the shop.

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