“Elizabeth Gilbert Wisdom” 68+ Inspiring Quotes

The book “Elizabeth Gilbert Wisdom: 101 Life Lessons To Help You Find Magic in Your Life” written by Stephen W Gardner describes the facts in the marriage life. The book focuses on the things that people face after marriage and it has beautiful advice for the people which can make them strong.

Some quotes Stephen W Gardner in “Elizabeth Gilbert Wisdom”

-Sometimes people do get tired of their own bullshit.

-Often people think that the soulmate they get is perfect for them.

-Sometimes you get a fake soulmate and sometimes a true soulmate that acts as a mirror and improves all your habits.

-The person who brings you to your attention is the person who is always there holding your back so that you can change in life.

-Sometimes things get ruined and don’t work on your way but the ruins are the paths that will lead you to change yourself.

-Every person has some defects in it and it is not bad because you need to have a crack so that God can enter into it.

-Sometimes people worry about having an imperfect life but it is better to have an imperfect life without having certain things than following someone’s lifestyle.

-You need to change your plans regularly because the things that worked for you yesterday may not work the same for today.

-People need to understand that they have the treasure inside them and should not search for others.

-You will have to let go of the ego you have and work to find all the treasures inside you.

-Everyday isn’t counted because some days are just weighted.

-Sometimes it is the creativity that is the most effective way to access wonderful things in life.

-When someone has childlessness, then he cannot make people selfish.

-We sometimes get to commune with the things that we get to do and the things that we attempt to do.

-You should always love the work because it is the destiny that will do what it wants at the end regardless of what you want.

-Staying is sometimes the best way than leaving at that moment when it becomes difficult for you.

-Sometimes looking at God is like a person having a fire on his head looking for the water.

-Often people are more interested in wedding functions than marriages.

-Every person has a mentality that he deserves more.

-There will be several situations in which you may cry for someone but never apologize for crying.

-Sometimes it is better to slip quietly in the back door without disturbing others and without asking permission.

-There is nothing that can make you exhausted if you are stronger than depression.

-You need to accept the thing that one day everything that came to you will go from you and that is the way nature acts.

-People would love every adventure if they realise that they have a short time on this planet.

-When you give your happiness into the heads of the other person after marriage then it is very difficult for you in the bond.

-Hard work is necessary and it should be kept going.

-If you want to be independent then you must have the role of being your guardian and you also need to be your own husband and also your father.

-It is a part of life where you have to balance something for love and sometimes you need to have a balanced love.

-In a relationship when karma completes its work, then the only thing left is love and it is very safe.

-When the person marries for the second time, then the difference between his first and second marriage is that he knows the future problems that are coming his way.

-When people have less on their plate, then they are a much better person than the people having so many things on their plate.

-Sometimes the good energy will come to you when you smile and smile with your mind too.

-Thoughts are very important and you need to learn to manage it and know the importance of it.

-Selecting your clothes regularly is the same as having thoughts regularly.

-People must have their feet on the ground to keep a balance on everything and it is very necessary.

-Sometimes people consider marriage as the meeting of two souls but it is more than that since it is the meeting of the political and economic contract.

-You have all the choice in your hands and you have to decide whether to smile or suffer.

-There should be some space kept blank for future things and you need to focus on the future.

-You need to be seen by somebody to be loved by him.

-Sometimes the emotions rule over you and it is rules by thoughts.

-When you have a broken heart it indicates that you have tried for something and it is better than others who haven’t yet tried.

-You need to have belief in yourself that you can achieve something and then you will deserve it.

-Sometimes people having a creative life are much happier and they have a big life than normal people and it is also an amplified life.

-The reasons you have to create something are enough and you don’t need other reasons for it.

-Sometimes you need to take the fears that you have and the insecurities that you have and make it upside down.

-We can look at the creativity of our life and take care of ourselves.

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