List of 79+ Best Elmer Fudd Sayings

Psychology Sayings and Quotes List of 79+ Best Elmer Fudd Sayings

List of 79+ Best Elmer Fudd Sayings

Elmer Fudd, who is most well-known as Bugs Bunny’s hunter, is always hunting wabbits. This character appeared for the first time as Egghead in the year 1937. The persons responsible for creating him were Tex Avery and Chuck Jones. A lot of catchphrases have already been shared by Elmer Fudd over the years on the silver screen.

Here we have mentioned several of the most well-liked Elmer Fudd sayings that you will ever come across.

_Shh. Do not make any sound. I am searching for wabbits. Huh-huh-huh-huh!

_Wabbits love to eat carrots.

_Nice grasshoppers!

_Kiww the wabbit!

_Wow! Wabbit is in the habit of twacking! 

_Every time it appears to the 2 little nutcrackers that they will be capable of outwitting Elmer Fudd, something arises that prevents them from doing so.

_However, I am certified for shooting a meaty rabbit.

_But you ended up ringing the operator of my phone. And surely, my phone started to ring.

_Get prepared Loverboy. Let us venture out for hunting.

_You crazy rabbit, just come over right here.

_Aha, I don’t think it did hurt you a lot once I slaughtered you, Mr. Rabbit.

_Geez it’s absolutely tranquil here. I am thinking whether there is any more hunter right here today morning.

_Hello! Is it Acme Pest Control? There is a pest that I want to be controlled. 

_I have a belief that you will be able to help me Mr. game warden. They have told me that I will be able to shoot mongooses, rabbits, dirty ducks and skunks, as well as pigeons. May I know from you what season it exactly is??!!

_Now that you are here, you rabbit. I will be blowing you into numerous rabbit cutlets.

_Just hang on until I get hold of that screwy rabbit and that duck!


_Permit us to leave this awful place!

_I am known by the name of Elmer J. Fudd. I am a millionaire. I am the proud owner of a yacht as well as a mansion.

_Not this holiday, you are not! You represent Thanksgiving! Huhuhuhuhu! You will be my dinner!

_Oh dear! Rabbit monitors! Something is very fishy right here.

_I am calling you filthy rabbit, come out, I know that you are right there.

_I request you to utter your prayers, rabbit!

_Tell, whether you have seen any rabbit running by here?

_You rabbit! Will you just enter my theater?

_ Ssshhhh.

_West and relaxation finally!

_Why, you rabbit!

_Hear the rhythmic sound of the woodwinds while it roars around and around … and it appears right here!

_You cannot eat me alive!

_You are not a sheriff! You happen to be that strange and crazy rabbit!

_I wish Good Evening to all the sportsmen everywhere… “The Sportsman’s Hour” is brought to you by “Fresh-Fried, Fresh-Frozen Rabbit Company” along with useful hunting guidelines from yours truly, Elmer Fudd! …. And I have something to surprise you today: I am going to demonstrate the appropriate process for hunting, blasting, as well as twacking down a real and live rabbit! … Now, do not make any sound at all …

_Got hold of you, you rabbit stew.

_Look, are you interested in creating any trouble ? I am a meaty rabbit and not a stewing one by any means.

_Meaty rabbit?

_Do you have any meaty rabbit certification?

_Okay, no. I …

_Are you aware of the penalty that is going be imposed on you for shooting a meaty rabbit without possessing a license for meaty rabbit?

_Elmer Fudd, sprinting in a circular motion: “Do you listen to me Dr. Kilpatient? [Sobbing heavily] I am actually a rabbit!!”

_I have come across a rabbit right in my toilet!

_You have missed the apple! I have already shown that I am unmatchable to you!

_Rabbits are not a part of penthouses!

_Mr. Rabbit, you can make a last wish before getting ready to die!

_Of course! I mean, Nope! That’s … I … er … um ….

_That had been the rabbit!

_Although I might be considered to be a crazy and unusual rabbit, I shall not Awcatwaz!

_I’m not able to recollect whether the seat was left up on the toilet by me the previous night.

_I am looking for Easter Eggs.

_Boy, I request you to pay attention to me closely.

_O My God, I have eventually come to know what exactly is wrong with my brain: nothing is right on the left part, and nothing is left on the right part.

_Nobody should make any move! I have become kind of insane and nutty!

_I have no intention to be an adult anymore.

_It wasn’t much fun out there as I thought it would be.

_Madge understood that in case her upper arm was going to flap, it might be possible for her to use it for a patriotic purpose.

_There should be a Kaboom that can shatter the earth!

_Obviously I talk on my own since I am in need of expert advice at times.

_It is not possible for me to get my slipper on.

_OMG! I almost ended up going to the bathroom without taking my phone!

_Junior is worrying me. Recently he has been spotted with that hopeless rabbit and at present, he is sporting a full-body tattoo!

_Folks should not expect anything normal from me … It is known to all of us that it is never going to happen!

_Do not make any noise at all! I am on the lookout for coffee!

_Do not make any sound! Cowboys are on the lookout for eagles!

_It is not known to me for sure whether life is making an attempt to run me over or is actually passing me by.

_I succeeded in shooting my first turkey on this very day. It was really fabulous. Nevertheless, everybody in the frozen food department was frightened of me.

_Do not flinch or make a sound. I am searching for democracy.

_Mistakes are always brought on by nervousness, and mistakes can result in beliefs.

_Only a rare person will be able to appreciate a proper line of Elmer Fudd. 

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