19 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (Must Try)

Email marketing is an effective yet most underrated technique. Especially for small businesses when the budget is low, email marketing can appear in SERP. It’s a cheap alternative as compared to any other tactics for marking. 

With social media, email marketing has become the game-changer. Following the right strategies can develop a huge crowd into potential leads. 

As per the reports, out of 10, 7 people use the coupon or discount they receive in the marketing email.

email marketing tips must try

There are 44% email recipients who do at least do one purchase depending on promotional emails.

This technique works even better for online shops, blogs, and websites to retain the current potential customers along with finding new ones. 

To drive traffic and boost the lead generation, follow the given tips below! 

Tips for Email Marketing for Small Business

Build  an Email List Prepared 

The basic yet overlooked points. An email list is important so you know who you are sending the emails. Keep it as organic as you can, buying it from other companies not just causes a chance of getting into spam but also damages the brand.

To make a list, use Facebook ads,  total videos, pop-ups, or host some kind of contest. Keep the subscription as short as you can. 

Make It Easier for Them – Let Them Choose 

The first and one of the important sites is to keep the registration easy. Make sure to not ask too much information. For registration, name and email address are enough. 

Pay attention to the form’s length. Keep your registering ‘ Single click’. Here people can simply put their name and email with a single click on the subscribe button. 

Take one step ahead with adding a subscription using social media. It’s easier and eliminates the hassle of putting a name and email address.

Once they are done, you get one more confirmed email in your list. 

Tell Them the Benefits of  Registration 

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Add the reason why your visitor should register. What are the benefits and incentives you are offering to them? 

Tell them what they will be receiving if they register, do they will get discounts on the next purchase or eBooks for free in return of subscribing themselves to your site?

Giving something in return so the visitor feels special. Also, keep it clear and information before they register. Add the needed information on the form or the box for registration. 

A Greeting Email 

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A greeting email is not necessary but it can help in making your new readers feel welcomed.  For small business owners, it’s not just about selling, you need loyal customers too. 

Greeting email can be anything, including a thank you message for registration. You can give a small tour of what you are and what the company does. 

Most of the online companies offer coupons and discounts. Especially the e-commerce companies.  They offer coupons or discounts for the first-timers. 

It attracts attention and also helps in building a good image of your brand. 

Use of Newsletter and Letter 

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Well, you can either use Newsletter or Letter. Both have different aspects and types of content. 

The newsletter contains different content with images, infographics, or videos. The option undertakes lots of information which can be helpful for buyers to understand. 

However, newsletters have higher chances of getting into the spam box.

The letter is not that engaging but you can state the motives and information which you find necessary to your users to know. 

Both can help in getting the traffic, depending on what you will choose. 

Maintain A Publishing Calendar 

Having a track of when to send emails and when to not is a daunting task. To help yourself, use a calendar. 

It’s crucial to know the timing for sending the emails. The common times are between 9 to 11 in the morning and 5 to 8 in the evening. During these periods, people are going to work or coming back home. 

Frequency is an important point to remember. With fast pacing emailing, you take more space in your readers’ email box. So, make sure you are not wasting their time and space both. 

Registration Box Positions Matters A lot 

Image source: Wordstream

Knowing where to position your resistor box effects a lot. It can boost the chances of registration if it’s placed in the right position. 

  • Homepage –  Lots of famous websites place their email subscriber box on their homepage. It generates more signups.
  • Bottom of the article –  Your reader is reading the articles and they liked the content. The problem is they will like to read more and want to subscribe to your email list. 
  • Footer – this is another place with higher converting rates. However online shops have this more than the bloggers or websites with articles. 
  • Top right sidebar –  If your website has sidebars, then having the subscription box on the top right sidebar is an ideal option. 

Test the Display Look

Many people don’t check how the email will look on different displays. You should never skip this part.

These days readers check their emails on laptops, mobile, or some other screen. The display can change and if you haven’t checked how it will look, then chances it will be not that effective

Send the email to your colleague so you check before you confirm. Also, different devices have different displays, make sure your emails are readable and easy to access. 

Don’t Ever Spam

Spamming is not just making you look bad but also you lose the trust of your readers.  Sending spam emails reduces the chances of open rates. Also, Google penalizes such emails.

Emails that don’t include anything informational but irrelevant and unsolicited content goes directly to the spam box. If you didn’t stop, then the legal actions can be taken against you.

To avoid such situations, you can hire an agency and make a report for getting a record of emails sent, spam, leads, open rates, etc. 

Pro Tip –  Use 800- 600-pixel images and avoid using obscure fonts. Don’t write the Misleading subject line. 

Make the Subject Line Appealing 

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Just like the headlines in articles, the Subject line is important for emails. There is a saying that 80% of your job depends on the title and 20% is the rest of the content. 

An impressive and appealing subject line can increase the open rate. It’s the first thing your readers noticed, so it gives the first impression and the decision if they will open it or not depends too.

To make the subject line interesting, always keep it to the point. What you mail contains should be hinted in your email subject line.  With this, readers will know what they should get from inside the email. 

Provide Quality Mails 

The emails should add values to your brand as well as your users. The mails represent your company which means the quality should be good and engaging. 

The good content will keep your reader stuck until the end. Also, keep It easy to understand with simple and on-point language. Don’t drag the information and use fillers. Your mail should be crisp and informative.


Get More Subscribe from Social Media 

For a small business, having more subscribers means better chances in generating more leads. However, your website is not your only option. 

Use social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc to increase the email subscribers on your site. 

Explain what you are offering and how much it will help the readers. Add something useful and a treat so they feel attracted to subscribe to your email list. 

Keep Your Emails Mobile Friendly 

Image source : Campaign Monitor 

There was a report which said 46% of emails are read over the mobile and this percentage will increase in the coming years. 

Surprisingly, more than 39% of marketers have no plans or strategies for mobile email marketing. 

With this stat, you need to focus on two things primely – Make your email readable on mobile and have a strategy for mobile media marketing.

Mobile is easy and accessible for the fast email reading. And thus, having email marketing for mobile can help your emails be friendly for such devices too.

Don’t Go Overboard 

To get more email lists, don’t promise something you can’t keep. Also sending mails that are not beneficial for them is not going to help in generating leads either. 

Most of the people unsubscribe because of insensible email in their mailbox. Also, if you have promised to send only two emails in a week,  don’t send more than two then.

However, you can offer a change in preferences to get more emails but don’t overdo it and break what you promised. 

Send What Helps

Email marketing aims to boost sales, not visits. The primary object of any email marketing complaint is to get more conversation rates. 

Add the information which your readers need to know within the email. Make sure they don’t have to visit the site every time. 

For example,  if you are a small business it is about selling courses. And you are using email marketing for targeting the list from your blog. 

Send the information about courses and what else you are offering in email. Your reader just has to visit the site only when they want to do the purchase. 

An email is a great option for having a good number of visitors but the purpose of email marketing is to get more customers. 

Email for Cross and Up-Selling 

Image source: SaleCycle

To a small business, it’s crucial to understand the niche their customers are interested in. For example, if you have registered on Amazon.com. They have a similar kind of analysis.

Amazon sends emails with similar suggestions of products their buyers were viewing. It contains suggestions for the same kind of products for buying in the future.

However, it’s not important to follow the same analysis. But like Amazon, you can also use an email list for understanding the niche, and for small businesses, it’s one of the most important points. 

Keep It Short, Informative and Readable 

Your email should contain the information which is easy to read and to understand. The language should be simple and on point. Avoid spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. 

Also avoid writing long emails, instead go with short but detailed explanations. So, readers can understand the important points. 

Maintain the readability. The email must contain all the information so the readers should not have to visit the site. 

Keep Unsubscribe Option Easy 

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If the reader wants to unsubscribe you because you are not offering what they are looking for, keep the unsubscribe option easy to access. 

Don’t hide it or add a long process to Unsubscribe. You can add a feedback box, so you will know for what reason they no longer want your emails.

Also, it’s better to have Unsubscribe than putting your emails in the spam list. 

Pro Tip – Conduct surveys for knowing the negative feedback. Add the reason for leaving the section.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) about Email Marketing Tips for Small Business

1. How email marketing affects my sales?

Studies say that email marketing can help in generating more leads as compared to social media. When a company spends one dollar on email marketing, they receive $40 in its sales. 

2. How can I get an email list?

To collect more emails, you should add something to the readers. Also, use the sources, avoid spamming, include tutorials, and host contents. To promote special offers, use the pop-ups.

3. Does email marketing affect my small business?

Email marketing allows you to have direct contact with the potential customer’s inbox.  You can develop your brand by regular updates,  and offering them what they are looking for in the most straightforward way possible. 

4. What is the best day for sending emails?

The best day for email marketing is Tuesday.  According to the Experian and analyzed data by Customer.io,  Most of the people open their emails or check new emails on Tuesday. Also, The ideal days include Monday and Wednesday.


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