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100+ Words of Encouragement For Sick Person

Hearing or seeing someone is close you know is sick,  maybe it’s your family member, friends, or someone in your neighborhood. The first thing that comes to your mind is what to say, so they can feel better.

After all, mental health is also important for physical health.  The comforting words can show others that you care about them.

No one wants to see a loved one falling sick, but if something happens, here are some of the comforting and engaging words that you can say to your sick person.

Comforting Words For The Sick Person

1.You have to be serene and stay calm, and you will be fine real soon. I know the time is bad but we are here for you to support.

2. I hope for your speedy recovery and keep smiling, it will be over soon.

3. I know you love your work, and staying like this may be making you restless, but please stay positive and focus on your health. I love you.

4. Is there anything that you want me to do to feel better, let me know.

5. I will do anything that makes you feel good when you are feeling sick.

6. I heard about you falling sick, I hope you are focusing on getting better. We want you back at your best self.

7.  Take things easy right now. You need to focus on getting some rest.

8.  I hope everything is going well and you feel better. Call me when you need anything.

9. Take your medicines on time, love, I want you to get better and come back to me.

10. You are giving your best fight, I wish that you know, I am here and you can always count on me if you need anything.

11. You are going through a hard situation, but I know you have the strength and courage to face this. Be brave.

12. Keep fighting and you will be healthy really soon.

13. I greatly admire the strength you have. Get back to me and I hope for you to stay healthy.

14. Take care of yourself and don’t give up. 

15. Right now,  don’t think about anything. Everything in the world can wait, focus on your health.

16. We wish to see you back soon, we all miss you.

17. I send you a big hug from my side and best wishes.

18. I am so glad that you are getting better, please focus on yourself and get proper rest.

19. Every day I pray that you get a speedy recovery. God bless you.

20.  You are my prayers and my good wishes. 

21.  All prayers have been made and in every step of yours, I am here. I wish that God gives you perfect healing.

22. We know you are not feeling the best of yourself, but this will end soon and you will go back to your best self. Stay calm and patient.

23. Recovery is a process, it takes time and hard work. But you are not alone.

24. We are great, and we all think about you and wish to get you better as soon as it’s possible.

25.  You even look pretty when you are sick, but you look fantastic when you are healthy, so get a speedy recovery soon.

26. I hope you don’t play with your medicine, take it when the doctor tells you and follow their orders.

27. I know it’s not fun when you are in hospital. But I hope you get kicked out once you get healthy.

28. Hope you are getting better and get ready for what the future holds for you.

29. Each day, I ask God to grant you strength and pray that you get better.

30. You are not alone, hee are people for you who care about you and pray that you get your full recovery.

31. I hope you are feeling hale and hearty, I hope you feel better today than yesterday.

Encouraging Words For Sick Patients

32. It isn’t always easy when you are not feeling good. I hope you know what we all wish for. We think about you and pray for your healthy life.

33.  We all hope that you get better soon and till then take care of yourself.

34. To recover and heal, there is nothing better than love and friendship. And we are here for you.

35. The treatment is an opportunity of the trinity, it requires the doctor, the patient, and the inner doctor.  Get well soon,

36.  What lies behind you, what lies before you is so tiny as compared to what lies within you. Believe in your strength and focus on getting better.

37.  I know you are going through tough times, but it doesn’t last for long. You are the toughest person I know and I know you will handle this well.

38. I hope you stay strong because this will be better soon. It may seem stormy but please remember that rain doesn’t last forever.

39. Just remember that everyone is hoping for you to get well.

40. To the suffering, you can always tackle with two responses. Either feel bitter or get into a creative force.

42. Just like there is a time for pain, there is a time for healing too.

43. Believe in the strength God gave you, it will take time but little by little you will be able to solve the problem and get healthy.

44. The question is not how to get cured but how you can live the best self of yours.

45. Pain is real, so is hope.

46. The road to recovery is not simple but it will be over soon.

47. Focus on moments that you want to dream of and stay positive to get better soon.

48.  It will take one day at a time, maybe more or less but you will recover soon.

49. Look at the brighter side, stay positive, and keep your mindset optimistic.

50. Keeping your body healthy is your duty. On the other hand, you won’t be able to keep the mind stronger and clear.

51. This suffering will be passed one day, the point is to focus on being positive throughout the process.

51. You may fall seven times, but don’t let yourself stay there and get up and start again.

52. There is no medicine like hope, no incident can be so great and tonic so powerful as expectation of tomorrow.

53.  The greatest gift that you can give to your family is being healthy.

54. I believe you have the strength that can recover you from almost everything, so never doubt one that you are capable of.

55. Seeing you on a sickbed makes me heartbroken. I wish to god that you get your health back.

56. I am eager to see you well again and healthy/

57. Doctors can do their best but God can help in healing. My prayers are that God gives you the best health.

58. wishing you the best, health, and a really speedy recovery.

59. I understand that you are in an unhealthy state, but my prayers are always with you. You will get better soon.

60. Your body is not a dwelling place for sickness. I pray that your discomfort and pain will disappear.

61. I hope to see you on your feet again, I wish you the best of health.

62. He that does wonders knows the feeling you are having, shall visit and perform his mighty miracles for you.

63.II pray that heaven listens to your prayers and makes your sick body heal. I hope for your quick recovery.

64. I hope you find your strength, each and every day.

65. Thinking of you every day, hoping to see you get better each day.

66. Sending hugs and love from here, hope that you get better soon.

67. Thinking of you my friend, all of us want you to get back to us with your healthy mind and soul.

68. Hang in there, I know it’s difficult and seems hard but you can do this.

69. Best wishes that you do great and recover soon.

70. Take it one day at a time, you will feel much better.

Motivating Comfort Words For The Sick Person

71. I know you are worried, I know you want to come back to your life but you are a fighter and brave person.  I have faith In you. Get well soon.

72.  Don’t be sad about things that can’t be changed. I want you to learn how to find comfort that there is always something you can manage.

73. You are not alone, whenever you stumble or feel lost, we are here for you.

74. This might be your low point, and something nobody saw us coming. But I am not allowing this uncountable change in the event to dishearten you, we got this!

75. Do you know the people who suffer from your condition live full and long lives? You just need to focus on getting better and everything’s fine.

76. I know you are having a hard time, but do you want me to come to your next doctor’s visit? I am always here, let me know whenever you need me.

78. Whatever I can do to be helpful, I will do it. For anything you need, you have me.

79. I just heard about your health, how are you managing it? Do you need anything? I am always here for you to talk.

80 . I know this situation can be something that demands too much strength for you, but you are not alone. And you have all of our strength and love too.

81. You might be freaking out and its nature, don’t let anything say you otherwise but first thing first, let it all out.

82.  When you feel like it, we can talk. I am here and we are together at this, you don’t have to go through alone.

83. I heard about you getting better, I feel so happy and proud. I know you are capable of doing this, keep fighting.

84. I heard about your health. I understand that you don’t want to share it right away but when you feel like it, I am here for you.

85. You have my love, strength, prayers, and support.

86. I don’t know why good things happen to those who are good, but we are fighting this, not alone but with all people who love and support you.

89. I am sure this is not how you planned things, and change in events can be disheartening. But great news with open arms! Who knows what was waiting for you.

90. Congratulations on making a new day of your treatment. I hope you get much better.

91. Today was a rough day. I hope you find comfort that this day won’t repeat again.

92. I hope you find the positive thoughts and make your day brighter.

93. you might not know but you have more than the strength you ever realize.

94. Don’t lose the focus on how far you came since you started, don’t underestimate your progress.

95. Medicines and treatment are doing great, but believe in yourself too.

96. Your disease is a word, not a death sentence, it will be a part of your life but there will be a day when you recover from it. Leaving everything in your past so you can live a bright future.

97.  This is the fight between you and the illness. Don’t let the other side win.  I trust your strength and willpower.

98. When you are feeling scared, make sure you know it’s a sign that you are doing something really brave in your life.

99. You are almost at the end of the treatment, and you have done so well. Be proud of yourself.

100. You are a true warrior, you are fighting the battle. Don’t let the other side win. You have strength and power, believe it.

101.  I know and believe that God is with you, and he will provide health and a good mindset.

102.  Be strong, God will grant you perfect health.

103. He who promised to never leave on his own, I order a healer, I pray that he will make all medication function well.

104. Fear not, the prayers and the good wishes will work and be heard. He shall conquer and give you victory.

105. My life is so boring with you, I really hope that you get a speedy recovery so we can play and have fun again.

106. This morning I asked God to send the breeze of healing in your way. I am sure he is doing that and you will get over it soon.

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