46+ Best Engagement Announcement Invitation Wording ideas

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Engagement Announcement Invitation Wording Ideas

Business CommunicationInvitation Wording46+ Best Engagement Announcement Invitation Wording ideas

46+ Best Engagement Announcement Invitation Wording ideas

Engagement is nonetheless the first step towards a commitment of matrimony. It normally happens to people when he/she is very much in love and wishes to spend his/her entire life with their soul mates.

But what makes engagement the greatest day of your life is the anticipation you feel, and the dancing of butterflies that occurs in your stomach until you heard the word “yes”. Once the butterflies are gone, the only thing left is to let the world know how happy you are and that’s when the subject of Engagement announcement arises.

So if you are stuck with what you are going to write in the announce, then below is a list of engagement announcement invitation wordings that you can use.

Engagement Announcement Invitation Wording ideas

  • He took 5 years to propose and he finally did it last night. There’s a little celebration at our place on (date), as you are my best friend you should be the first to come.
  • Ever since I saw her I knew she was the one and she finally said yes. So we will celebrate and please be present along with your wife at our place on (date) evening.
  • Life has finally become a soulful journey for me as my love and I are engaged. I know you are happy, but do come at our place and celebrate with us on (date).
  • I have made my nicest memories with him and now that we are engaged there’s a lot more to come. So join us as we celebrate our togetherness on (date).
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith of New Jersey would like to announce the engagement of their daughter, Julia Smith, to Thomas Olson. Do visit and bless this beautiful couple on (date)

_We are more than pleased to announce that our little Eric is engage to his high-school sweetheart Rene Thompson. We’d be glad to have in our little celebration on (date).

_ Mrs. Tracy Morgan would like to happily announce the engagement of her daughter, Sheila, to Harrell Williams. Please join them for a small engagement party held on (date & location).

_It seems like yesterday when our little Andy took his first step and now he is engaged to his love, Nancy Shatner. We’d be expecting you to join us on our merriment on (date).

_My heart goes Yayy, because Steve and I are finally engaged.  Nothing’s decided yet but we sure are having a little party at our place on (date). Please come!!

_Just as I expected, she said ‘yes’ buddy! So yeah now we are going to celebrate with our loved ones on (date). Just come and celebrate with us at our place.

_The wedding bells are finally ringing for me. By the way, you and your spouse are invited to a little engagement party we are having on (date) at our place.

_For a second I thought she will say no but here I am letting you know that your brother is engaged. Just come and celebrate with us on (date) at our place.

_My son is engaged and couldn’t be happier. We are having a small engagement party with our loved ones and your esteemed presence on (date) is what we desire.

_Well, we are going to plan another wedding but this time for our daughter. Please join us as we celebrate the engagement of Erica and John on (date).

_Yes, we are engaged and planning to get married next December. So please try to make it to our place on (date & time) for the little engagement get-together.

_Me and Sarah are delighted to break it to you the news of our engagement. Hence you and your husband are invited to our small engagement party on (date).

_It’s been a tough ride for Julie and Julia but they are finally engaged. We would like to invite you to their engagement party held at our place on (date).

_ (name) and (name) have loved each other with their hearts and it’s only fitting that they get married next. But first please come to their engagement party on (date & location).

_’He proposed and I said yes’ is not the full story but I will tell you about it more when you visit us on our engagement party at the (venue) on (date).

_My only daughter Celina has chosen her life partner in Neil Hidaka. I would like to invite you to their little engagement party held at my place on (date).

_The world was against them at first but my daughter Carol and her partner Susan are finally engaged. Please come and celebrate their joy on (date) at (location).

_We were certainly shocked to hear the news of our son’s engagement in the middle of the night. But I really hope to see you at their engagement party on (date & location).

_My boyfriend has finally gathered the courage to pop the question. So your best friend is engaged now and she hopes to see you at her engagement party on (date location).

_You have introduced me to my love and I can’t thank you enough for it. But I wish to thank you properly at our little engagement party held at (location) on (date).

_Our little girl is now all grown up and engaged to Nathan, an investment banker. We would be glad if you could join us in our celebration on (date & location).

_Me and wife are ecstatic to let you know that our only child is engaged to his childhood love Stephanie. Please join us for the celebration on (date) at (venue).

_Not going to lie but I was really sacred at that moment until I heard the word ‘Yes’. Hence I would love to have you at our engagement party on (date).

_Thank God he said YES because I lost the ring receipt. Anyway you have to attend our little engagement celebration held at our place on (date).

_ Mr. (name) & Mrs. (name) announce the pending nuptials of their beautiful daughter (name), to Dr. (Name). Do join them in their celebration on (date) at (venue).

_Hey I am engaged to Nathaniel and we will get married this September. But first you will have to attend our engagement party held at (venue) on (date).

_ Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins are pleased to announce the engagement of their son, (name) to Miss. (name) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Quick. Do come at the party on (date & location).

_I have taken a big step in my life in the form of getting engaged to my partner and I wish for your blessings. So see you at our engagement celebration on (date).

_You and your wife’s presence is requested at the party held in honor of the engagement of our daughter, (bride) with (groom) on (date) at (venue).

_With joy in my heart I would like to announce the news of my sister’s engagement to (groom). Please come and celebrate with us on (date) at (venue).

_The love was always there to bind us and so we are engaged now. Please do us the honor by coming to our little engagement party on (date) evening.

_Now that I am happily engaged I am going to need your help starting from the engagement party itself. You better visit me on (date) for the party.

_We couldn’t happier to announce that our son Steve is engaged to his soon to be life partner Bruce.  We wish to share our joy with you by our side on (date) at (venue).

engagement announcement invitation canva templates

What to write in an engagement announcement invitation?

  • Mention the venue and the theme 
  • Write down the couple’s name 
  • Ask them to come to bless you 
  • Tell them that you are happy to include them 

How to respond to an engagement announcement invitation?

  • Congratulate the couple on their big day 
  • Send a thank-you note for inviting
  • Mention how excited are you to attend the ceremony 
  • Send a proper RSVP

Here is the big list of All Invitation Wording ideas that covers over 501+ of All Parties, Events, and related to Businesses. also, We Crafted Catchy Ready-made Invitation Card Canva Templates for you.

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