37+ Best Engagement Messages for Colleagues

There are few moments in life where we get to celebrate the love that only two people share, and an engagement is one such moment. For couples, the joy that the engagement brings is as special as the day they are going to get married. When two people realize that they are never going to get tired of each other for the rest of their lives, they seal it off with an engagement.

So when you hear the news of your colleague being engaged, then on such a special occasion it is important to wish them with heartfelt congratulatory messages. Below is a list of engagement wishes that you can use to congratulate your colleagues on their special day-

Here are Best Engagement Messages for Colleagues

  • The news of your engagement didn’t come as a surprise to me because I have seen you smiling many times while you were staring into an abyss. Congratulations for the engagement.
  • Finding true love is a quest that I have never been on and hence I don’t know what you are feeling right now. But I am feeling ecstatic upon hearing your engagement news. Congratulations, woman.
  • I believe when people marry their soul mates, the world get spared from another hurtful romantic relationship. So congratulations to you for putting a ring on your soul-mate. 
  • I know everything is fair in love and war but it is definitely not fair to me because I am the last person to know about your engagement. Anyway, I am a big hearted colleague of yours, so congratulations.
  • If you wouldn’t have proposed her in the next 6 months then I would have had an older brother slash colleague talk with you. But thankfully you are engaged now, so congratulations to you both.
  • What happens when two people who are deeply in love with each other gets engaged? They get married and invite their dearest colleagues like me. Until then, congratulations for such a nice ring.
  • I have known you people separately and I have known you together, hence I can’t think of any two people who are more perfect for each other. My best wishes to you both on your engagement.

_I thought it was just me who heard wedding bells whenever I saw you guys together. Thank God you are engaged as I was getting reckless a bit. Congratulations and I wish to be your best man.

_Life is a blessing when there is special someone to share it with. Now that you are engaged to your special one, I wish you guys get drench in countless gifts of love and fondness for each other.

_Although, being bonded together forever might sound like a huge responsibility but it is all about embarking on a beautiful journey with your favorite person. Congratulations on the engagement, friend.

_A spiritual communion of two hearts is only true when those hearts are willing to do anything for each other. I hope the engagement starts your endless cycle of being in love with each other.

_It’s great that the company is about to witness yet another marriage but what’s also great that you are about to throw us an engagement celebration party. Thank you and Congratulations, Amigo. 

_It seems like yesterday when I got to congratulate you for this job and here I am congratulating you yet again for a job of a fiancé. I hope you are better at this new job, otherwise God Forbid.

_Yes, engagement does make your love reach new heights and yes, there will be arguments regarding the wedding. But amidst that, don’t forget to love each other. Congratulations.

_I didn’t know that you people were ready to fight the epic battle of marriage. Since you’ve decided with an official ceremony of engagement, I wish you all the best and Congratulations.

_Although, engagements are supposed to be a promise to marry but in the modern world it is more like shutting up and listening for the rest of your life. Congratulations, I hope you’re ready for this.

_I think the world is lucky and thankful that you guys are engaged because no one could have tolerated either of you as their spouse. So I thank and congratulate you on behalf of mankind.

_My heartfelt Congratulations to the beautiful couple on the engagement. Now when I say beautiful I meant the people who are about to embark on a new journey are beautiful inside and out. 

_I have seen you lovebirds complete each other’s sentences and it was cringe for me but I didn’t know that you were doing it out of love. My best wishes to you wonderful people.

_Dear (Name), you are engaged now so I hope you know there will be some new responsibilities like going out on a double date with us and throwing us a celebratory dinner.

_Dear (Name), I thought we were close friends but just when I was away for a vacation, you decided to get engaged. So I would like to convey my best regards to you, my workplace proximity associate.

_You have found your love and I can’t wait to be self-invited to your destination wedding. Congratulations on the engagement, and don’t worry you will find the budget to throw us a party.

_Even if you aren’t perfect for each other, who cares because it’s the experience that you two will share that counts the most. Hence, Congratulations on the engagement and a new journey.

_Dear (name), you have achieved something special like most of the men of this world. I want to congratulate you because you will soon have another boss at home.

_Dear (NAME), I would like to convey my heartfelt congratulations to you on the engagement. May the joy of being in love is there for all of your life.

_Now that the two most beautiful people in the office are engaged to each other, everyone here can move on finally. Congratulations and Wish you a solid married life ahead.

_As a groom your only job is to stay out the wedding preparations and try to say the right name at the altar. And as a colleague you have to invite me to the engagement party. Congratulations.

_I thought you had the power of invisibility because I couldn’t find you during our lunch hours. And then came news of your engagement and the mystery is solved. So congratulations, Girl.

_ I am certainly unable to express my excitement on seeing you getting engaged with the love of your life. Congratulations for that, but we need discuss about the secrecy as well.

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