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37+ Best Engagement Messages for Manager

Getting engaged to someone is one of the auspicious moments in a person’s life. It is a brand new beginning of yet another phase of life and the person getting engaged is often surrounded with some mixed feelings. The bride or the groom is generally happy and excited about all the upcoming events followed by the engagement ceremony and sometimes, also may be a bit nervous regarding the new phase of life. So, if in a company or an organization, a manager is getting engaged, the employees must wish him with some warm thoughts and congratulate him along with some blessings.

These wishes from his co –workers and the employees might make that day even more cherishable and propitious. You can wish him either in person with a small letter, or via a text message or may be by posting good thoughts on various social media platforms.

Here is a collection of some greetings and wishes for your manager’s engagement:

  • As the auspicious moment is just a day or two away, I am here to congratulate you with some warm blessings. Regards…
  • As you are going to tie the knot soon, may the almighty’s blessings remain always with you and may you never ever stumble in your path of life.
  • May your love never fade way and may your bond grow stronger every day. Congratulations Sir, on getting engaged. We are eagerly waiting for a party.
  • Just got the card in my hands, that tells about your engagement. I m so happy and excited about the event! May you always remain happy with your partner and May your togetherness last forever and after!
  • I wish you all the goodness of my thoughts on this auspicious occasion. May the almighty keep showering his blessings on you always.
  • I know starting a new life is not easy. Yet it comes with loads of exciting stuffs. Congratulations Mam, on getting engaged and I wish you all the very best for an upcoming married life.
  • Hello Sir, so finally the day has come when you are actually going to tie the knot with the awaited partner of your life. Heartiest congratulations to you and all the best for your future.
  • Dear Sir, as two hearts are coming close and the two souls are about to get one, I am here to congratulate you and bless you with all the goodness. May your upcoming life be joyous and prosperous!
  • You are an amazing manager, and so, you are sure to be a good wife too. You need not to worry about the life as we all know, you will be the best daughter in law. Congratulations Mam!

-A good husband needs to be a good manager too. You have already proven yourself in the later. So now it is time for you to prove yourself in the former. Congrats Sir, and may god bless you.

-I am excited to hear the news about your engagement this week. I am eagerly waiting for the big day to arrive. Heartiest congratulations and may you two be the happiest couple on earth!

-You are great as a manager, amazing as a leader and outstanding as a mentor. You will definitely become the best life partner too. I am glad hear about your engagement. Congratulations and best of luck!

-Wow! So finally the big day is just knocking at the door. I can’t express how happy and excited I am. Congratulations Sir, may you always remain happy and may you never need to look back in your life!

-As two hearts are getting one, may this spiritual communion bring endless happiness and prosperity in your life! Congratulations and best of luck for the big day.

-Heartiest congratulations to you Sir, on getting engaged! May the upcoming events in your life never fail to bring a smile on your face! May you both walk the journey of life together with loads of happiness!

-May your togetherness last beyond eternity! May this divine union bring all the happiness, success and wealth in your life! Congratulations Sir, May the God bless you!

-When I received your engagement card, I really got a bit emotional. May the almighty bless you both with happiness, prosperity and endless love.

-May your love grow deeper may the bond grow stronger! May you never stagnate in your life and may you overcome all the hurdles of life together with ease. Congratulations and All the best Sir!

-As you are going to enter a new era of life, may the new beginning be eternally happy and prosperous for you. Eagerly waiting for the big day! Congratulation in advance!

-Heartiest congratulations and loads of best wishes for the bride to be! May you remain surrounded with all the goodness from heaven! Can’t wait to see you as a bride Mam! Congratulations!

-Good morning Sir, may your upcoming life be as bright as the glowing sun of this morning! Heartiest congratulations to you and your fiancé. May the auspicious day bring you loads of happiness!

-Make promises of staying together through all thick and thins. As today is a very special day for your two souls getting tied together. My heartiest Congratulations to you both, Sir and Mam.

-Grab onto the bond of love that is going to be formed today tightly forever and after. May your love can conquer all odds of your life. Blessings and good wishes are all I have to give you on this special day Sir.

-Dear Sir, as you are going to get engaged tomorrow, I am here with my advance good wishes for you both. You both make a lovely couple. May you remain blessed and happy.

-On this lovely day of your engagement, may you accept each other’s flaws and perfections both with arms wide open! Wishing you best of luck and heartiest congratulation!.

-I wish you both for an endless togetherness and wish you a handful of peaceful and amazing times ahead in life. May God bless both of you with love, affection and care!

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