49+ Best Engagement Thank you Messages

49+ Best Engagement Thank you Messages

Engagement is your first official ceremony of your wedding and it is indeed a very special day. You tend to remember this all your life. Having your special people to be a part of such important day means a lot to us. However, it is not easy for people to find time from their busy schedule. If they are doing so, it means that you are very important to them. 

Thank you Messages for Engagement

  • It was so good to see you again after all these years. I am really glad that you could make it to the engagement. It actually is worth a lot. 
  • Even though you and I had a past, you still did not care about that and came all the way to attend my engagement. That actually means a lot. Thanking to you for being a part of my celebration. 
  • Celebrations without you are dab and dull. Thanking to you for showing up and making my engagement memorable. 
  • Just like a bottle without a cake, my happiness is not complete without you. Thank you so much for your presence last night in my engagement. I will hold on to those memories forever.
  • While going through the photos of the engagement, I had this amazing time recalling all that fun we did. 
  • It means the world to me that you were a part of the crowd and cheering for me today. Thanking to you so much for coming to the engagement today. 

_ Thanking to You coming to my engagement today means a lot to me. I will always hold this close to my heart. 

_ You have always brought a lot of joy in our lives. Today your presence at the engagement did the same thing. Thank you so much for coming and making us so happy.

_ Your presence at the engagement made a lot of difference. 

_ I just want you to know that you made me feel really glad by your finding time to come today. 

_ You are some one who is closest to our hearts and your presence on our union brought us immense amount of happiness. 

_ The hand made gift that you made for us was the best thing some one has ever given us. Thank you for coming to the engagement and making it all so memorable. 

_ Your presence in the happy moment of our life made that eve way more special for us. I count myself blessed that I have you. Thank you so much for coming to celebrate with us and being a part of our engagement.

_ You had an option of excusing yourself up or simply saying no after what happened between us last time. Still you cared to show up and stay that long. I cannot find words to thank you for attending my engagement.

_ You made our special day even more memorable and fun by coming and being with us. I got to learn those dance moves from you some day. 

_ You being a part of our story since the beginning needed your presence when we are celebrating our union. You had been bearing us ranting like no one else. 

_ Even though you stay so busy, still you made time for me and came to my engagement to celebrate my special day with me. 

_ I really appreciate your presence last night in my engagement. You made me really glad by showing up and staying that long.  

_ Our special night became even more special by the presence of our loved ones. You being a part of the engagement was the most unexpected thing but it was very special. Thanking to you for coming. 

_ Your presence made our unforgettable night even more unforgettable. Thank you for finding time from your busy day and coming to our engagement. 

_ You blocking this date and taking flight to come and attend my engagement made me realize how special I am to you. I cannot find enough words to thank you for all your efforts and coming down to attend our celebration. 

_ It really means a lot to us that you were part of our big day. We am really grateful that you came to our engagement.

_ I want express my gratitude for making our special day more special by your presence. 

_ Thank you so much for the wonderful gift and adding that energy to the engagement that got everyone on the dance floor. Thanks a ton for coming. 

_ It was one of the most big days of our life and I am so glad that I could celebrate it with the most important people of our life. 

_ I am so lucky to have our special ones surround us to celebrate our happiness with you. Thank you so much for coming to our engagement. 

_ Thank you for finding time to come and share our happiness. I always find it a blessing to share our happiness with our special ones surrounding us. 

_ Thank you so much for coming to our celebration of our engagement. It would have not been so much fun if you were not present. 

_ It made me so happy to see you at the engagement and I cannot find words to thank you for making some time. 

_ Even though we ended things on such rough terms and were not even on talking terms since such a long time, you just came to my engagement by just calling you up one time. This is what true friends are like. 

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