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English Language Day: 71+ Greetings, Messages, Quotes

English Language Day is celebrated annually on 23rd April. This day is observed with other days also. It was established by the UN’s department to promote the use of these languages. This day marks the birthday and death of famous English writer William Shakespeare. 

English Language Day Greetings:

– Wishing all of you a pleased English Language Day.

– A happy English Language Day to you and your family. May you celebrate the day in peace and happiness.

– This day is celebrated to mark the importance of this language. I hope you all will celebrate this day in your way.

– This day is recognized because it marks the birthday of William Shakespeare.

– Greetings of this day. May you all come across all kinds of poems and stories to celebrate this day.

– As English is a pervasive language amongst all the nations, making it an internationally official language. 

-Celebrating this day has a different significance. It’s like a tribute to our famous writer and an honor to this language.

– This day is celebrated to make people know the importance of this language.

– Wishing everyone a pleased English Language Day, and may you celebrate this day with everyone.

– This day was recognized by the UN to promote multilingualism. Wishing a great English Language day ahead.

– May you all watch an excellent English movie or read an exciting novel to celebrate this day.

– Wishing all of you to utilize this day in the best way.

– Teach English, read English, or learn English. Just respect the language and devote a day to it.

– 23rd April is not just the birthday or death day of William Shakespeare, but it is also a day of a language. Happy English Language Day.

– This day is to honor the language that has helped everyone communicate in particular or say in a common language.

– Let’s celebrate this and learn some fun facts about the English language.

– May you and your knowns commemorate this day by knowing some essential English poems or facts or stories.

– Heartiest greetings of this day to all the students out there in schools and my fellow mates.

– When you celebrate a language, it’s a new way you teach others that particular language. Happy English language Day to my dear friends.

– A pleased English Language Day to all as this is the day when we can make people realize the importance of this language.

– Everyone can learn this language irrespective of their age or anything.

English Language Day messages:

– This day is celebrated on 23rd April to mark the birthday and death day of famous writer William Shakespeare.

– This day is recognized by the UN to promote multilingualism and make people know the importance of this language.

– This day focuses on raising awareness about the history and culture of how we started speaking English and how it became an internationally accepted language.

– This day is also celebrated in schools to give the children the basic knowledge about their first language.

– To commemorate this day, one can read novels or poems. 

– One can also learn new words, know the importance where it can be used.

A person can also conduct teaching slum children the English language and make them see this language’s value.

– This language is essential in every perspective. If a person travels abroad, they have to communicate with others either in their native language or a common language that is accepted all across the world.

– If we celebrate a language, then it’s a kind of honor to the language and the artistic history.

– Language plays an essential role in the communication world and even the cultural world. It’  sIt’s not just that only Americans and Britishers have the right to speak this language.

– Many people believe that speaking English is a show off. But they don’t understand the importance of this language.

-English is considered as a common language all around the world. So learning it is very much essential.

– English language is critical from a job point of view, communication, etc.

– Everyone knows who William Shakespeare was and why 23rd April is selected to celebrate this day.

– On this day, many schools also prepare plays written by William Shakespeare to raise awareness of this culture.

– We have American English and British English. The only difference is in the pronunciation.

– There are many facts about the English language that many of us don’t know.

– There are many ways a person can improve their English skills. One can read novels, watch English series, listen to English songs, learn a new word every day. 

–   English is a language that has a historical background, and it’s interesting.

– English is the first language to be preferred worldwide. One cannot proceed in their professional career if they are not fluent in this language.

– If you teach someone a language, this may help them in the future, and maybe they will excel just because of your one step.

– English is always a fun learning a language.

– English poems are way more interesting as it covers the history and the rhyming is so good.

– Contribution of William Shakespeare to the English literature is always honored and praised. The plays have ever given a different meaning, which is very interesting.

– We have so many famous writers who have contributed a lot to the English literature.

English Language Day Quotes:

  • English is flexible: you can jam it into a Cuisinart for an hour, remove it, and meaning will still emerge.

-Douglas Coupland

  • English is the language of a people who have probably earned their reputation for perfidy and hypocrisy because their language itself is so flexible

 -Paul Scott

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